After a year or more in quarantine, we are sort of being social. My son is 13 and we joined a co-op for homeschoolers locally. They meet once a week and my son is very socially awkward and needs friends, so he will go for a few hours, he is vaccinated. We also do online stuff with this same group, we like the kids. My daughter still does gymnastics (masked and the facility cleans a lot). And she now does Hippotherapy once a week. We also meet up at a park with masks starting next month with our troop (we joined with a few homeschoolers, and we will be earning badges with them!

But this is a lot… I have an infant, a 3 year old and a 13 year old. My brain cannot handle all this right now so I have been neglecting everyone online here and I am sorry. But I am getting used to my new life.

Breastfeeding is NOT the easiest thing in the world. With my first child I got really sick and never got to try. With my second, she had food allergies and was born prematurely. I pumped for about 8 months and then gave up because of her food allergies. She gained weight and got healthier after I stopped. And with this baby SINCE we have a pandemic, I know my milk will have antibodies in it and I am going to try hard to keep up breastfeeding. But that means I am on a wheat free diet. Why? Because she started to behave just like my older daughter with her food allergies, so I cut out the first food that made my daughter sick…wheat. And after 2 weeks of getting it out of my system, shes spitting up less. Next is dairy. I have actually been staying away from some other foods (slightly) but I really wanted to see if wheat was the issue. My other daughter got SO sick with wheat.

So here I am – a crazy mess. I am getting used to going places again (safely). We know that if the cases rise locally we will go back to virtual only, but my son… hes been struggling. We have been working with him on so much. He needs kids his own age, so at least we found a group that is pretty safe. The families tend to all believe in science and most are taking precautions like us.

My husband has had 6 weeks off with me, and pretty soon he goes back to work. I am going to try to juggle all 3 kids after that. I don’t know how I will do doctor visits when most say I CAN’T bring more than one kid… I really don’t know how I will do that…or my own dentist visit… heck I am not allowed anyone in that at all, ugh. I may have to reschedule so many things until stuff gets better.

We are also dealing with my upcoming surgery – yes I am planning to get my tubes tied, burned and ripped out! I do not want to have any more kids! I am done! But yeah that shouldn’t take too long to heal from hopefully. I also have to talk to my surgeon about the surgery I put off last year… that is gonna be fun. I have a cyst I need removed. In a delicate place. NOT FUN. And my husband … has TN… and he may need surgery, we have been referred to TWO neurosurgeons locally.

Life is never easy.

But we are both doing well. I am going to talk to my work about doing 4 hours a week to stay on payroll. Then maybe in another month I will add on 4 more hours (I really do not NEED to work) but I stay employed just to have a job. I am on staff PRN. So it works out for us!

Anything else? ehhhhh not so much… I am going to make some more posts soon about the co-op and the kids.

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