We got our signed Rick Riordan books tonight!

Tonight’s event at UNM with Rick Riordan – the author of Percy Jackson, and many more books, was fantastic! Not only did he answer a few questions from the audience, he also introduced us to a few local author that are published by Rick Riordan Presents – Disney Hyperion Publishing.

The two local authors that were at this event were – J.C. Cervantes & Rebecca Roanhorse. Both had stories my son would LOVE to read.

Now at tonight’s event there were about 900 or more people there ! So when we left the event, my son wanted to buy some books from the other authors but honestly it was just crazy in the lobby. So we are going to buy these two authors online instead. I would have loved to get him a book from the book shop here- if their tables were a bit further from the exit doors. It just seemed like poor planning, but that’s fine. I may try to buy the books online from their shop, if its an option.

Anyways – we love Rick Riordan’s books! I am very happy I got to take my son to this event, to get a signed book and listen to Rick talk. It was entertaining and it was nice to get out off the house. Even if I had to chase a toddler around the event room for an hour, HA.

Since every ticket got a signed book- I got 3 books total. My son is keeping one for himself, and the others have been spoken for and will be mailed out tomorrow! I am glad they will be in loving homes with people who appreciate the books 🙂 If you went to the event and didn’t want ALL the books- they would donate them to the local schools instead. Which is also a very nice option.

If I didn’t have mine spoken for, I would have put them in a little free library to spread the love.

Taking a break from depression – sort of

I can’t choose when I am depressed, but I can decide how I handle the times when I am not depressed.

This week has been fairly nice – less depressed. I think my brain is just preoccupied with our upcoming trip to Yellowstone. I am very excited and nervous about this trip. For one, I have never traveled with a dog before. So I get anxious about the hotels rejecting us, even though we paid the fees and confirmed they accept pets her size and weight.

The likely hood of a hotel turning us away is very slim. I just have anxiety.

I can’t wait though – to be away from everything.

I love to travel – especially by car. I love to drive. We decided to take my car on the trip so far. I am planning everything we are packing – from the first aid kit, to the toddler’s food. I have to make sure to stay in check as well with my own nutrition since I am still on my diet.

In the meantime, I have been checking out the current weather of the house we will be staying at and apparently we might get some snow! I am a bit excited and nervous because I have never been to this state before… tomorrow I need to set up anything that needs to be charged – Cameras…tablets…etc.

I am still deciding which camera to bring. I have 3 main cameras right now…. honestly its the 2 DSLRs I am having trouble deciding between. I may just bring both …they both take photos well – but because they are different models, they work differently enough.

I hope to post photos from our trip on here and maybe get some artsy shots if I have time. I haven’t used my cameras seriously since …before I had my daughter.

I took photos at my nephew’s wedding maybe 2 months before I had my daughter.

Updates! My daughter was discharged from Occupational Therapy! She will no longer receive weekly or monthly visits! We are still receiving Music Therapy though, which is fine. And the coordinator will be coming over tomorrow to talk about stuff.

So that is exciting – I actually estimated that Lily would walk in July 2019 – and she started walking in August. I was so close. But that was the main thing we were working on – walking. And now she is doing great with it!

I haven’t really had time this week to hang out with the new neighbor – I still don’t know her work hours, so I may text her when we get back in town after our trip and see what kinda hours she works to maybe hang out occasionally. She seems nice enough and told me to just “come on over” when ever I wanted to hang out. But, social anxiety kills me – so I need to know her hours so I am not a bother.

In the mean time – I need to call the hospital up – I received news from my Dr about a referral they put in for me to fix the “embarrassing” issue I have. I say embarrassing because it involves butts.

I need to call the ‘surgery’ department to schedule a procedure… but I had to make sure with my MIL and my mother that someone would be available to watch my kids, because they probably can’t come with me to have my embarrassing procedure.. I honestly am not embarrassed about it but I understand you all may not want to hear about EVERYTHING my body fucks up… (don’t worry I am not dying… I just need to have something removed from my body that they found on a CT scan… but it’s not urgent…so I will get it done after my trip.)

Oh well – I can’t wait to update you all on our travels. My best friend will be watching my house for me, thankfully. So I don’t have to worry about my cat. I have good friend(s). Even though some may not be local – *winks* – You are always there for me.

I will update soon enough! If anyone has any travel tips for car rides with dogs, let me know! I am hoping the dog enjoys the ride!

The new neighbor

Our neighborhood is changing…

Earlier this year, both of my neighbors had life altering events… One passed away, so her house went up for sale. And my other neighbor had dementia and was moved to a safer place of living. The first house sold to a lovely woman and her two children. The other house is being redone – to be rented out eventually.

In the meantime, the house across the street was sold… and is being redone as well. So many new changes… three houses down there is another house for sale and a few months ago another neighbor 2 houses down was rented out to another family…

The new next door neighbor with the kids, is nice! I met her the other day and her children quickly asked if my son wanted to hang out with them. So yesterday he went to their house and hung out. Today he was re-invited to hang out- and I eventually went over to say hello to the mother myself.

I was invited in – and only expected to stay a few minutes.

Fast forward 2 hours later….

Above is my husband’s text to me… after I went missing LOL

She’s legit a very nice / cool person. I ended up chatting with her for 2 hours, getting to know her. I think I may legit have a new friend. We seem similar in a few ways. And her boys get along with my children!

I am going to try to make an effort to hang out with her more soon – I need good friends. I need people in my life that are positive.

I am actually very excited to have finally met this new neighbor. I don’t get to meet many new people in person, being a SAHM and a WAHM, kind of limits my options on friends. I sort of just took what I got … but it’s nice to find someone so close that wants to hang out. I hope we do become good friends. I haven’t made a new friend in like 6 years.

Now we need to keep our fingers crossed that who ever rents the house next to us on the other side- will be nice as well.

Just a weekly blog

This past week has been a roller coaster… but not like you would expect it to be.

I had kidney stones at the end of last week and had to visit the ER for pain relief and a CT to make sure it was indeed kidney stones causing my pain. The ER was a mess – I didn’t get pain relief for about 3 hours, and was vomiting in pain.

Kidney stones have a very specific pain. And they are not fun, at all.

I dealt with my son’s music teacher, she was causing some scheduling issues and she broke a few strings on my son’s guitar, after I paid $30 for them to be replaced earlier that week. I was pissed, so I taught myself how to change the strings and got an app to help me tune it. I know it seems like something small, but I wear hearing aids, so I don’t trust my tuning anymore.

Anyways, we switched our home school curriculum a few weeks ago and we are doing AMAZING using it. There is less stress… my son really loves the coding program, and I am getting used to the program finally. School isn’t so hard anymore… and I think we can do this.

I struggle with they way I think…. am I doing the right thing for my child? Should I put him back in public school? And then I get reminded how horrible our experience was, and how little support we actually got. Yes we had meetings but things were not followed through… he was being left behind.

I know I am doing the right thing, I just need to remind myself of this.

In the mean time, I am going to order some pre-K materials for next year. I have decided to do pre-K at home for my daughter when she turns 2, she’s bright. And we can do home learning with her until kindergarten and then we can decide if we will home school her or not.

In the mean time – I met my new neighbor, BOTH of them. The one who lives directly next door to us has kids near my son’s age. So they may actually hang out! I am excited!

In the mean time, I have been working on things with my husband and I. For a while, with all the stresses going on, we were just stressing. But I feel like there has been a door opened between us.. just these last few months have been really eye opening. I have been trying to figure stuff out with my medication for my depression to help me out in my own mind…

I still have depression pretty bad – it keeps me up at night. But that’s life.

I have not really seen any of my friends lately IRL ,and my online ones seem distant at times but I feel okay about it because the changes in my life in general feel positive. I have actually had the urge to organize things in my house – and I am trying to make time between home schooling and taking care of a toddler to do that.

Our dog is better behaved and now she has gotten used to our neighbors dogs and barks less at them. She hasn’t caused any chaos this week.

I am trying to complete the planning for our vacation – just need to plan the itinerary.

It’s not up to me –

I can’t grant forgiveness.

I know it seems silly but it’s what is going on right now. We discuss this every so often – “do you want to forgive them?” and I get a “Not yet” or a “No I am still mad at them.”

Recently I got a, “They don’t treat you right, they never have…” kind of response. And I have to respect his decision to not grant forgiveness. I personally am still mad about the situation but I can forgive and move on. I personally don’t like to dwell on topics. And I don’t have to see them too often anyways.

But he is a little different, there are many things he is upset about the situation that took place a few months ago. And I can’t force him to forgive, especially if he is not ready to forgive.

I wonder how long it will take him. He isn’t wrong. They do treat me like shit, and honestly I don’t forgive them for what they said about my child.

It’s odd.

I dislike people like them. And I personally do not miss the get together. I know it meant something to my husband though, so I care about his feelings. I know we will never be a group again and so does he. But the people who betrayed us, were family. And eventually it needs to be brought up, and forgiven, even if the forgiveness is only skin deep.

I have to keep reminding myself though, this can’t be forced.

I love my husband. I trust him to never hurt me, or our children. Yes I complain about him sometimes, because he lacks certain knowledge about my depression or maybe its my depression making me lack understanding of him, and what he has to deal with daily. What ever it is, he’s good to me. We get along, we understand each other.

This bump in the road made us closer – to be honest.

We have had more talks concerning family matters – and we have straightened out a few subjects that needed to be talked about. I feel less stressed about certain things and for once, at home things are going better with my son’s homeschooling. I haven’t been writing much because – well – I just didn’t feel like it.

I have depression and sometimes the only thing I can write about are my feelings, and even I get sick of my own feelings.

I would like to write more about what’s going on finally.

We found a curriculum that I am happy with – my son likes it and there is less struggle with teaching him it. Its mostly on the computer- so I don’t have to do A LOT of the teaching, but I have to reinforce some lessons with paperwork and I am getting into some subjects with him that are not offered, but I want to teach him… because with his ADHD and other issues, he needs some extra help.

My son started playing the guitar this last month, he takes lessons now. My daughter started walking last month, and she is in music therapy twice a month now. I have lost 10 lbs since starting my diet and am struggling to lose more than that, but I know I can get back on track.

And finally – we are going on a vacation soon enough. I will write about it eventually, but we plan to see Yellowstone with the kids and we are renting a house, so we get to bring the dog with us as well. She can’t come “TO” Yellowstone but she can go pretty much anywhere else we go, so that will be nice.

I have been reassured by friends and family that I am doing the right thing for my son, and I am thankful for that support I received. Unlike a “friend” who said I pretty much had no right to teach my own child bc I am not a teacher – (the school system failed my son, and many other parents agree with taking this path). Home schooling is not for everyone. Public school is not for everyone.

But – the more we do this – the more I would like to home school my daughter. It might be an option, if we stay in Albuquerque, I don’t like the school system here. It’s crap. I want the best for my children. And for those of you who say home schooled children can’t function… My cousins were home schooled. And one of them just became a nurse… another is a pilot. So I think we can have success.

I will be updating more often I hope. I just have a lot on my brain.

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