Clan_X LED Dog Collar

I have owned at least 3 different “light collars” for my dog and this one is the most sturdy.

You can click on this link to purchase :

Amazon has this collar in multiple color options – I chose pink because I already had green from a previous order. I keep two of these around in case I forget to charge one, but both work fantastic!

In the photos above, you will see the collar with out the light on, and with the light on. It has 3 different light options, *VERY FAST FLASHING , *SLOW FLASHING & * NO FLASHING LIGHT & OFF.

When I received this product, it was not sized, it had an area where you can cut it to fit YOUR dog. It is easy to use, easy to charge (YES IT IS RECHARGEABLE) it comes with the wire you can plug into a phone charger. It does not take long to charge and it lasts about a month for me and my family. My dog uses this every night on her walks.

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