Fall is here! (Oh & I got the new Canon 90D)

Last week, my husband bought me the new Canon 90D DSLR. I am very excited to try this camera out – but I also ran into some difficulties involving the RAW format CR3 files.

First of all – the CR3 files can no longer be “previewed” in my Windows 10 file browser, and my Photoshop Elements 10, cannot open my RAW format files. I am trying to work around it and update the raw files to 11.4, like most of the internet has suggested, but I may just need to upgrade my Photoshop account completely it seems.

So, I have not fully been able to play with photos YET in Photoshop. I am hesitant on buying a new version of Photoshop because I am stuck in my old cheap ways….

“But Donna, you have a brand new fancy expensive camera, why not just spend the money?”

Well my dear readers, I work PRN — that means as needed. So my paycheck is rather small. And since the camera was a gift from my husband to me, for our 3 year wedding anniversary, I didn’t really go out ready to spend a lot of money on camera stuff.

I am also trying to prepare for Christmas and Thanksgiving coming up here in the states. *SIGH*

I mean I probably will buckle down and buy Photoshop CC with Lightroom (or what ever the cool kids are using now a days).

Crappy RAW file issues aside – I did get to play with some JPEGs and I was playing with all the fun “in camera” tools that are provided… and I must say this camera is very nice. I still have a Canon 30D and a Canon Rebel 3Ti as well, which I may look into selling so I can get a new lens. So keep an eye out for those to be on ebay eventually. I tend to keep all my cameras and then they don’t get used and I want SOMEONE to use them, SOMEONE to love them.

I sold my Canon 10D a few years ago and I hope the person who bought that one is enjoying it still, it was in great condition.

This photo was taken with my new camera – unedited. In JPEG format – not RAW for obvious reasons right now.

I am going to plan a trip to some places with more colors (New Mexican ones, such as old town, and other holiday functions coming up will allow me to practice more with this camera!)

Since I drive past old town Albuquerque twice a week, I think I should be able to stop by and take some test shots soon. I love when the stores put up luminaria in the winter (wait and see).

Test photo of my son with the new camera! Yeah hes adorable 🙂

So far, I have noticed this new camera is amazing at pulling in light where its needed. I have had issues in the past with older cameras not picking up light, there is NO issue with this currently.

This was taken in a pretty dark room, yes I had a window but it usually would come out very dark

I wish I had this camera for my most recent vacation to Yellowstone, but my husband did not know about my “wish” for a new camera, until mid trip. He and I were talking about it – and I sort of got the hint that my anniversary gift would be something camera related after that.

This was taken with a filter on the Canon 90D – called Toy Camera, I actually like these filters for fun shots like this, it only allows JPEG though for this setting – no Raw.
Another filter ON the camera – its B&W grainy. I am not a fan of the grainy – I would have preferred a regular B&W function instead, but I mean I can edit the RAW files for that later.

Are you looking to get a new camera? The Canon 90D (BODY ONLY) this is NOT INCLUDING the lenses, is about $1,200

You can check out this camera on Amazon :

https://amzn.to/32cobQ0 <– click the link to check it out

I personally bought mine at Best Buy because I had some issues getting the correct camera from other websites for some reason – but I know most people prefer Amazon.

Tell me what kind of Camera you currently use. Are you Nikon or Canon? I started off with Canon so…I just never switched. Now all my lenses are Canon so I find it hard to switch. *Shrug*

*Includes Affiliate links*

Adjusting to a 2 dog household

It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. But it’s also not easy. It’s like having an extra child…. Who pees outside.

Ranger is a good dog. That I am 100% sure of. Why his owner had to get rid of 3 dogs…. I don’t know. But I’m glad we found Ranger. He is older than the shelter said he was… They said the owner said he was 6. The vet said he’s closer to 8. That’s fine with us.

Gwendolyn, our first dog, is getting used to sharing. Sharing love, sharing toys, but right now she really cares about food. We are showing and training the a dogs that we have enough food for both of them… Gwen gets a bit touchy when she thinks Ranger will let a treat before her. So we are working on that.

The dogs are both very good with my kids so far. Gwen was always good but I didn’t know how she would be with Ranger around the kids. Shes fine.

Ranger will not go potty outside with out Gwen. I’m not so sure why he won’t… But so far he will only go outside in the back yard with her. If in put him out side alone he will just sit by the door until I bring him in.

We need to schedule his teeth cleaning for next month. I told my husband, no matter what, Ranger is getting his teeth cleaned because they are not looking nice. And they smell.

Ranger has lenticular sclerosis, in both eyes, because he’s old. And that’s fine, it doesn’t seem to bother him yet. But at least we know.

Learning to care for an older dog is new for me, but we are up for the challenge. We wanted him and we will care for him. He’s doing great in the crate, on day 3 he will go in with out much of an issue.

He’s house trained. He’s not really leash trained, he gets startled walking down the street when people are coming by and he tugs backwards. I’m getting him a gentle leader like what Gwen has. Actually both are getting new leaders. I’m used to Gwen pulling… Not the other way around. But I do take them on two walks a day. It works and their energy level is more manageable.

Gwen has calmed down a little. I think having Ranger distract her is a good thing. She was a bit much. She still is.. But she’s behaving better now.

Being a 2 dog house, with 2 kids, and a cat… Is fun. It keeps me busy. But I’m happy. The kids are happy. My toddler is in love with both dogs and cries for them at night. Ranger is bonding with my son… It’s really nice.

I don’t think we will ever be a 3 dog house. But I think 2 is a good number.

We adopted a shelter dog !

My twitter followers and facebook friends should already know this but I finally have time to make a small post about our new family member, Ranger – the Irish Terrier!

Yes, you read that right… we now own TWO Irish Terriers! Gwendolyn and Ranger get along great. Most of you know Gwen by now, she’s 2 1/2 and is a pure bred Irish Terrier, she’s been an only dog since we got her, until now.

I heard of Ranger via facebook, the Irish Terrier Rescue Network was trying to find someone to foster him, while he was still at my local shelter. I decided that I wanted to see him for myself. I really don’t want to foster…I would prefer to own. So I met him, and saw potential. He was shy, shaking scared, but he was not aggressive. He tolerated me touching him, and I decided to see how a meet up with Gwen would go.

I brought Gwendolyn with me to the shelter that same day and he came out wagging his tail when he saw me and Gwen. That was it… He started opening up from then on with me.

Background: Ranger was dropped off with 2 other dogs, so they knew he was good with other dogs. They think hes 6 years old but we just confirmed at my vet that he’s AT LEAST 7. (We don’t care about his age, we just want to help him live a healthy happy life.)

So do you want to see Ranger?

Side shot- this is him 24 hours after being rescued from the shelter

I want to also share this…..

This was the sad dog I met – he has changed so much in 24 hours

This was his before… when I FIRST met him…

So you can see the changes… I am so happy I found him. We have only had him 2 days but Gwendolyn is getting along well with him. My kids love him. And we are working on getting to know him better. He is a bit shy and jumpy but is not aggressive at all. He has let me shower him, and check his teeth out. We already had a vet appointment and established that he has slight Lenticular Sclerosis in his eyes, which is normal for his age, and they said it’s nothing to worry about right now since it’s not bad with him.

He also desperately needs his teeth cleaned, so in about a month or less… I will pay for that to be done. His breath could kill a bull. Freaking – omg. But we will work on that. I got him a tooth brush as well – which I will introduce soon.

My two irish terriers

Above is a photo of Gwen (in the front) and Ranger (in the back) on their morning walk. I bought him his own harness, as I didn’t get one yesterday for him. Today he has a fancy new grey one.

So far our only problem is getting him to pee…. I got him to eat finally and drink water. And he doesn’t LOVE his crate yet – BUT he won’t cry in it. So at night time, getting him inside the crate is a bit rough but he doesn’t complain once he is in. We have been trying to show him that Gwen goes in on command and we praise her – and I praise him every time he goes in his. I finally got him to take treats from me – so I think that will help improve this process!

The kids have been slowly been introducing themselves to him – he doesn’t seem to mind them now. They made him nervous the first day but I think everything did. I am just thankful we found him.

Ranger and I today

Tell me about your adoption story! Gwen was raised as a puppy by us, so adopting an older dog is very different but I am so happy to have another dog to join our family. That and the fact that Gwen is over the moon once she saw I brought him home, makes me really happy.

More Photos from our Yellowstone trip!

I got all my photos loaded to flickr from my phone and my camera! And they are here to share! You can either hoover your mouse over the photos and it should let you click back and fourth through all the photos OR you can click on the photo and enter the album on flickr. Which ever your browser will let you do 🙂

The Hamlet's go to Yellowstone!
More Yellowstone

So enjoy those photos if you have never been or if you are looking to visit!

We went to Yellowstone!

Well our vacation is officially over. My family and I went to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton! We stayed in Island Park, Idaho for 10 days, and traveled up to the West Yellowstone entrance less than 30 minutes away. We had fun in the snow (yes winter hit early), and we had fun sight seeing!

This was my first trip up north to those states as well. I had never been to Idaho, Montana or Wyoming. We drove from our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a 900 mile drive – which took roughly two days while traveling with an 11 year old, a 21 month old, and a dog.

Scroll through the photos above to see some highlights from our trip! I took over 1000 photos but obviously I cannot post them all here. I will eventually post more to my flickr page – when I finish converting all of my photos from RAW format to JPEG. Flickr won’t let me upload RAW photos, sadly.

And I take LOTS…

Oh well…but let me tell you about our trip. First of all – no offense UTAH – but you suck. I started to feel sick in Utah after having the wind blast us there. I was sick for the first 5 days I was on vacation. Eventually I started to feel better but the rest of my family caught what ever was going on eventually.

We went up to Idaho, which was a lot nicer than Utah but by the time we got up to Island Park, ID there were very few STORES. We had some tiny grocery stores which did not sell any gluten free options for my toddler. She did end up getting sick from something and we ended up going to a lovely little pharmacy in West Yellowstone, called Silver Tip Pharmacy. They ordered some probiotics for my daughter’s stomach issues. My daughter has food allergies and food sensitivities so we ran into a few issues while we were traveling.

We usually are very strict about the brands we try with her and we had to try a few new brands and we found out she cannot have paprika while we were traveling. So that was a thing, but we did not have any acute FPIES reactions, thankfully.

Now that we are home, with all of her safe foods, she is MUCH better.

Other than the lack of food my daughter could eat – we did have a lovely time. I just had to feed her the same foods over and over again – lots of eggs, cheese and chicken. *rolls eyes* she was so tired of it by the end of the trip and I don’t blame her.

Thankfully no one else in my family has food allergies, so I was able to buy what ever else they wanted. Though many of the grocery stores we hit up had very few vegetable options. I think we just went to all the wrong stores. I am used to walmart and target, where I have more than one row of veggie and fruit options, where these small towns had a very small section each.

Enough complaining… that was honestly one of my only issues while traveling.

Yellowstone was lovely – it was not too busy. But it did snow a few times. Thankfully we were prepared and had other plans for those days. We went to the Grand Teton, and went to a local dam in Island Park. It was lovely. Once I get some of my photos transferred over I would like to make a post about a few of my favorite places.

Obviously we saw Old Faithful (twice), but there are other geysers like “Lone Star Geyser” which are just as beautiful, and LESS packed. You do have to walk 2.5 miles on an old road to get there, and 2.5 miles back, but its easy to access and not very hard at all.

We saw the Grand Prismatic Springs twice, as well as the Artist paint pots, the biscuit basin, mammoth hot springs, the Roosevelt Arch, and we went through 3 of the 5 entrances to Yellowstone (West, North, South) we missed both East and North East entrances due to weather and time.

I actually really enjoyed the Teton’s scenic drive the most! I loved all the stops – the changes of the trees from green to golden yellow. And I loved seeing the animals along the way!

Again – I will make a detailed blog of my top 10 spots soon. I just wanted to let you all know I am back! So sorry for not posting! I wanted to post – but then I just got so busy! I was outside in the snow a bit with the kids and my dog. And yes…we took our dog on this trip!

She had so much fun

That is me above – I took a selfie once my DSLR’s battery died on my trip. I had other batteries – but they were in the car. I quickly started carrying my extra batteries in my pocket after that!

Keep an eye out – I will work on getting some more Yellowstone stuff up soon! ❤

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