I mentioned looking into Hippotherapy almost a year ago – and yes we were on a wait list for about 9-10 months but… my 3 year old finally had her first Hippotherapy session today!

Lily -excited about petting a horse (she rode it as well) – this is Wally the horse

So far we have been referred for PT/SLP but we had a talk and they may also want her to be referred for OT as well. We have various small developments that were delayed due to her being born prematurely and just over all not developing at the “average” rate. Lily was in OT/PT/SLP and music therapy for the first 3 years of her life. We are continuing treatment to help her prepare for school age. She still has some SPD (sensory processing disorder), and some delayed development, but she is moving along great lately.

Lily will get to spend time with the therapists and then do hippotherapy part of the time. Today was her first time ever on a horse… actually it was the first time she has seen a horse up close!

Lily on the horse for the first time

When we got home from hippotherapy, Lily kept asking to go back on the horse. Little does she know – this is a weekly thing. She will get to ride the horse again soon. If she really likes horses, we may end up looking at riding lessons for her when she is older. My older child was terrified of horses when we tried things with him in the past – so it was really interesting that Lily was not afraid AT ALL.

The introduction ❤

I am just very excited about today – you never know how your child will react to an animal for the first time. We did try to hype her up for this through the week. I let her know if she was good, her new therapist would introduce her to her pet horse. We told her she COULD possibly ride it, if she were good. I guess it worked, but she is also a very good natured child in general.

Why Hippotherapy? Honestly why not? My daughter has been in regular therapy for so long – they suggested it to us, so I signed up. I didn’t know we would qualify and it was a long wait. But I am willing to try this with her and our insurance is accepted at this facility. Not many places accept my insurance – so the facilities we are allowed to go see are limited.

My son is going to get OT at another location that does not do hippotherapy, instead he is more for the regular therapy. We had his dr refer us again recently (he has done OT before) but this time we asked to be referred for Dysgraphia. He has always had issues with his writing, he has weak hands and writes completely wrong… and it hurts for him to write too long. I have been working on this at home BUT I feel I need some help with him at this point. I need tips and tricks and an opinion of a professional.

Doesn’t this cost a lot? Yes. Therapy isn’t fully covered – we are on a HDHP and we pay a bit for services but we are lucky that my husband’s job pays well and that my son receives child support from his dad. And his child support goes to things like this. That’s what it’s there for.

I am going to keep you all updated on our hippotherapy journey. I had heard about it before my daughter went but I didn’t know anyone who has actually done it before. I think it’s pretty darn cool and I hope others will look into it as well. Not all wait lists are as long as the one we were on – we just have a limited choice of facilities to choose from because of our insurance. There were other hippotherapy locations in my town, but our insurance wouldn’t cover it.

American insurance / Healthcare at its best for you – limiting the places we can go and the treatment we can receive.

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