Pregnant during a pandemic

I have had a few friends already give birth during the pandemic. It is not ideal, being pregnant during a health crisis. My husband is not allowed to go to any office visits and I have to pretty much go it alone. This is my 3rd child so I am used to the steps to take, but it was nice to have my husband there to support me during my last pregnancy 3 years ago.

How does the pandemic change things? Well for one, my husband does not allow me to go food shopping. The numbers in New Mexico started raising around the time I got pregnant, and we were put into another lock down the week I found out. My own grandmother passed away from COVID 5 days before I found out. If I want something, my husband gets it for me, of course its like sending an door dasher for specific items you want, things aren’t always perfect. I order a lot of stuff online now a days.

I think a lot of my friends may have had it harder during the beginning of lockdown last year. COVID was so …. new. They didn’t know how it affected people and hospitals were not accepting patients for certain things, and many doctors offices were closed. Thankfully all of mine are still accepting patients for in person visits. I just have to go alone. I can video tape my ultrasound apparently, and I can still record the heartbeat on my monthly check ups for my husband.

I was asking my physician about how things have changed with COVID at my hospital, so I could get an idea of what to expect. One disappointment was the hospital stopped doing the pain relief I wanted to try, which was a gas. I have always had an epidural and I have back pains from my last one 3 years ago. I wanted to try to do this labor with out an epidural, and I heard my hospital did the gas for delivering moms, but due to COVID it is no longer an option. Pain relief shots don’t help me because I process the meds too fast. So I may get a doula. But I need to find out if I can have a doula AND my husband in the room. I know my hospital said ONE person can be with me, but does that include a doula ?

We are looking into getting the COVID shot from Pfizer for me soon, my one OBGYN is for it and I am just passing it by my high risk doctor. Yes I have two doctors. Not only am I over the age of 35 (which puts me in the Advanced maternal age category), but I have had 2 preemie babies, due to preeclampsia, and I have gone into preterm labor with my 1st born, I also had other complications that were smaller, but over all it gets me in to the high risk doctors for more monitoring.

What else is different about this pregnancy than my other two? A lot. With my first I had no morning sickness. With my second I had very very mild morning sickness in the evenings. And with this one I have lost 10 lbs because I couldn’t eat or stand the smell of basic food. I have had horrible head aches this time around and over all I just feel worse. It could be my “advanced age”. I know all pregnancies can be different, and its okay. I just hope I don’t get preeclampsia this time, but the odds are against me.

My children both want this baby to be a girl. I don’t know the exact date I will find out the gender, but I believe I will be getting a blood test soon that may reveal it. If not I will be getting the ultrasound around March that should show me. Why does the gender matter? Honestly, the only thing I care about is the clothes. I have BOXES of clothes from my 3 year old, if its a girl I will use those. If it’s a boy, I will be giving those clothes away and buying new or used clothes. I am not horribly picky. I may donate my daughter’s clothes though anyways once I am done for sure with them, I know there are lots of people who need clothes. We can afford all new clothes. When I was a mom the first time, I only bought used clothes and it saved me so much money.

Once I find out what I am having I may ask on suggestions on who to donate to… I will look locally first but we will see what comes up.

Why not sell the clothes? Honestly… I don’t like dealing with people…money or anything like fb market place. I would rather just give them away.

I will be blogging more often now – I wanted to start blogging when I found out I was pregnant but I know the risks of pregnancy and wanted to wait to see a viable baby. So far I have seen it twice. I started feeling flutters about a week ago, and over all I am feeling positive about this pregnancy. I will be in my second trimester next week.

Tell me about your pandemic or non-pandemic pregnancy. I like to hear other people’s experiences.

Baby #3

Yes, it is THAT time of the year to finally announce my pregnancy. My last one at that – I am 13 weeks this week. I am due August 3rd. BUT I have always given birth 4-6 weeks early so lets just say most likely a July Baby.

What does this mean for me? Well, with COVID going on it means lots of long Dr. appointments alone. Sad but I am going to try to document them as much as I am allowed for my husband. I am a high risk pregnancy due to preterm labor issues with my first child, Pre-eclampsia with BOTH of my last pregnancies and various issues after giving birth, plus my Dr. let me in on a little secret… (I already knew this though) I am OLD… yep 35 years old puts you in a bracket with OLD people. I am high risk for that as well apparently.

I have seen my OBGYN twice so far, and I will start seeing my high risk specialist on the 1st of February. So far I have been having morning sickness ALL DAY- I have lost 10 lbs. But I am slowly gaining back those lbs. And I have been getting headaches and light headed feelings. So far the baby has had a heart rate of 158 the times I have gotten it checked. And we are hopeful for a healthy pregnancy.

Now that the cat is out of the bag I can finally POST stuff. So expect to see some updates here!

Biden/Harris 2021 – Inauguration

Today is a historic day – the last 4 years have been stressful, and the last year has been worse. Trump is gone. And we can now move on with a new President today – Joe Biden. And our country’s very first FEMALE Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Today I have cancelled my son’s home school activities, which will be replaced with Inauguration materials and we will be watching together with our home made Inauguration cake. I want to show my children how exciting today is for women / girls everywhere and how a real President addresses the country.

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I can’t wait to see what Biden will bring to our country. I lost a loved one due to COVID and like many others in our country and around the world, my life has changed due to the restrictions to keep us safe. I thank my governor for caring enough to make these restrictions. But we need a strong President to help our country heal from this virus. We need more vaccines available to those who require it most.

We need compassion. We need diversity. And we need to show people that America can be great.

Happy Thanksgiving – Be Safe My Friends

Happy Early Thanksgiving to all of my USA followers/friends. This week should be filled with travel, fun, family and love. But I know many of you are choosing to be safe this year. I want to thank everyone that is cancelling their yearly trips to keep their families safe. I want to thank you for not going on that plane – even though you may miss grandma and grandpa this year. I want to thank you for doing friends’ giving via zoom. I want to thank you for giving to others in these hard times.

This year we are keeping it very small. Just my own household and my MIL & FIL. They are retired, don’t work and we also work from home ourselves and homeschool. We will not be going out to see anyone else, and no one else is invited into our home. My own mother and step father are staying at their home a few hours away. I won’t be seeing any friends. And since my grandmother died from COVID on November 15th… I will not be spending any time with her as well.

My family is handling her passing well I think. She was 90 years old. My mother is stressed. And that is to be understood. I am coping in my own way, I bought a bottle of her perfume and I spray it on my sweater. I loved the way she smelled.

Next month, the kids and I have a few routine Dr appointments to go to, so we will be leaving our home a few times, but not many. And I have already made it clear to my family that we will not be doing any XMas gatherings. I knew people would try to invite us to stuff – so I nipped it in the bud and made a post on FB stating that we will miss everyone for XMas this year.

I cannot wait until January 20th. This new change with our government has been 4 years in the waiting. I was firmly against Trump when he first ran and I still am now. His “values” or lack there of – have hurt our country. He has divided us as a nation. We need to heal and our people need a real President. One who will help everyone out during COVID times and not just ignore the masses of people dying. People are out work … out of homes and in hospitals.

I am thankful for this change. I am hoping next year we can have our family gatherings again. I am very hopeful that the COVID vaccines work like they are supposed to. And I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving this year. I know it will be different. But we can do this.

Don’t go to the stores to Black Friday shop – Don’t go out in huge gatherings. Be safe.

Rest In Peace – Inez Lucero

I have never thought that COVID was a joke. When it first hit, I was one of the first people wearing a mask out to the stores. I forbid my husband to go out so at least one of us would not get sick if I got sick going grocery shopping. We limited interactions with ALL family. And when things got lifted we stayed careful, we stayed 6 ft apart or more and wore masks. We refused invites to most events and the others were outdoors and we still wore our masks.

But it takes everyone’s cooperation to beat COVID, not just mine.

Last week I was told that my grandmother, Inez Lucero, came down with COVID after her room mate in the nursing home she was staying at tested positive. My grandmother was coughing and she started to have a fever. Her nursing home was officially infected, 7-8 months into the COVID lock down. They stayed good for so long but it was only time…

New Mexico is having an uncontrolled spread of the virus right now and we are actually going back into lockdown tomorrow, Monday November 16th. I am all for the lock down, the hospitals are overwhelmed and we need to stop the spread. But this brings up issues now that my grandmother has passed…. can we have a funeral… I know I can’t see her.

I am struggling with the unknown right now. I’ll never know her scent again. I wish I could have seen her one more time, or said good bye to her. To let her know how much I love her and how much the kids love her. But COVID is a cruel virus… it takes from us and keeps it away. We don’t get to say good bye.

But I know she isn’t suffering anymore. And that gives me some happiness. I don’t even know if happiness is the word. Relief? Yes that’s it. She has been done for so long. And now she can be at rest.

I am hurting and I know the pain will pass eventually and I can look back the wonderful memories I have of her. The times of her giving my brother and I fudge pops when she would watch us while my mom worked two jobs, as a single mother to support us. I remember grandma and I shared a room for a while, and she SNORED so loud. I remember her buying me skimpy clothes and telling me to show off what I had, but my mother knew I was shy and told me I didn’t HAVE to wear the clothes grandma bought me. And I remember she liked to drink beer…. and one day when we were walking in California toward the beach she stopped and chatted with some young Mexican men and asked for a beer, it was HILARIOUS. They LOVED her. And yes she got a beer.

I’ll miss her hugs. She cried every time she saw me. I will miss the times when she was going deaf my mom would tease when she couldn’t hear us. Also – before you yell at me about that- I found out its hereditary and I too am losing my hearing HAHA justice is served. I will remember the time she met my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, and shes legally blind…. she asked very loudly “IS HE A GRINGO?” and I had to yell “YES GRANDMA HE IS” and yes she is Hispanic.

I want to hug my mother. To let her know it’s okay. She’s lost her mother and her father now. I sent her something in the mail yesterday, because the information she told me about grandma’s health told me she was not going to make it. I code charts for Hospice patients and Home Health, I know the wording used for end of life. When a nurse says certain things, it means something… I too was hopeful that things would turn around but I cried last night for so long that today I woke up with puffy eyes. And now it hurts to cry even more that I know she is gone.

Grandma Inez, you are with your mother now, and your two sons and your daughter. May you rest in peace.

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