We had a decent 4th of July this year. I got to spend time with my mom and realize how horrible her memory actually is. No but seriously, I think she said she was recently dx with Pseudo Dementia, which is not actually dementia… her doctor thinks she’s depressed, because of everything – pandemic, etc… and its affecting her memory. But she keeps bringing up stuff and saying “I have never done that before”, when I CLEARLY remember her doing that…(I love my mom, and I just wonder if she REALLY forgets certain things or if she didn’t)

It’s bothersome because it makes me worry about her. Like is this really pseudo dementia or is this dementia or just old age or her just pretending she didn’t do something. Because she does this ALL the time.

Anyways – she spent 4th of July here after I started having contractions – anyways no baby YET. We think we may make it to full term. It’s crazy to think I may make it! I see my doctors tomorrow. My husband is going to join me so we can find out if they think these contractions are harmful or just Prodromal Labor. Prodromal labor is false labor BUT it can open your cervix to a certain point… like my contractions did. And they are considered REAL contractions, unlike braxton hicks, BUT they don’t progress… which is where we are. I am in pain, the baby has dropped, and I have daily contractions but nothing else. No progress.

I just want to make sure her placenta is holding up. I know contractions can cause your placenta to loosen and such. I just want a healthy baby.

Anyways I will find out more tomorrow to see if the pressure I am feeling (yes baby dropped) is doing anything or if it’s not.

Anyways back to the fourth of july. The kids enjoyed watching the fireworks in the neighborhood. We personally only do sparklers and poppers most of the time – this year we kinda forgot to get much, but it rained anyways and we had to keep running inside while watching all the neighbors stuff.

Our dogs were going crazy last night (mostly my younger one), I think my older dog is going deaf. He didn’t react at all and just sat in his crate all night. My younger girl was barking and crying all night. But they are doing much better today.

Oh yeah – Rain – it’s THAT time of year again I guess. We actually got some much needed rain the last few days. Though it made the day extremely humid afterwards, my little girl enjoyed jumping in puddles and running around.

One of her grandmother’s got her that cute raincoat, so we put it to good use.

I love seeing kids being kids. Let them play in the rain – jump in puddles. You can worry about the mess later. Your kids can bathe… the clothes can be replaced, washed or dried.

It’s all a pain

I have been having contractions for about a week now – off and on. Some days they are consistent enough to track, but when I see my Dr they have not progressed past the 3 cm dilation I was at on Tuesday last week.

So last Monday night I went into L&D, I was advised to by my Dr. Because I was having contractions that were constant, painful and I was able to track them. They kept me there in Triage for a day because the contractions were actually strong – they monitored them and checked my pelvis. I was dilated to 3cm / 50 % effaced. So they gave me some steroid shots for the baby’s lungs.

After 24 hours…my contractions slowed down and they let me go home because they had no rooms for me at the time to just be monitored in. I live in town and agreed to go home. Since then, I have seen my dr and my dilation did not change as of Friday.

I still continue to have contractions…they stop and go…and no they aren’t braxton hicks. You CAN actually have contractions that don’t make you progress into FULL labor…

So here I am on the 4th of July… having back pain… contractions and as far as I know… my cervix hasn’t changed. My dr did say she hopes baby stays in until Tuesday at least (which would make her 36 weeks). The 36 week marks when they would NOT have to rush her to NICU, unless something was horribly wrong.

So fingers crossed for Tuesday but today I am in a lot of pain. I would normally go to Triage but I have a feeling these aren’t putting me into real labor yet, so I am waiting for my body to tell me otherwise. This is my 3rd child… so … I know what labor feels like but this is my first baby I have not had to induce already (I generally get preeclampsia) and so far I have yet to get it. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

I check my BP about 10-20 times a day. No seriously preeclampsia is SERIOUS. I take it seriously.

But right now it seems that baby girl MIGHT make it into the world a few weeks early – hopefully just on her own and not via induction. For updates in real time – I am frequently on twitter. I honestly update my twitter more often than my Facebook at this point. And I post photos to Instagram when stuff happens as well.

Right now I have NOT been put on bedrest. The doctors say at 35 weeks – if I go into labor they will not stop it but they wont induce unless its an emergency. So once I make it to 36 weeks, I hope I can just relax a bit. I had my son at 36 weeks – this baby was measured at the hospital by my high risk dr, and they estimate she is 6 lbs already. My son was 5 lbs 5 oz at birth, my 34 week daughter was 4 lbs 15 oz at birth. So if this baby is actually 6 lbs, then she will be the biggest ❤

I just hope she makes it here safely and that I can have an easy delivery.

Going on 35 weeks

Today at the MFM doctor’s office, I experienced my new normal… contractions. Yeah they have been going off and on since week 32… I don’t really call my doctor about them because they don’t amount to anything in my case, thankfully. The nurse asked if I felt the contractions, yes. And if they hurt, no. And she let me know what I need to look out for and she did the ultrasound after the fetal non-stress test. The ultrasound showed a wiggly little girl, who has a great umbilical cord flow and a good amount of amniotic fluid still. She is taking practice breaths in the womb and we hope to keep her in as long as we can.

As for me? No signs of preeclampsia at this time. Last week my BP went all wacky but I changed a few things and pretty much rested, drank lots of water and put my feet up and my BP went mostly back to normal. I see my normal OBGYN on Friday to evaluate me again. I feel fatigued, very very very fatigued. It’s probably because I am constantly having contractions every day. But I am not swelling, so I am thankful for that. I feel the baby hiccuping daily, though her movements have slowed down , I can wake her up with a cold drink most of the times. When that fails I poke her awake. I am so mean 🙂

I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms. My last baby.

In other life news – our homeschool co-op will start meeting more in person, and we are looking into joining outdoor activities with the groups. We have been attending digitally so far and will do some events online still for now. We don’t know the exact date we will join in person.

My oldest child turns 13 next month. Less than a full month until I have a teenager in the house. I know its crazy. I will also have a new born soon. In the meantime I am looking at preschool curriculum and play to help my daughter, since she isn’t attending daycare. And in the upcoming weeks both my kids will be hearing from OT and one from SLP as well. So we may be pretty busy in the next few months. I don’t mind it but I know things can get hectic.

I will write more about curriculum for toddlers (I am trying to find a free one bc young kids her age really need play…. but I want to find something that fits OUR needs.) We will start homeschooling in early August with my son, so I am excited for that as well. You can see my previous posts on Bookshark and Sonlight. We are using Bookshark this year and I want to find shows, and movies to fit with the curriculum to make it more fun.

34 weeks and counting

I made it to 34 weeks! At this time during my last pregnancy (with my daughter Lillian), we were being induced for preeclampsia. Both my Perinatal Doctor (fetal maternal medicine) and my OBGYN have me coming in once a week for check ups to ensure we catch anything early on. Last time I got this far, I caught the first symptoms of preeclampsia at home. I was able to call my physician and they urged me to go to the Labor & Delivery department at my hospital, and there I stayed.

With my first child, I knew NOTHING of preeclampsia or any other types of issues. I had gone into preterm labor a few time but they stopped my contractions at L&D. This was 13 years ago with my son’s birth. We caught my preeclampsia at my OBYGN’s visit, where my BP was so high the nurse made me lay down immediately. I was induced that same day.

So far my baby girl is looking healthy, she is moving around a lot, and the doctors are happy I have made it this far. They both say they would like to see me make it to 36 weeks but like everything in pregnancy, you never know what will happen next. The last few days I have felt sick, tired, fatigued, and today I felt really off. So I have been checking my Blood Pressure more often. My diastolic BP is raising a little, and my systolic has been up and down. Not a great thing, but its still with in normal range.

So just in case – I will start to clean up my house – repack my hospital bag and make sure my kids have food in the house for who ever ends up watching them. I could totally make it further this pregnancy but I am not going to assume things. I thought I would make it further with my daughter and ended up having her 6 weeks early.

Monday is my next BPP (biophysical profile) at my perinatal dr office, they put these things on my stomach to measure baby’s heartbeat and if I have any contractions. A few weeks ago I had some contractions that thankfully stopped, but now they are watching me more carefully. I get this test weekly. They also do a quick ultrasound (really fast) they measure fluids, breathing, heart beat etc of the baby. They give me a score and they decide if it was a good visit, so far so good.

I see my regular OBGYN next week on Friday. I saw a different doctor this week since my Dr was on vacation. But I did talk to the replacement dr about something I wanted to try in labor. I don’t want an epidural this time around because I had complications last time around. But I am realistic about the pain because usually my labors last days. I wanted to try the gas option to help take the edge off. The hospital I am delivering did not offer this option during my daughter’s birth but they do now apparently. And they stopped offering it during covid BUT they just recently started to offer it again, pending a negative covid test. So I MIGHT have a new pain relief option.

And yes I know about the pain relief shots, those don’t work on me.

I just get nervous about getting preeclampsia again because I get so sick. My kidneys stop working….I get put on medication and I have always had nicu babies. I have never gotten to keep one in my room…. I have retained fluid after labor and it sucks so badly. This is my last baby.

I had a doctor ask me why this is my last baby once…. I told them to look into my medical record….

The doctor I saw yesterday was going over my notes – about my pregnancy 13 years ago and she was shocked how horrible it went. I was re-admitted to the hospital for so many issues (heart failure, pneumonia, kidney failure) this was AFTER they let me go home… so we went over how I handle labor because there is a chance this woman may deliver my baby as well (you don’t always get your own dr, sometimes they aren’t on call). I have personally always gotten MY doctor but ….I really do not mind who delivers my baby as long as they know what they are doing and we are both safe.

I am going to keep you all up dated on my pregnancy/labor and we can hope I have a normal labor.

I just can’t wait to meet my baby. This will complete our family. ❤

31 weeks and still going good

I am 31 weeks pregnant this week. So far this pregnancy I have had to deal with spotting until 16 weeks, moderate asthma, horrible nausea (until 16 ish weeks), horrible acid reflux starting from the first trimester and only getting worse, retaining water weight (swollen hands / feet) and…. other fun stuff like head aches and such. Thankfully my drs were able to advise me on which vitamins to take to avoid the headaches and their solution works! The reflux is still a pain… my asthma and allergies are still annoying but I was just approved to take my Singulair for my breathing issues along with my two inhalers. My OBGYN seemed hesitant but my perinatal physician approved it right away.

Today at my 31 week visit my OB measured my fundal height at 34cm. She didn’t seem concerned and at my 28 week ultrasound the baby was around 2 1/2 lbs. So I think she is growing well. I am not sure what kind of perinatal appointment I will have next week, I know I am getting to the part of my pregnancy where my dr will stop all of my ultrasounds and start doing those other things… (I can’t think of the name but they sit you in a chair with things to monitor the baby) and you stay there for like 20 – 30 min. I only made it to ONE of those appointments last pregnancy before I was induced for Preeclampsia. So fingers crossed I will make it to more of those.

I have been trying to be more active by going swimming with my daughter. My husband first tried to talk me out of buying a maternity bathing suit saying I would only wear it once or twice but I have been using it two weeks now, every day pretty much. I don’t regret my purchase. I bought it on SHEIN. I measured myself and got the right size. I am pretty sure before shipping costs it was only $17 for my swimsuit.

Thats the link to the swimsuit I got – I did review it on their site so you can look for that there. I like it.

This is a screen shot of the one I got. (Obviously their model) she looks amazing. I do like how it fits me though, I bought a large since I am not as petite as their model.

This weekend is my baby shower – its online and offline. Mostly just a small group of local family will be by to celebrate and then all my friends online. I wanted to just do an online one but family talked me into doing an in person one , but I told them it had to be at the same time bc I was not throwing two entirely separate parties.

I am registered at Target and Amazon, for those of you who asked. Here are the links:

So far I have gotten two gifts in the mail/dropped off by friends, so I have them sitting in my office waiting to be opened. I got a text from a friend that she is going to drop off a gift, but god knows when that is LOL. I know everyone is very busy. I know I am too. I am just thankful for everything received because it helps us with the baby. My daughter is excited to be a big sister. My son is excited as well.

Oh the plants!

I forgot to update you all on our beautiful tomatoes and such! So far they are all growing very tall and one of our plants has little tomatoes on it already! I have about 12 plants so I have to water them daily. I told my son if he waters them while i am in the hospital giving birth he can earn $$,for keeping them alive! But we haven’t lost any plants yet, its been wonderful weather. I put some pumpkin seeds out and they have sprouted already as well. I will start to post more photos on twitter of all the plants soon.

*SIGH* okay i need to rest – before I go do housework. But I wanted to update you all on stuff. I will try to keep you all in the loop when anything new happens.

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