The search for food

This is just going to be a prominent topic for me on this blog. Food – Allergies and my search for safe healthy foods for my toddler that she can actually eat.

Yesterday, my family and I went to Sprouts (that is a super market in our town, and it sells food that is clearly labeled Gluten Free.) They seem to have one of the largest selections around my town of allergy friendly foods so far. And yes they cost more in general – but that is why we only shop there for my daughter’s foods and maybe some fresh produce since those prices are not too bad.

This week we found some crackers and pasta that are both Gluten free and Rice Free! The main issue I have with finding my daughter food to eat is not that I cannot find Gluten Free options, but that finding food that a toddler with immature swallowing and chewing issues can eat, as well as not having other allergens in it. A lot of the times when I find “Gluten Free” options, the replacement is either Rice or Corn. But both of those items are on our Allergy list. We also run into the OATs issue, we cannot have oats as well.

The safest foods I have found includes fresh veggies (boiled to be very soft or steamed so that they are easy to chew). And sometimes I can find some cereals, made with Quinoa or Millet that she can eat, but a lot of the times they are MIXED with foods she cannot have. Many times I find myself getting excited to find a box that is labeled “QUINOA CEREAL” only to read the ingredients, finding rice to be a second ingredient. It’s very disheartening.

Last night we tried a new cracker – it had a new food item in it but we kept our fingers crossed and tried. The new item was Cassava. So the crackers are made of Almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and Cassava (and a few other ingredients) but they are gluten free, rice free, oat free and Lily has NOT gotten sick from them YET. So I am over the moon!

We also bought some Lentil Pasta (no other ingredients, which is AMAZING). We often find that mixed with Rice or Corn – which is a no no for us. I am going through a lot with this baby -but thankfully with the help of these types of food stores, it is becoming a little simpler for us to find FOOD.

We are at the toddler stage where she is refusing Puree food – and feeding her from a bottle is not really a great option full time since we do want to see weight gain and we want to have her experience real food that she can chew.

I didn’t realize how hard it could be with a baby/toddler to find her food that she isn’t allergic to until I had this little girl. My previous child, who is now 10, has ZERO food allergies. I was lucky with him. But if you have a child with food allergies, stay strong. You can do it. There are more and more resources lately – and getting a diagnosis can be hard sometimes because some children have multiple allergies like my Lily. But you can do it.

I am going to make a list of Gluten Free foods that we find that are “oat free” and “rice free” very soon -to possibly help others out who are like us- who are MORE restricted than the regular gluten free norm. So keep updated with us on our journey.


MacroLife Naturals – Delicious, nutritious, and great anytime

All Macrolife products are delicious, NON-GMO, Gluten-Free and most are vegan.

I recently received a sample of this amazing product and have been LOVING it. My favorite is the Miracle Reds Super-food with the Macro Greens Super-food coming in at a close second. So let me tell you about this product I have been trying out.

First of all, MacroLife Naturals offers a Vegan option as well as an Omnivore option, so there are different options.

” MacroLife Naturals is a woman and minority family-owned company that was founded 20 years ago! Our award-winning superfoods will delight your taste buds and feed the body at the cellular level! “

The Macro Greens has 38 nutrient-rich Superfood plant-based ingredient, 18 billion non-dairy probiotics, A to Z plant-based vitamins/minerals/amino acid complex, Boosts energy and supports a healthy weight, Supports a healthy immune system, Multiple systems Adaptogenic and Metabolic herbal blend supports; brain, liver, kidney, endocrine, and thyroid, Promotes gentle daily cleansing, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten and dairy free.

The Miracle Reds is a nutritional powerhouse blend of 19 Superfruits & Berries that contain the widest spectrum of antioxidants with 670mg of Cholesterol lowering Plant Sterols. Delicious, nutritious, and great anytime – especially for post-workout recovery. It has 19 superfruits and berries, Power of 670 mg cholesterol lowering plant sterols, has 1 billion probiotics – promotes healthy immunity and is Non-GMO, vegan, gluten and dairy free

MacroLife Naturals also has protein shakes which taste delicious and helped me not snack during the day time. I will be buying more of their products very soon since I am on a health kick. I had found that I have had more energy while drinking these drinks. I think it has to do with all of the added nutrition I am getting with their products that I was missing out in my regular diet.

They have many more products, so please check them out by using my link below:

And feel free to use promo code: MYONLYSECRET to get a discount at checkout.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think of it? I really did enjoy it and now that I am running out of my samples, I have to order some quickly!


Slime Party with the kids!

Okay so you get the point – we made A LOT of slime. I bought a slime kit off of amazon recently and invited my son and his friend to make a bunch of slime today!

The slime was super easy to make – it is suggested for children 12 and up – BUT if you have younger children (that won’t swallow little objects) my son is 10, you can mix the stuff up for them and let them include all the fun toppings themselves! That is what we did!

If you would like to buy this on amazon for 15% off, you can use this link below!  <– CLICK LINK TO BUY

I do not receive any money from this link – but I did get this item at a discount for writing about it 🙂 The kids had a lot of fun – since there were SO MANY options. There is glow in the dark slime, glitter, orbies, different colors! I think the kids were impressed. I would buy this again for the kids to have fun with honestly. It was pretty easy to clean up and it came packaged pretty good (See photos above).

The package came with little cups with lids to keep your completed slime in as well – which makes this the perfect party kit. We had enough materials to make 12 different slime! Thank you to my friend and her son for allowing me to take photos – sorry that you guys only saw my hand in the photos, haha. But This was a good hour of fun for all of us. 10 out of 10 review from us.

Valentine’s Day – keeping busy with my family

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well today is Valentine’s Day. My husband loved his gifts, as far as I can tell (I bought him some cool candles – don’t worry he likes candles) and I got him a blue tooth meat thermometer – yes he loved it! And I got him chocolates too!

I got a waffle iron (YES I did want this, I actually asked for one), and I got roses (As seen above). And some lotions for my hands and feet (I need those, trust me!)

Today for my son and his friend – I got them a slime kit to make together. I am doing a review on this slime (see photo below). And I figured, why not use REAL kids to help me make the slime and see what they think?

After the kids make the slime, I will post about it. I cannot wait to make the slime myself – look at all of the fun looking options, there are different colors, glitter, glow in the dark, water beads, foam! I just really hope the kids enjoy this today.

So far today has been eventful. I had to run over to the diagnostic center to fill out paper work, allowing the school to test my son for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I had my toddler there with me, but the staff loved her and helped me watch her and play with her while I filled out the mountain of papers they required.

Lily playing at the diagnostic center

Two days ago, my little Lily had to have blood work done to rule out any other allergy issues. Now that she has a doctor (her’s left), he wants to get her an official diagnosis of FPIES or at least rule out other major disorders. We have been treating her like she has FPIES and he seems to agree with our diagnosis. I was relieved that he agrees because this is a hard thing to diagnose since there are no real “tests” for it. We just have to go off of symptoms…

He referred her to a gastroenterologist for some more stuff

We also got a celiac panel done as well! His last doctor didn’t really do many tests – “she just throws up” “don’t give her those foods” “she will out grow it”, is all we heard from doctors so far. BUT my child cannot have Oats, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Turkey, Broccoli, Pineapple and a mystery food so far… Do you know how frustrating that is to find food she can EAT at her age?

I am not sure if the celiac panel was worth it though – I keep hearing different people telling me that since we already are gluten free – that these results might not matter…. because we have not fed her gluten in ages since it makes her vomit and have diarrhea. What does it mean? Would that make her test results invalid? I don’t know. I don’t see her doctor for another month.

But we had labs drawn anyways – and they wanted to rule out some inflammatory diseases , IBS and celiac so far. All the labs look pretty good at a glance. So I am not rushing off to the doctors to bug them yet. But we are on Benadryl 2x daily to get rid of a skin rash my daughter has that the doctor couldn’t diagnose as eczema OR a food allergy – he said it looks like eczema but isn’t really 100% like it, but that it did not look like hives fully either – so we are ruling things out by doing Benadryl first – and then creams second.

The Benadryl makes Lily very tired though (As seen in the photo above.) but I did notice that her back is clearing up a little…so it might be an allergy… but I need to give it about one more day to make sure.

Being a mother is a lot of hard work. My children’s health tends to come above mine – and that is fine. But next month I will be turning 34, and I want to make some time for me to see my doctor to get back on anti-depressants again. I feel like not enough people make time for their mental health and I sometimes do the same. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, I am not shy about letting people know. But I sometimes feel overwhelmed and just don’t give myself the time to fix it. I have been off my medication for 2 years now because it was not safe to take while I was trying to get pregnant or breastfeed. But now I am free to take it – I just need to have my doctor re-prescribe it – because since the birth of my child, my psych. doctor has left.

For those of you with mental health issues, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect doctor. I am just like you. I have a hard time connecting with doctors and an even harder time trying to find one that will treat what I need treated instead of trying to treat things that honestly don’t bother me. (One doctor wanted to know about my father – and that’s all…) The therapy I received at that place was helpful for a while – but I out grew that doctor with in a year.

Do not stick with doctors that do not help you.

Find someone who will listen to YOU. You are the one going to them for help and if they do not see what is wrong – and cannot help you – then find someone who can. I found my perfect doctor a while back and he helped me through so much. I was very sad to see him leave.

But I have since found a group of people online that keep me sane. I have been writing here and I feel better. I feel less stressed lately. I feel a little better. I blog here about my personal life – and products for fun. The products are really just for fun ya’ll. I love trying new things and if I find something I like – I will share it with you :

But anyways – I hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day. If you have a blog you want me to follow – PLEASE COMMENT ! I would love to follow more people. I am trying to find my tribe here on wordpress and through other bloggers!

Follow me for more posts – I try to update daily but sometimes when I have nothing to say it might be every other day 😉 @ me on twitter- I am @myonlysecret on twitter as well!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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