We had a decent 4th of July this year. I got to spend time with my mom and realize how horrible her memory actually is. No but seriously, I think she said she was recently dx with Pseudo Dementia, which is not actually dementia… her doctor thinks she’s depressed, because of everything – pandemic, etc… and its affecting her memory. But she keeps bringing up stuff and saying “I have never done that before”, when I CLEARLY remember her doing that…(I love my mom, and I just wonder if she REALLY forgets certain things or if she didn’t)

It’s bothersome because it makes me worry about her. Like is this really pseudo dementia or is this dementia or just old age or her just pretending she didn’t do something. Because she does this ALL the time.

Anyways – she spent 4th of July here after I started having contractions – anyways no baby YET. We think we may make it to full term. It’s crazy to think I may make it! I see my doctors tomorrow. My husband is going to join me so we can find out if they think these contractions are harmful or just Prodromal Labor. Prodromal labor is false labor BUT it can open your cervix to a certain point… like my contractions did. And they are considered REAL contractions, unlike braxton hicks, BUT they don’t progress… which is where we are. I am in pain, the baby has dropped, and I have daily contractions but nothing else. No progress.

I just want to make sure her placenta is holding up. I know contractions can cause your placenta to loosen and such. I just want a healthy baby.

Anyways I will find out more tomorrow to see if the pressure I am feeling (yes baby dropped) is doing anything or if it’s not.

Anyways back to the fourth of july. The kids enjoyed watching the fireworks in the neighborhood. We personally only do sparklers and poppers most of the time – this year we kinda forgot to get much, but it rained anyways and we had to keep running inside while watching all the neighbors stuff.

Our dogs were going crazy last night (mostly my younger one), I think my older dog is going deaf. He didn’t react at all and just sat in his crate all night. My younger girl was barking and crying all night. But they are doing much better today.

Oh yeah – Rain – it’s THAT time of year again I guess. We actually got some much needed rain the last few days. Though it made the day extremely humid afterwards, my little girl enjoyed jumping in puddles and running around.

One of her grandmother’s got her that cute raincoat, so we put it to good use.

I love seeing kids being kids. Let them play in the rain – jump in puddles. You can worry about the mess later. Your kids can bathe… the clothes can be replaced, washed or dried.

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