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Diet – Low Carb / Low sugar

Almost everyone has heard of the Keto diet – and how fast you can lose weight on it. And there are many misconceptions about how “healthy” or “not healthy” it is. I have tried Keto and I did lose weight but I had a very hard time finding foods I could eat since I do not eat certain meats, and I dislike certain foods. So I am modifying this diet a little to fit my life style. I can’t exactly call it “keto” since I am not following all of the rules, but I am going low carb and low sugar, since that actually helped me reduce the pain in my back, and the symptoms I have with the cysts on my spine.

Photo is not my property.

I gained a lot of weight with this last pregnancy – for some reason, even though I ate healthy I gained about 40 -50 lbs. So I need to lose that weight before I attempt to get pregnant again. I was hoping to lose that weight in the last year – but while breast feeding, I could not lose ANY WEIGHT. So here I am again – no longer breast feeding, and I am going to finally try again. I am setting up some work out sessions with my friend at our work (we get free gym access at the local hospital we both work for).

I used to go to a mommy and me work out class but the cost was too much per month and they didn’t go at the pace I needed to go at with my hurt spine. I need to just go to the gym and work out at my own pace. My husband does not understand that with my cysts on my spine, I get numbness and pain down my spine, and numbness in my toes. So I modify a lot of things I do, such as how I sit, or stand.

So here I am a mother of two – trying to find time again to be more healthy. I cut my heals in half because I know I over eat – as many Americans do. I am buying healthier foods again -less pastas, less rice, and more boiled eggs, salads, avocados, etc. I have not started weighing myself yet – I actually found that while dieting I weighed myself TOO much – and became obsessed. I am going to try to do this only 2x a month. My goal is not to get into ketosis – but to cut the amount of carbs I eat. Since I often make pasta as a go to meal. Eating pasta and bread all the time – will make most people fat.

I think many people fail to realize that not all diets work for everyone. We all have different body types. I know women who lost all of their pregnancy weight (30 lbs or less) with in a month of giving birth – doing NOTHING. While I couldn’t lost 5 lbs, while dieting and working out together! It is frustrating – and I have to admit I fell into that horrible trend of comparing myself to other people, which only sets you up to fail.

I don’t like to have mommy friends often – at least not in real life – because people try to give me advice on how they do things. But for me – I can’t go jogging with my baby. I have bad knees. My baby was also born premature and in the winter time – so when she was born, going out to work out was terrible. She got RSV from someone eventually even when we didn’t go out. And she was almost hospitalized. For those of you who do not know what RSV is here is a description:

Below is a photo of my 1 month old and I last year – when she had RSV and I had RSV. You can tell by her face how sick she got. It was scary because she was born premature – and was in the NICU for a few weeks, and then with in a month of being home she got sick. We think it was from her father’s work – someone went in sick all week and got everyone else sick. My husband came home not feeling well and we all got it. RSV is very contagious.

Lily and I (with RSV) – We went to the dr every day to check her oxygen levels and clear her nose

So that’s what I am doing – are you doing any diet? Which one did you choose? Why did you choose it? How much weight are you planning to lose? I will post some before and after photos eventually. I am still very embarrassed about how much weight I gained from the pregnancy and the back issue.

On a side note – my cysts only showed up after I had an epidural. I found out I might have had these before the epidural and during the epidural they might have punctured one…because I was in a lot of pain when they administered it and afterwards I had a Cerebral Spinal Fluid leak for over a month. I had dizzy spells – and I felt horrible for a few months. I have had two epidurals (I have two kids) and this is the first time this has happened. But for my next child I will likely not have an epidural due to my cysts.

Bribing children to be good

I don’t bribe my son very often to be good, not with money or toys, but this week we tried some very cheap bribery. My son saw a cool $1.48 bath bomb at target and wanted it. He’s only 10, so a bath bomb would make taking a bath fun and he promised to be good at school. As you can see from previous blog posts, my son has some difficulties behaving, so anything to help us make it through a week with out a phone call from the school would be great!

So I told my son that I would buy him a bath bomb if he was good. I waited all day to hear from the teacher, and I when I went to pick up my son, I got the good news that the bribe worked. I have actually done this two days in a row – so he was good for two days and I got him one bath bomb for those days, and he will receive one more on Friday if he can make it through the rest of the week. He is ecstatic!

The reason I try to not bribe him is because it’s usually costly and something my son will not use after one week – but with the bath bomb it was cheap and he’s going to use it in the bath for fun and then it is gone anyways. It’s a win win situation. So far it’s working great.

Now as for the rest of my day – I have actually been working. Not on blog stuff unfortunately, but with my part time job as a medical coder. Yep it’s one of the days I work today. I don’t mind working, I just don’t really enjoy training people. I shouldn’t really complain, I feel needed. And it’s hard when you are a stay at home parent and no one is around to tell you that you are doing a good job.

To all of you stay at home parents – whether you work or not – You are doing a magnificent job!

In my free time I am trying to find some good blogging opportunities to share on here with you all. Like tomorrow I will be completing some of my reviews I have mentioned – since I actually have time. I will also be adding a new link to my photography eventually. I am trying to figure out what I want to share on here and when. I will be blogging my weight loss soon, and any healthy goals I set myself. I am hoping to get my pre-baby shape back.

Let me know what kind of diets worked for you ? And what do you do to get your children to behave ?

Making goals in Occupational Therapy

This morning Lily’s occupational therapist and the care coordinator came over for an evaluation and to plan out the next few months for Lily. We are going to continue 1x a week visits on Tuesdays and we updated our goals. We are hoping to get Lily to crawl on her knees and hands by April. Right now at almost 14 months old she is 25% behind on many of the average toddler’s goals. So we will work on crawling and standing these next few months with a long term goal of her walking in July/August.

We did decide to not do Aqua Therapy yet. I think her OT wants to work specifically on crawling first before we do anything else, and I agree with her on this for now. Plus in the summer we have a pool anyways so I will be taking Lily out to our own pool soon anyways.

Today is day three using Lily’s new food diary. So far I find myself having to print out ingredients lists since so many of these foods she is trying have so many ingredients. Now I have had people tell me to make all of my baby food but sometimes I can’t get fresh guavas or oranges, so I use the jar food so I can trial some of these foods with my daughter.

I do make about 1/4 of her foods myself.

Lily amazes me every day – today at Occupational Therapy she showed the OT that she can say “UP” when prompted. She did how ever, wait to say Buh Bye to the therapist until she was outside of the door. She clearly said “buh bye” because the OT was waving and saying “buh bye” to her before she left but she refused to wave at them. Silly baby.

Lily did say BYE once before – at the grocery store – to a random person. It’s just too cute how she is starting to talk finally at almost 14 months. But we are finally seeing progress, so that makes me hopeful.

Free Little Library near the Elementary School

I have been meaning to post about this little library for a few days now! I found it near my son’s school! I have been trading out old books and getting new ones there for the kids for a little over a month now. The house’s owner waved hello to us last time we were there, she said to take as many books as we would like. I let her know since we walk that way to school that we would be coming by often.

Do you have a little library in your town or neighborhood?

Aqua Therapy

Today my daughter’s Occupational Therapist asked me if we would be interested in taking Lily to a therapy pool once a week. I asked her what the benefits would be for my daughter’s condition and she said ” It’s language rich, gross & fine motor, sensory integration, cognitive, and problem solving.” Those are her exact words.

I am not against aqua therapy, but I only want to go if they really think it will help her. If we decide to attend, we would be going mid-day and I would need to get us both swim suits, which I have not done yet because it’s only February! I also need to hunt down some swim diapers, which last year it took a few stores to find some at this season.

Sounds like a pretty neat pool

Tomorrow the OT is coming over and we will discuss the option of pool therapy more to see if it is right for us. We currently do at home one on one therapy, so this would be a change – I would have to drive somewhere downtown and make sure to have nap time all done by that time of day. I would also need to make sure she is fed and that I leave myself enough time to get back home to get my son from school.

I looked into the pool and its heated – it has a ramp to get in ,etc. So it seems safe from the information provided on the pools website. I don’t have any personal experience with aqua therapy – so I don’t know what to expect. I especially do not know what to expect with a nearly 14 month old going to aqua therapy. Let me know your thoughts…. have you had to go to Aqua therapy?

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