I have been having contractions for about a week now – off and on. Some days they are consistent enough to track, but when I see my Dr they have not progressed past the 3 cm dilation I was at on Tuesday last week.

So last Monday night I went into L&D, I was advised to by my Dr. Because I was having contractions that were constant, painful and I was able to track them. They kept me there in Triage for a day because the contractions were actually strong – they monitored them and checked my pelvis. I was dilated to 3cm / 50 % effaced. So they gave me some steroid shots for the baby’s lungs.

After 24 hours…my contractions slowed down and they let me go home because they had no rooms for me at the time to just be monitored in. I live in town and agreed to go home. Since then, I have seen my dr and my dilation did not change as of Friday.

I still continue to have contractions…they stop and go…and no they aren’t braxton hicks. You CAN actually have contractions that don’t make you progress into FULL labor…

So here I am on the 4th of July… having back pain… contractions and as far as I know… my cervix hasn’t changed. My dr did say she hopes baby stays in until Tuesday at least (which would make her 36 weeks). The 36 week marks when they would NOT have to rush her to NICU, unless something was horribly wrong.

So fingers crossed for Tuesday but today I am in a lot of pain. I would normally go to Triage but I have a feeling these aren’t putting me into real labor yet, so I am waiting for my body to tell me otherwise. This is my 3rd child… so … I know what labor feels like but this is my first baby I have not had to induce already (I generally get preeclampsia) and so far I have yet to get it. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

I check my BP about 10-20 times a day. No seriously preeclampsia is SERIOUS. I take it seriously.

But right now it seems that baby girl MIGHT make it into the world a few weeks early – hopefully just on her own and not via induction. For updates in real time – I am frequently on twitter. I honestly update my twitter more often than my Facebook at this point. And I post photos to Instagram when stuff happens as well.

Right now I have NOT been put on bedrest. The doctors say at 35 weeks – if I go into labor they will not stop it but they wont induce unless its an emergency. So once I make it to 36 weeks, I hope I can just relax a bit. I had my son at 36 weeks – this baby was measured at the hospital by my high risk dr, and they estimate she is 6 lbs already. My son was 5 lbs 5 oz at birth, my 34 week daughter was 4 lbs 15 oz at birth. So if this baby is actually 6 lbs, then she will be the biggest ❤

I just hope she makes it here safely and that I can have an easy delivery.

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