Aqua Therapy

Today my daughter’s Occupational Therapist asked me if we would be interested in taking Lily to a therapy pool once a week. I asked her what the benefits would be for my daughter’s condition and she said ” It’s language rich, gross & fine motor, sensory integration, cognitive, and problem solving.” Those are her exact words.

I am not against aqua therapy, but I only want to go if they really think it will help her. If we decide to attend, we would be going mid-day and I would need to get us both swim suits, which I have not done yet because it’s only February! I also need to hunt down some swim diapers, which last year it took a few stores to find some at this season.

Sounds like a pretty neat pool

Tomorrow the OT is coming over and we will discuss the option of pool therapy more to see if it is right for us. We currently do at home one on one therapy, so this would be a change – I would have to drive somewhere downtown and make sure to have nap time all done by that time of day. I would also need to make sure she is fed and that I leave myself enough time to get back home to get my son from school.

I looked into the pool and its heated – it has a ramp to get in ,etc. So it seems safe from the information provided on the pools website. I don’t have any personal experience with aqua therapy – so I don’t know what to expect. I especially do not know what to expect with a nearly 14 month old going to aqua therapy. Let me know your thoughts…. have you had to go to Aqua therapy?


Product Reviews coming very soon ! (Multiple Items!)

You may have noticed my “product reviews” section on my blog, or you may not have. But I will be reviewing some new items very soon. And I will be promoting some as well (I will only promote items I bought though sometimes I do receive discounts on the items I order) I do have a promotion coming up on an item (see photo). I will be posting about that very soon! I ordered some and am waiting to use it for a few days, possibly a few weeks to let you know what I think! I don’t want to tell you it works unless I try it myself for a certain time!

In the mean time – if you would like to try this product at a 5% discount – you can use my link! I did pay full price for this product – so I cannot wait to tell you all what I think of it!

I will also be reviewing some scrunchies, and two meat thermometers, a dog light up collar and a leash I have received at discounted prices, and some items for free. I will be linking some of those in just the products review tab so that you will not be bombarded with reviews.

If there is a product you would like me to review- leave a comment below. I try to only buy items I would personally use, so I can’t promise that I will buy everything suggested to me. If you are a retailer/seller/merchant and you would like me to try out an item, please let me know. I am up to reviewing items.

In the mean time- I will be posting more about work life, family life, and all the normal stuff. I am going to try to keep big product review postings limited to 1x a week.

Do you review products? Where do you go to get them? I found a few websites that allow me to get things at a discount – most of my reviews are not paid, that means I am making no money from reviewing most of the items I purchase. Though I do have ways of receiving items at a discount through certain programs, which is great for when you need new things….like a dog leash that you were already planning on buying anyways.

I would also like to give away one of the meat thermometers I have received. I only used it once to test it (and not even in meat, I used it in water of different temps) . So if anyone would like to receive a free digital meat thermometer I will be posting that review this week sometime – and will have a form to fill out online – I will randomly choose a winner with in 30 days and mail it out to US residents only (due to postage prices).

Everyone have a wonderful week! I will update again later today (Normal blog stuff) .

Daily life – Daily food logs for the baby

Well, it finally happened… I have decided to make a daily food log for my smallest child, Lily. She is the one I write about having FPIES (the food allergy) and I have kept mental notes of all the foods she can’t have but this past week she has had skin related allergy symptoms. This is new to us, because usually her food allergies caused vomiting and diarrhea. But I can’t tell what is causing her rash on her back,arms and face. So here is how I am tracking her food intake !

My daughter’s personal food log

Now I did look online for examples of food logs but none of them followed exactly what we needed for a toddler. So I took ideas from others and made my own daily log for her. I printed a bunch of them up to test for the next week and when we finally see the doctor, then we can bring this with us! Now we are still waiting for the PCP to send us the referral. I might call them this week since it’s been a week and they said it would take 2 days to write the referral and then they would call me for the insurance information since we have new insurance this year.

My husband brought up a good point this morning… I noticed some redness on my daughter’s face after she ate a fresh banana. Well, she’s 13 months old and has really only eaten banana from a jar because of her swallowing issues… and the other day she ate a real one – not processed. Could she be reacting to bananas? Her grandfather is allergic to bananas and I forgot this information since she has done well on jar bananas. Well we will see- I am going to try bananas tomorrow again, fresh.

Below is her reaction yesterday – this is her back by the way and her face when it was red the other night – her back has been like this for two days. Her face got better a little but flares up every now and then. Some friends online suggested maybe changing her detergent – which I am going to do.

Wish me luck! This has been showing up for a few days now and I can only think of bananas as being the issue… but who knows. Maybe the food log will help me find the exact cause of her redness. The back redness was much worse the other night.

This is her normally – no red face (just some scratches from her sharp little baby nails)

If you have any experience with food logs for toddlers or babies and would like to share any helpful information please comment on this post! I would love any helpful information!

Food Trialing… again

I am trying to expand my daughter’s food options. Every time I go to the baby food section of the store there are so many types of mixed baby foods for her to try, the problem is…she is allergic to so many different ingredients.

Here is what she can’t have: Oats, Wheat, Rice, Broccoli, Pineapple, Turkey and Corn. (so far)

Now I am looking at the baby foods in the pouches most of the times but A LOT of them have rice or oats in them. Today I found a few with Barley in them or white beans in them. Now we have not trialed these food yet. So I have to pick a day that I want to set a side and get ready for a food reaction. I can’t make plans the day of a food trial because if she does get sick – and if her zofran doesn’t work to control her vomiting, then we are stuck.

FPIES is not a fun thing to go through.

So tomorrow morning I will try the white beans first. I feel that she is less likely to react to that…over the barley. I am really nervous about the barley. But if she can have it, then it will give her a few more foods to eat.

I am starting a food log for her – since her doctor just put in a referral for her to see a gastroenterologist, they mentioned that more than likely, the doctor will need a food log and to just save time by starting one now. It’s a good idea but I don’t really know what they will need to know. I can list a ton of safe foods, but I have a few foods that she reacted to that don’t make sense… which is why we try to only buy foods that we can read every ingredient to. Sometimes those longer chemical names are misleading – or have hidden allergies for her.

We are transitioning from infant formula to toddler formula this week as well. Lots of changes. I am less nervous about this change since she really hasn’t reacted to milk or anything in her previous formulas. I am just nervous that she will reject it and not drink the new formula. But her occupational therapist suggested this change – since I told them she would not be drinking cows milk. They asked if I had started her up on cows milk after she turned one. I don’t get it, why would I change to cows milk? Why would I stop giving her a formula that provides more vitamins and nutrients. Cows milk really doesn’t have all the good stuff formula has in it alone. So we told them we would likely stay on a formula, but that’s when they told me they have toddler formula. Honestly I hadn’t looked into it until after they mentioned it. So we are transitioning now that my daughter is almost 14 months old.

The other day we had some food reactions…but they were not FPIES related. She has been getting really red spots showing up around her mouth and sometimes on her chest, arms and back. We had an allergy visit last year and they ruled out all the basic foods – but for some reason, some of these baby foods keep breaking her out. Again, hidden allergens is what we are thinking. But we aren’t sure.

In case you were wondering – no we do not have a specialist in our area. We live in New Mexico and on the FPIES website it lets you locate doctors who register as knowing how to treat FPIES but no one in our state is registered, so we get shuffled around to different doctors since no one knows how to handle us. I have a facebook account where I connect with other mothers and fathers who are going through this, and the ones who have a doctor who understands this, help the rest of us out. I knew to ask my daughter’s doctor for liquid zofran because of this group and it has helped us twice so far.

Food Allergies just suck.

For Halloween this last year – we did the TEAL PUMPKIN project. We placed a teal pumpkin out in front of our home and I registered online so people could look us up, and we provided NON-FOOD items for children who have food allergies (as well as any child who just didn’t want candy). While I was out trick or treating with my son, a little boy apparently came by and thanked my husband for being a teal pumpkin house. That made it worth it. We know we made that kid’s night.

Hey readers – I know this blog is relatively new- I had another one before this but decided to change my location. I was thinking of doing a monthly give away (I do reviews online for random items and if I find a good item to give away I may do a drawing of some sort in the VERY near future) comment below if you are interested in this and pass my blog along to a friend. I am also looking for more blogger friends, so if you blog, please comment on my post and let me follow you back!


Those of you with school aged children, this is for you. My son is 10 years old and is in the 5th grade. He is in special education (ADHD, Mood Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder). We are dealing with his multiple suspensions…again. It is so frustrating dealing with the school and their failed Behavioral Intervention Plans.

Every year, since he was 5, we have had a BIP in place for my son. That’s fine. But this year his new teacher just can’t seem to keep me up to date on issues, and often forgets to tell me about incidents. So how can I fix problem behaviors if I do not know about them until a few weeks later?

Well I got a phone call today from the school – he is suspended again for a day. And we are having a meeting on the 8th of February with his BIP team to find a solution to his behavior and how to keep him in school, etc. He is also scheduled for an evaluation for ASD and to see if he can have a social worker with him at school.

Now here is the thing, next school year we are going to home school him. But right now we are waiting on the testing for the ASD and for him to finish up the school year. I need to prep to home school him too. But in the mean time I am struggling keeping him out of trouble. I often wonder why he can’t just NOT misbehave. It’s frustrating, and the school always seems like he is the ONLY child to ever misbehave. I gave them resources for years, they used to have access to his old therapist before she quit, and they only used her once and when they did he helped them! It was amazing – they listened to her suggestion and the problem was solved.

Now they are finally getting the school psychologist involved. My son will have outbursts when kids who tease him bother him or touch him. He will also have outbursts when people touch him on accident (sensory issues), and I have tried to get him help and the school does have him in occupational therapy but even they don’t seem to understand these things… when we had a meeting they were more worried about his hand writing than the sensory issue… the sensory issue is what makes him act out a lot…not the hand writing thing.

I might need to take him to an outside facility again – he went to one for 2 years before but I hated their billing department so much – they were always waiting 3 months to bill and we are high deductible, so I would always have to call them and notify them that they have to RE-BILL because we met our deductible already. I work in the medical field in coding so I know how this stuff works, but having to fight with a company all the time about bills is just frustrating.

I feel like I am in this alone with my son. My ex doesn’t have to deal with it because he only sees our son in the summers for one month. My husband lets me deal with all medical stuff for our kids. And is not helpful with my son’s behavior and I feel like he just doesn’t get along with him anymore.

I love my son but I just wish I knew how his brain worked. None of my friends or family have kids like him. I wish I could find more people with kids who have similar issues to see what they do that helps….how do you get your kid to go through one day with out a break down at school? How can I get him to listen?

We do medicate and he does OT at school – we are still looking for a replacement therapist since his old one left and we didn’t click with the new one very well. What do you do with your kids? (please only comment if you have a similar situation, if you have a child with out any disabilities please don’t judge, your techniques will likely not work on my child, there are things that we can’t implement because of his issues). His doctor, before she left (his pcp, not his therapist) suggested he might be on the “spectrum” and that’s why we are waiting to be tested at the school. Just in case you were wondering.

My son is 10 but acts like he is 6. He is VERY immature for his age but is smart. He struggles at learning sometimes because of his ADHD. He literally cannot sit still, ever. He throws fits so fast and will scream and throw things, we have been working on this for YEARS now but the behavior comes and goes. He has a bunch of sensory issues. But I love him. I will remind you that I do love him. I just wish I understood how to help him.

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