I’ve been trying hard to make posts. But being a mom to 3 kids can keep a person pretty busy. I don’t like to write blog posts on my phone and yet here I am.

I miss sitting at a computer but with 1 teenager and 2 little ones under 5, I can’t ever get time alone in my office to write.

I’m going to make some posts after my trip later this year, so at least I get to get out of the house for some time. I’ll take photos while I’m out and maybe some videos.

We are planning a car trip to California to see the redwoods. I’ve been there before with my husband but our kids have never been and they also have never seen the ocean before. I’m taking them so they can all experience it.

I’m trying to think of ways to inspire myself to write more. I feel… Empty. Like I love my family and kids but…I don’t have time for my hobbies. I’m either a human milk machine, a wife, a chef , a chauffer for my kids, a teacher for my son, etc. I just don’t have ME time. Even when I shower 2 of my kids are generally in my bathroom waiting for me (they are little kids so it’s okay).

And at night I’m too tired to do anything. I want to do more photography, outside of family portraits. So on this trip I’m going to bring my camera and the laptop. I’m hoping we don’t get sick traveling. Our plans are to stay doing outdoor stuff only and to eat at the house we are renting. I’m going to do pick up at the grocery store. Like we do at home. But the most hazardous thing is the 2 to 3 day trip from New Mexico to California.

I’m not worried about me. I worry about my kids. But we need to get away for a bit. Thankfully I talked my husband into bringing the dogs too. My friend will be at my house for the cat. She’s watched him before. He likes her thankfully.

She wants to celebrate lunar new year! So I got her decorations
She’s 6 months now! Time flies!

Oh and since my last post my ppd has gotten better. I still have depression but I’m thinking it’s my normal depression. Less of the hormonal pregnancy depression thankfully. Over all I’m emotionally okay. I’m not the best. I’m not the worst. I think a long car drive will help me.

My son is doing well in homeschool still. I’m trying to sort out what to do for his highschool years. He still wants to homeschool. I’m thinking online school? I dunno. I’ll figure it out.

Online coding class

Ugh, well it’s late I just remembered how I never write anymore. I’m really trying. I want to write. Maybe I’ll try to be on Twitter less and write here once every other day? Who knows. Let me not jinx myself šŸ˜©

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