Okay fine… I have been holding off on announcing it here – mostly due to my lack of sleep and the fact that every time I sit down at my desktop… the baby cries …

Yes you read that correctly… baby.

Baby Rosalie Inez was born July 19th 2021 – she was 7lbs and is doing VERY well.

I will write a separate post about my labor and delivery later – I am not in the mood to get into that mess at this moment but I did go into labor sort of naturally. No real complications outside of the very last minutes of birth/delivery.

The morning of July 19th, I was sitting here at my desk. I stood up and my water broke… Kind of like the movies EXCEPT… I had a pad on because I actually thought I kept peeing myself all night long, so I guess I was trickling water from my amniotic sack. Which ended up being fine at the end.

I went right into the hospital and we started induction because my labor was NOT progressing – 12 hours later I had my baby girl in my arms. After 4 days we went home, finally. And I have been trying to adjust to being a mother to 3 kids. My hormones have been pretty up and down and today it hit me and I was a bit depressed but not PPD.

So now that Rosalie has been home for over a week now – we are able to relax, and get used to our new life. The dogs are still getting used to the baby and they are hyper around her so I have been keeping them from her until I feel that they are more calm. My one dog was like this with Lillian as well. But my older dog seems to be okay with it all.

My health? Oh so I am doing pretty good myself – my stomach / hips and other various body parts hurt a bit still – more achy than anything. So I have been taking it easy so I don’t hurt myself during my recovery. I am going to talk to my dr about permanent birth control (sterilization) at my 6 week appointment. Though… ugh… my husband has mentioned wanting a son, and I had to remind him that even if we tried again… I cannot promise the baby would be a boy… in fact…he has already given me 2 girls… so the odds I feel….would be … that we would get another girl. I just have a feeling.

And I would love more kids but my body can’t handle it. Again this labor was horrible at the end… I will honestly try to post soon about it. I had to take a week to run things through my mind again- but I personally would never like to see that ON CALL OBGYN ever again… or I might let her know how I felt about my labor. I will be complaining to MY doctor about her associate… I just feel the entire LAST part of my labor was just a mess.

Ugh anyways! I need to update my photo sometime on this website! I will work on that 🙂

I will update soon -we will be starting homeschool up again this coming week or so and I want to talk about my delivery. Keep up to date on the baby on my instagram and twitter (both links are on the right of my page here).

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