Today at the MFM doctor’s office, I experienced my new normal… contractions. Yeah they have been going off and on since week 32… I don’t really call my doctor about them because they don’t amount to anything in my case, thankfully. The nurse asked if I felt the contractions, yes. And if they hurt, no. And she let me know what I need to look out for and she did the ultrasound after the fetal non-stress test. The ultrasound showed a wiggly little girl, who has a great umbilical cord flow and a good amount of amniotic fluid still. She is taking practice breaths in the womb and we hope to keep her in as long as we can.

As for me? No signs of preeclampsia at this time. Last week my BP went all wacky but I changed a few things and pretty much rested, drank lots of water and put my feet up and my BP went mostly back to normal. I see my normal OBGYN on Friday to evaluate me again. I feel fatigued, very very very fatigued. It’s probably because I am constantly having contractions every day. But I am not swelling, so I am thankful for that. I feel the baby hiccuping daily, though her movements have slowed down , I can wake her up with a cold drink most of the times. When that fails I poke her awake. I am so mean 🙂

I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms. My last baby.

In other life news – our homeschool co-op will start meeting more in person, and we are looking into joining outdoor activities with the groups. We have been attending digitally so far and will do some events online still for now. We don’t know the exact date we will join in person.

My oldest child turns 13 next month. Less than a full month until I have a teenager in the house. I know its crazy. I will also have a new born soon. In the meantime I am looking at preschool curriculum and play to help my daughter, since she isn’t attending daycare. And in the upcoming weeks both my kids will be hearing from OT and one from SLP as well. So we may be pretty busy in the next few months. I don’t mind it but I know things can get hectic.

I will write more about curriculum for toddlers (I am trying to find a free one bc young kids her age really need play…. but I want to find something that fits OUR needs.) We will start homeschooling in early August with my son, so I am excited for that as well. You can see my previous posts on Bookshark and Sonlight. We are using Bookshark this year and I want to find shows, and movies to fit with the curriculum to make it more fun.

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