Fine Chocolate Club!

I love Chocolate. I am not going to lie. I love it a lot. And I am betting that some of you all love it as much as I do! So I have something for all of you Chocolate lovers out there, The Fine Chocolate Club! This is a monthly subscription box that you can sign up for, subscribers get 5 fine chocolate bars delivered monthly from small batch makers across the world. I tried a month’s worth and LOVED the selection that was sent to me!

These are some of the chocolates I received!

I loved the idea of this box, you get full sized chocolate bars, each was beautifully made. My favorite from this batch was the Fruition Brown Butter Milk Chocolate bar! Anyways FINE CHOCOLATE is offering you all (my readers) a sweet deal! You all get a special intro offer of 1 Free Trial Month with code MYONLYSECRET !

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You can find out more about the FINE CHOCOLATE CLUB by visiting their website @

I was impressed by the quality of chocolate. If you give this subscription a try, come on by and comment what you think of their product. I almost forgot to take photos, because the chocolates looked so good. This is something that would be great as a wedding gift, a birthday gift or a Christmas gift to a loved one who LOVES fine chocolates. And with the code MYONLYSECRET you get 1 month free!

So click HERE to get your 1 month trial for free! And use code MYONLYSECRET at check out.

You can also check out any more deals for FINE CHOCOLATE at the following link :

*This post contains an AD for Fine Chocolates – posts like these help me maintain my blog with added support, I only advertise items I have personally tried and enjoyed. You are not obligated to make a purchase unless you want to, but seriously those chocolates were delicious!*


De-schooling my child

Whether you agree with home schooling or not – we all have a choice as to how our children are educated. I will not argue with you that some children thrive in a public school setting. When I went to school, the only real issue I had was bullying . I was bullied a lot, and that has not changed for kids in this day and age. My son got teased a lot, kids would really go after him and try to make him mad on purpose.

My son has ADHD, a mood disorder, and a sensory processing disorder. We were in the process of letting the school test him for ASD, but today I found out that the “testing” they were doing was not exactly what they said they would do. Instead it was a huge waste of my time. They pretty much lied to me.

Last year my son’s PCP told me she felt that my son should be tested to see if he fell on the spectrum of autism, since he has some “traits”. So I tried to make an appointment with a few places and the big place in my town said they do not take my insurance, so I called a few other places and they all have a 2 year waiting list! I got upset. I cried a little. This is my child’s mental health we are talking about here.

So I talked to his school and let them know what was going on. At his school, he received special education courses, weekly occupational therapy, and some social worker time. We had a BIP and an IEP in place. I have been through it all with the school. I thought the “testing” would be simple enough. They said they would go in and see him, I would fill out papers, the teacher would fill out papers, etc. And they would come back to me with an answer.

Instead, for the last 4 months, I got jerked around. I have no better way of saying it. I kept having to push the school to make appointments, I was asking the teacher weekly if the diagnostic person was going to schedule any time with my son. Finally 2 months in to the year, I got an appointment and spent 2 hours filling out paperwork. They promised me they would go by THAT week to see my son. Almost a month and a half later…. after emailing them 3-4 times now, I got my answer. (First of all the teacher took almost 2 months to fill out HER papers….) but … the diagnostic person NEVER went to see my son. Not once. She said she would be there to see him over a month ago.

Instead she took the papers I filled out, and the papers the teacher filled out and decided that my son does not have autism. She called me and told me. Then she mentioned how she MIGHT go down to the school and see my son later this week.


Later today my son’s school called to tell me he would be suspended, because he was behaving poorly with his teacher. He does have issues. I am not going to lie. And that is why he is in special education, but this teacher this year can’t handle him. He has had so many suspensions this year… It’s been a bad year.

His desk is in the corner… he has almost no friends. The kids tease him and bully him. And today was the day that I decided that my son needs me to home school him instead. Now we have actually tested this before, he was suspended for a while last year so I taught him, and he told me he enjoyed me teaching him so much better than the school. I have been researching this for 2 years now. And today I finally decided to de-school him. I talked to the principal and signed the papers and brought my kid home from public school.

I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After we de-school my son, we will be ready to teach him. I am going to be looking for a curriculum for a 6th grade program. If any of you have experience with home schooling and have ideas please feel free to comment! If you have experience with a special needs child PLEASE comment. I want ideas. I need support. We did not do well in public school and I am going to work hard so that my child will get the education he deserves. Put any helpful links in the comments section. 🙂

Losing a loved one today

Last week I made a post about having to deal with family stuff, and today things came to an end. My husband’s grandmother passed away at the hospital today. She was one of the first people to welcome me into this family and I am feeling a great loss here. Not only is my friend gone, but my children’s great grandmother is gone from their lives. My mother was good friends with my husband’s grandmother as well, so telling her was hard for me. But this was not completely unexpected.

Grandma Pat

On Monday night we went to see her as a family. My husband and I went down to the hospital together with our two kids to possibly say goodbye to grandma. We were hoping it would cheer her up to see everyone, the baby and my son. And she did cheer up, but she was a little confused, she was very ill, and when we turned to leave the room after our visit, I felt that I could not look back at her face. I knew this might be the last time I would see her alive.

This morning, less than 2 days after we saw her, she passed away. My husband rarely receives phone calls and suddenly his phone was ringing at 6 am. So I knew something was up. He confirmed a few minutes later that his grandma had indeed passed away. I know her suffering has come to an end but I will miss her greatly. She was a great woman, who survived 2 of her children passing away before her, and her husband passing away only a few years ago from Dementia.

She has a dog named Jan, whom I am helping re-home. I have a friend interested in her and I hope things go smoothly once they meet. It’s just getting a date set up for her to meet her and take her home with her. None of our families want a dog, except me…I would LOVE to take her but my husband said no. So I did the second best thing, I found her a home. I can’t let this sweet dog go to the humane society. She was rescued from there a few years ago and Grandma Pat loved that dog dearly. So it puts me at ease to know that she will have a proper home soon.

As for everything else, we will get that settled over time. But today we spent the day at my MIL’s and FIL’s house, keeping their minds off of things by bringing the baby. They said it made a big difference and I am happy to have been able to be there for them today. My husband’s father was adopted by Grandma Pat on the day he was born. So she was the only one left of his family that he knows of. I feel his loss.

Grandma Pat, you will be missed. You always accepted me and my child into your family with open arms. You immediately called MY son your great grandson, even though he was from a previous relationship of mine. And you were there for me when I was ill and needed a ride to the hospital when no one else was around. I will cherish my memories with you.

My top 10 favorite YouTube Channels

We all watch YouTube from time to time, some of us more than others, and some people like myself live and breath YouTube. My family doesn’t have cable television, we got rid of it last year (again). We actually only had cable for 2 years, we didn’t have it before because we could watch most of our shows online. And we only bought cable when we switched internet providers, but the prices kept going up (Comcast). So we ditched it. Yes we still have the internet, obviously, but I work from home and I need a fast connection. So with out cable we watch YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime shows on our smart TVs.

I have a certain style of YouTube channels I watch, and you will see a pattern with me really quickly. But lets just jump into this!

*Please note that since I am counting “channels” and not “youtubers” some channels might be made by the same people*

Only In Japan

Only in Japan is a channel by John Daub and he seems to really enjoy showing people how life is like in Japan. He has lived in Japan for 20 years now and has great videos that highlight different attractions in Japan. I have been watching his videos for over 2 years now and I always enjoy them. In 2018 he got married to a Japanese native, and she has been frequenting his other channel “Only in Japan Go” more often.

If you are looking to learn more about Japanese Culture, see amazing sights, learn how to do certain things in Japan, check John’s Channel out HERE.

Here is John’s most recent Only In Japan video!

Here are some of John’s Links if you would like to check out his instagram, facebook, patreon, twitter, etc.





Only In Japan GO

Only In Japan GO is John’s second channel, where he does Live Streams on location all around Japan. I really love the live feeds since YouTube has the chat system, and you can ask John questions Live! He’s always very polite and tries to do things that people would be interested in. You will often see the same people in the chat section every time, which is nice to see he has a great community! Go check out John’s second channel HERE!

Here is John’s most recent Only In Japan GO video

Tom Scott

Tom Scott is a British YouTuber who goes around the world and makes short videos that end up being quite fun and educational. He occasionally has his friend Matt Gray join him on trips as well. I have to admit that this channel fits into the geeky side of my personality, but I love watching his videos every time.

Watch Tom’s most recent video HERE

Simon & Martina

Simon & Martina are a married couple from Canada, who currently live in Japan for 3 years so far (Previously Korea for 7 years!). They provide videos about Japan, food, traveling, their pets, living in Japan, and I just love their personalities. They are positive, funny, and very open about any issues they have (Martina has some chronic pain, etc) and I love how they talk about it. They do live shows occasionally as well, but I always miss them! Check their channel out HERE!

Watch their most recent video here!

The Philip Defranco Show

The Philip Defranco Show has been around FOREVER! No seriously, he is an OG YouTuber. His content has only gotten better over the years. And I watch his channel for one of my news sources. I love to hear his take on popular topics, as well as reading comments left by his other viewers. Go check out his channel HERE!

Watch The Philip Defranco Show HERE!

The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out is an animated YouTube channel. The creator, James, is hilarious. He draws these comics, mostly based off his life experiences. I found him by watching his videos about how he used to work at “sooubway.” But I stayed and found that I loved the rest of his content. Check out his videos HERE!

Watch James most recent video HERE

Rachel & Jun

Rachel & Jun live in Japan and create videos about Japan, their cats, food, etc. Jun has his own cooking channel HERE that is pretty amazing itself. And they have an Adventure channel as well HERE. I love this channel because it often highlights how different these two are, Rachel is from America and Jun is a native Japanese. They met when Rachel came to Japan for her job (in the military) and they fell in love. I love their story and seeing how life is like for them, they do travel back to the states and I love seeing Jun’s reaction to American life as well.

Here is their most recent video

Have you seen the trend yet? Yea if you haven’t figured it out yet, wait until you see the NEXT channel!

ABroad In Japan

ABroad In Japan is actually one of my favorite channels. If you haven’t figured it out, I really enjoy travel channels, especially those about Japan. This channel is by a British YouTuber, Chris Broad. He is very different from the other YouTubers that live in Japan, he tends to be more sarcastic funny. He has his friends join him in his videos and currently he has videos being posted about him cycling across japan! Go check out his channel HERE!

Watch Chris’s latest video HERE!

Emmy Made In Japan

Emmy Made In Japan is a channel by Emmy. I initially found her from her videos on Military Rations!

Emmy also does videos about retro recipes, weird fruits, she has a bee hive! She just has various videos for everyone to watch. While I love watching her videos, my husband thinks she is annoying, I love playing her videos with the volume up around him, since he always asks me what she is cooking next. I have been watching her channel for a few years now and yes, some of the foods she makes is weird, but that’s the point, to try these out! Check out her channel HERE!

Pretty Pastel Please

Pretty Pastel Please is a cute channel run by Alex. Alex orders mostly clothes and make up from various websites, like wish and reviews them on YouTube. I found this channel about a year ago and her channel has been growing every since. She has this cute bird named Archie and he is featured in almost all of her videos. #TheBirdStays #TeamArchie . I know this channel may not seem like something I would watch, but I enjoy getting to see how these website’s product really looks like. Check out her channel HERE!

Now of course I watch more than just these 10 youtubers, but if I listed them all, the list would be over 70 channels. These few YouTubers are the ones I just find myself watching the MOST.

Who do you watch? Why ? And do you have any recommended channels for me to watch?

I am trying IPSY for the first time

I have heard a lot of different things about the company IPSY and their monthly bags, but I wanted to try this for myself .

*This is NOT a paid promotion, I bought this monthly bag MYSELF, with my own money and am not being paid for this post*

I ordered my first bag in mid-February, and the Ipsy website notified me that since I was ordering AFTER the 10th of the month, that my bag would not be sent until March. That’s fine. I considered this a birthday gift to myself instead. So I ordered away and waited.

Honestly the waiting was the hardest part of this. I really don’t know what kind of make up I like, since I am a minimalist when it comes to make up. But I heard that this is a great way to TRY different products with out paying full price. I did know in advance that the products would not be full size, and I am fine with that, it’s $10 a month.

So when you sign up for IPSY, they make you take a small quiz. This quiz lets you give them more information about what you are interested in, what brands you like, and your skin tone. I picked a bunch of random brands since I honestly do not know what I like, and I gave my best answer for my skin tone.

Above are the skin tones they apparently offer, so if your skin tone is not on this list then IPSY may not be for you. I fall in the Medium to Tan range, but I believe I chose medium since my face is less tan than my skin everywhere else on my body.

Ipsy also asks you what color your eyes are. I am guessing this is to help pick eye shadows that will match your eyes best. I am pretty plain and I have brown eyes.

Of course they are going to ask you what your hair color is, and again… I have dark brown hair right now.

Now this is what I liked, they ask you HOW comfortable you are with make up. You should already know my answer if you read my post so far.

This is where they got me. I feel since I wrote I sucked at make up that they should have given me the option to *pick random make up brand* since I only recognize about 2 of these brands.

I love this option above. Since I do not do my brows, I opted to say rarely, and I got to tell them which products I would prefer to get more often! I liked this section a lot. The list is longer than this too, I just can’t screen shot the ENTIRE PAGE.

They go on to ask you about your preferences in perfume, what stores you generally shop at, what your skin care concerns are, what kind of hair you have, and with that information they try to personalize your monthly IPSY bag.

My MARCH Glam Bag!

The website DOES notify you that your bag is being made and it does show you what you are getting in advance. I admit I did peek. So the above is what I received this month!


The products were exactly what I expected and they were pretty nice. I received a highlighter, which I am not used to using so I am getting used to that but I feel the colors they chose for me and the products were pretty spot on. The pink/white container is a hair product that you leave in your hair. I have not gotten to try that out yet. But I have tried out the make up products and they all went on smoothly and the brush felt soft.

I really liked the eye shadow they sent me, its actually a color I would have picked myself, and I don’t use mascara often but tried it out today and it worked amazing, my lashes looked a lot longer and more bold. I do wish that the highlighter would have come in an actual case instead of the flimsy clear plastic container, but I will just keep it in it’s box to protect it more.

I hear you get a “bag” every month, which I am not sure how I feel about that. I think eventually I will get bored of the bags, but right now I did need a new one. I am going to continue receiving the IPSY monthly bag for now, and see if I continue to enjoy the products they are sending me. You can add items to your bag as well, for an extra cost. And I am pretty sure it gave me the option to change my items before they sent the bag out, I could be wrong but I vaguely remember an email I got from them to take a peek at my bag.

Have YOU gotten an Ipsy bag? What did you think of the products they sent you? I personally think this would be a great gift for teens, since you get to try a bunch of new products, and the price is just right for me!

If you would like to try out Ipsy, click on my referral link HERE.

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