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My son loves to play with his Nerf guns, like any other 10 year old boy. So when I heard about Hely Cancy Direct and their children’s tactical vests, I had to get my son one! As most of you all know, my son has been away for a month, he just got back this weekend and I decided to give him this tactical gear today and he was so excited to put it on! It fits perfectly!

About the product: This gear comes with the following: Kids Tactical Vest Kit Compatible with Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite Series with Refill Darts, Reload Clips, Tactical Mask, Wrist Band and Protective Glasses (You can choose out of three different colors, we chose the blue.)

The vest has adjustable side straps to change the size to fit your child best. We adjusted these since my son is a bit on the smaller side, but once we fit it to him, it was perfect! The face mask fits PERFECTLY! My son felt really excited to try it on, and he said it was very cool. The gear comes with a bunch of Nerf compatible darts, so far they have fit all of my son’s Nerf guns! It comes with safety glasses, which my son instantly wanted to wear. And more dart holders (the vest really packs in a lot of ammo!)

This is the perfect accessory for any kid (girl or boy), who is really into Nerf. I feel that it makes the experience more exciting. If you don’t like blue, check out their other colors! They have an option for everyone!

Want to know how to get yours?

https://dealspotr.com/getcode/v7Z62 Check out this great deal !

Use code MYONLYSECRET at check out and save 40% off your purchase.

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Per my promise to my readers, the product we received has been tested by my family and I. We approve of this item and we only advertise products we would personally buy ourselves and enjoy! This was an advertisement, but also an amazing product!


Health and stuff…

Besides my VCD (vocal cord dysfunction)… I have been feeling relatively good this week. After the dog attack happened, I got really depressed and anxious. My body hurt, I wanted to sleep more and I was having troubles eating. So I went to see my doctor and had my normal check up while I was there.

I saw the PA, since my doctor is booked until later this month, that’s fine by me, but what bugged me was the lack of my physicians listening to me…

I have depression…yea so what? But my ANXIETY was causing the issues I had. I asked them if they could re-prescribe me a medication I used for anxiety in the past (they used to prescribe it to me) but they refused, they would much rather raise my dose of my antidepressant. After thinking about it… I really don’t think this will help me in the long run. I know my depression and anxiety. I know that this short term anxiety will fade over time, I just need help right now…. and my antidepressant makes me nauseous anyways, I don’t want to raise the dose.

So for this issue I am going to see if I can find myself another psychiatrist since mine left 2 years ago. And see if I can get re-established to get proper treatment, rather than my PCP’s office sort of winging it. I am also searching for a new PCP… I just never really liked this one and I have been too lazy to switch.

I also brought up my VCD to the PA. I said I wanted to get my throat checked out because the cough won’t go away. I told her about my tests in 2013 from an asthma dr stating that my cough has been VCD and not asthma… instead the PA decided to try me on another inhaler…this time a steroid. Fine… its free anyways…the sample clinic provided it to me, but I see NO DIFFERENCE. The PA said she thought it was just a spasm… I don’t feel like its a lung spasm… so I am going to seek a referral to ENT. I want to make sure that this is indeed my VCD I told her, I just want to make sure my throat is fine and that if it is VCD, I know it will pass eventually AND yes it flares up but its REALLY bad…

I HAVE to wear a mask everyday….

People are constantly asking me if I am sick. I just tell them I have a respiratory issue and wearing a mask helps me not cough. I don’t have time to explain VCD to everyone I meet at the store. Nor do I wish to.

I just feel like my physician’s office really dropped the ball these past few years. I don’t feel supported and I need change. I just HATE looking for a new doctor. And I don’t want to be sent to an asthma doctor again, last time I was sent to two, and both said I do not have asthma. Yet here I am with inhalers… but my VCD diagnosis literally is on the spot… its exactly what I feel I have, its text book. So I still trust that one doctor who did diagnose me with it years ago. I just want to see if I can treat it somehow… because this is getting tiresome.

I do not ENJOY the attention from wearing a mask. Yes I picked out a cute one, but people look. People stare. People immediately think you have something “contagious”. I don’t.

On the subject of the dog attack, I mentioned earlier. My dog is doing so much better. Her bite has almost healed completely! She is a trooper. We still go for walks, but we changed our route. She is an amazing dog, the other day I had a coughing fit while walking her and she always checks on me to make sure I am okay… my husband looked shocked. He was holding her leash and she pulled to go check on me, because I stopped and couldn’t breath. She put her face near my face and it was very calming.

I told my husband, if only she was a calmer dog, she would be an amazing emotional support dog. But her energy levels are crazy. ❤ We still love her to pieces.

Qidoou Bluetooth Headphones – 50% off code !

I recently got these amazing new headphones and I wanted to share with you what I think of them! (Hint: You can buy them on Amazon! And for a short promotional time, you can get them 50% off, read my post to find out how.) #ad #sponsored

These headphones are not like others I have had, you will notice that they come with two sets of wires, the earpieces are detachable and they provide a cute little bag to put them in, as well as a ton of different sized ear pieces!

First of all – you can choose between using these as wireless or wired. Let me explain…. (see photos)

This is the wireless option (which is GREAT for when I work out!)

You can choose to use these headphones wireless, which is what I choose when I am working out. They are portable and the headphones tell you when they are connected. I can walk across my house and still get a good signal, which is nice because sometimes I may forget to bring my phone with me to the kitchen or to my daughter’s room.

Or you can choose to use these with the wired option. If you run out of battery (which I have not so far), you can opt to just take the ear buds off the wireless set and connect them to the wired set. It works both ways! I really didn’t know what I was missing out on before I got these. I would often have to go to the gym with out head phones if I forgot to charge mine the night before.

The sound is great and they fit my ears perfectly because they gave me so many options on sizes! With HD sound – these really do sound amazing while I listen to my music.

This is what the controls look like on the wireless set
I love this case for my headphones!

So you probably want some details… where do I get these? And really how much do they cost? Don’t worry it won’t eat a hole in your bank account.

For a limited time (Until July 16th) you can get 50% off your pair of headphones! Go to : https://amzn.to/2FyTegt and use code V8D9B4K7 at check out! You will only pay $16.49 (original price is only $32.99). These headphones come in multiple colors, so if you don’t like red, you have a choice! (Black, Clear, Red)

(Image taken from Qidoou’s Amazon Page)

Check out more deals Qidoou has to offer by clicking their link: https://dealspotr.com/promo-codes/qidoou

http://www.qidoou.com/ <– check out more of their products at their website!

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What is Vocal Cord Dysfunction anyway?

“Vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) is an abnormal narrowing of the larynx. It occurs in some people during high intensity exercise or exposure to certain irritants. This leaves only a small opening for air to flow through the windpipe which can feel like you can’t get enough air into your lungs. It can cause symptoms that mimic asthma. ” (Taken from https://www.nationaljewish.org/health-insights/health-infographics/understanding-vocal-cord-dysfunction)

Often times VCD (vocal cord dysfunction) is misdiagnosed as asthma. Mine was… until I saw a specialist a few years ago. I have had VCD since 2014 ish…. and I honestly had never heard of it before hand. But when I would be around certain things, like windy situations, dust, or cold season, I would get a horrible cough and feel like I couldn’t breath…. for months…

Understanding Vocal Cord Dysfunction

For me, wearing a mask helps me breath. The irritant is air right now, allergies, and my reflux. If I talk too much I cough, if I go outside I cough, it’s hard to pin point an exact cause. But I was diagnosed a long time ago and honestly I have only had a few flare ups, but when they do happen, they last for months!

My doctors kept thinking it was asthma, they gave me an inhaler, and it wouldn’t always work. I felt like my inhaler was useless. I would take it too much thinking that maybe I just didn’t use it right. But then I remembered about my VCD… of course an inhaler won’t work for this!! So I tried other things… a mask, and it worked.

Of course, now instead of coughing everywhere all the time, I have a very noticeable face mask. It was embarrassing at first. But so is coughing everywhere.

You can order this same mask at https://amzn.to/2WZANfq

I am going to keep wearing this mask and let people know about vocal cord dysfunction…because I never heard about it before I was diagnosed. My husband thought I was crazy at first until I started wearing the mask and stopped coughing all over him. He is accepting of it and agrees this will help me out in the long run. We think that since I have been coughing for over a month now non stop that my throat is irritated and that if I let it heal, maybe I can go back to a semi normal cough free day. Honestly my VCD only acts up during certain times of the year, its not all year for me.

I don’t feel that I want to go to speech therapy yet. I would like to work on things at home first, and then if things don’t get better, schedule for a referral. Then they would teach me how to not cough all the time some how… I just don’t have time for it right now and the mask is just so much easier.

But for those of you who have VCD, what helped you? When did you get diagnosed? Did your doctor think it was asthma at first?

My VCD only acts up between Spring and Summer… I don’t usually have issues in the fall. I cough so hard that I get sick… and can’t breath. I can’t talk or I get out of breath, and everyone looks at you like you have the plague. It’s annoying at most.

Drinking water helps calm my throat and sucking on candy helps me sometimes.

Me and my puppy, Gwen (she was the one who was attacked recently)

Lillian is 18 months old!

Time flies when you are having fun being a mom. My daughter turned 18 months old yesterday and I still cannot believe how fast time is going by. I really do feel like she was born only a few months ago, but she is in fact a toddler now. She is almost walking (some of you know about her occupational therapy she gets a few times a month.) I actually spoke to her OT and they said they might be done soon with her, because once she is walking, they feel she is catching up pretty fast now!

I am getting really excited because Lillian is at the stage of ‘walking’ where she is holding on to anything to stand but she won’t let go yet. She will stand up and stand still, but no actual walking. But I can tell she is very close.

Ever since we got a real diagnosis for her food allergies, I feel better about feeding her new things. Because now her doctors know I am not crazy. She has a real allergy. I feel some what validated.

This month is going to be hard, my son is on his trip to see his father in Indiana, and this will be Lillian’s second summer with out her brother around. I think she might actually notice him missing this year, unlike last year. She even knows when the grandmother clock is going to gong, she usually will announce it to me. She is very smart, I cannot wait to see what kind of little kid she will become.

Today I got a hair cut for the first time in 2 years. I cannot believe it took me this long, but I used to work full time, I have two kids, both of which have some sort of special needs, at different times. And up until recently, I just haven’t made time for myself. So I went and got my hair clipped about 4 to 5 inches!

My hair used to be to my waist…

I don’t mind that it is shorter. I like that it feels HEALTHY. I will also post photos soon on twitter of my new hair color. It’s not “drastic” but its different, than the color above. (Yes I dyed my hair tonight as well!)

I wanted to post photos tonight but its the kind of hair color that shows up much better in the sun. My hair is already pretty dark and the photos I took in the bathroom do not do the hair dye justice. So I will figure something out and post to twitter later today or tomorrow. I might do another dye to make it brighter if I don’t think its bright enough in the sun.

I am not bleaching my hair to color it by the way. I have done that in the past and I feel that with my curls, it ruined my hair. I am just trying to add a different shade to my already dark brown hair. And I let my husband pick out the color at the store the other day, he did a decent job at it I must say. He knows I am trying to make some self improvements, to be happier. I used to do this sort of stuff all the time, but since about 7 years ago, things just got to be too much.

I want to change that.

I even mentioned to him that I might want a new tattoo. I have some ideas but I might be going to twitter to see if anyone there that follows me might be able to help me find the perfect addition to my current tattoos. This won’t be something I get soon, this is a project that I will be working on to find the perfect addition to my two tattoos on my back. I am not the type of person to get tattoos everywhere of random things, all of my tattoos have meanings. Both are in remembrance of my uncles, both of which have significance in my life.

My uncle June Bug (nick name), his real name is Enrique, was murdered in 1999. I remember him as being a very gentle and polite man. His tattoo was my first, its a kokopelli. I am native american and he gave me a necklace the last time I saw him a live of a kokopelli (and yes I know what the kokopelli stands for.) My other uncle passed away a few years ago and I will admit I didnt know him well. I got to know him through his journals after he died. I worked at the hospital he passed away at, and I checked on him for family by visiting him during my lunch times for a few weeks/months.

Eventually my family called me and told me hospice said he was dying, I was the only person close enough to make it to him. I held his hand as he died. He had tattoos of some butterflies on his chest. So I added some butterflies to my back for him. I would like my next tattoo to represent my struggles with my depression, I want to document how strong I can be.

But I am having a hard time actually picking something, and a body part to put it on. So I will reach out on twitter and here for some advice soon.

As I said earlier, I am working on myself. I have let too many people treat me like crap for too long. I never used to do that. So I am going to be myself again. I can’t always fit in. And I honestly don’t want to anymore. I love my kids and my husband, and I feel closer than ever to my husband after a bunch of junk happened recently.

I think we needed this change in life. I have connected to some other family members recently and I feel so happy to have such good support online, via the bloggess tribe, my twitter tribe, my besties from NJ, my family, and my husband and kids.

Thank you all for the support.

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