Gwendolyn The Irish Terrier

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Gwendolyn is turning 2 years old on April 27, 2019! If you would like to help celebrate her birthday with us, feel free to take a look at her wish list for any treats on amazon! I will be sharing photos on her Instagram on her birthday!

Gwendolyn’s Amazon Wish List – is HERE

Anything Gwendolyn receives will be posted on Instagram. And if you would like to, you can also donate to our local Humane Society via their Amazon page instead if you’d like! Click HERE to do that!

If you would like to have Gwendolyn as an ambassador or send anything to her not on the wish list -please email me at, please do not spam mail us, or we will block who ever is spam mailing us. Serious inquiries only please.

Check back at our Instagram Daily – we try to make at least 2 posts a day. But we do get busy with our day time jobs sometimes.

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