Photo is from one of my Non-stress tests at the MFM doctor

How the heck did I make it to 37 weeks? With my previous 2 pregnancies I did not make it this far – but here we are! I am really excited, scared and just anxious about having this last baby. I am so used to getting sick by now with preeclampsia and just getting induced that waiting for a baby to come naturally is just … it doesn’t feel normal but it is!

My family are all waiting anxiously because a few weeks ago I went into Triage with contractions, but they stopped. I was dilated to 3 cm, and this week my obgyn will check to see if any of that has changed. I am hoping I had the baby by 40 weeks. I really do not want to go further than that. I am going to be honest – by week 38 I will be asking my dr to schedule my induction – to at least be around my due date. I am hoping she won’t make me go much further than that since this baby is measuring bigger than ALL my other babies.

Praying I have an easy labor – I am SO used to having emergency inductions, I do not know what to expect in a normal labor. One of my nurses even pointed that out – she asked “Have you ever labored in a non-emergency way?” No… no I haven’t. Both my previous kids were rushed via emergency induction so that I could get rid of my preeclampsia. And induction is quite different from going into labor naturally and being able to take your time and birth your child with out a ton of medications (for preeclampsia) being pushed on you. Those medications usually make me feel horrid afterwards and during.

I want to be able to go in and labor and relax when I can and not feel like I have to rush or I might die. (Seriously though- take preeclampsia seriously). I still check my BP daily to make sure I am not getting it, because even though I am no longer considered “premature” you can still get preeclampsia in late pregnancy AND after pregnancy (yes you heard me right) and preeclampsia can mess up your kidneys, heart, lungs and liver… With my first I had heart problems, kidney problems and I got pneumonia after I gave birth… How? Don’t even ask me, I spent a week in SICU trying not to die. I didn’t get to see my son for a while after he was born, it sucked.


I am nervous. To give birth again. And just waiting…the waiting is killing me – I just want to hold my baby girl. And I will make sure to update you all when she is finally here ❤

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