I made it to 34 weeks! At this time during my last pregnancy (with my daughter Lillian), we were being induced for preeclampsia. Both my Perinatal Doctor (fetal maternal medicine) and my OBGYN have me coming in once a week for check ups to ensure we catch anything early on. Last time I got this far, I caught the first symptoms of preeclampsia at home. I was able to call my physician and they urged me to go to the Labor & Delivery department at my hospital, and there I stayed.

With my first child, I knew NOTHING of preeclampsia or any other types of issues. I had gone into preterm labor a few time but they stopped my contractions at L&D. This was 13 years ago with my son’s birth. We caught my preeclampsia at my OBYGN’s visit, where my BP was so high the nurse made me lay down immediately. I was induced that same day.

So far my baby girl is looking healthy, she is moving around a lot, and the doctors are happy I have made it this far. They both say they would like to see me make it to 36 weeks but like everything in pregnancy, you never know what will happen next. The last few days I have felt sick, tired, fatigued, and today I felt really off. So I have been checking my Blood Pressure more often. My diastolic BP is raising a little, and my systolic has been up and down. Not a great thing, but its still with in normal range.

So just in case – I will start to clean up my house – repack my hospital bag and make sure my kids have food in the house for who ever ends up watching them. I could totally make it further this pregnancy but I am not going to assume things. I thought I would make it further with my daughter and ended up having her 6 weeks early.

Monday is my next BPP (biophysical profile) at my perinatal dr office, they put these things on my stomach to measure baby’s heartbeat and if I have any contractions. A few weeks ago I had some contractions that thankfully stopped, but now they are watching me more carefully. I get this test weekly. They also do a quick ultrasound (really fast) they measure fluids, breathing, heart beat etc of the baby. They give me a score and they decide if it was a good visit, so far so good.

I see my regular OBGYN next week on Friday. I saw a different doctor this week since my Dr was on vacation. But I did talk to the replacement dr about something I wanted to try in labor. I don’t want an epidural this time around because I had complications last time around. But I am realistic about the pain because usually my labors last days. I wanted to try the gas option to help take the edge off. The hospital I am delivering did not offer this option during my daughter’s birth but they do now apparently. And they stopped offering it during covid BUT they just recently started to offer it again, pending a negative covid test. So I MIGHT have a new pain relief option.

And yes I know about the pain relief shots, those don’t work on me.

I just get nervous about getting preeclampsia again because I get so sick. My kidneys stop working….I get put on medication and I have always had nicu babies. I have never gotten to keep one in my room…. I have retained fluid after labor and it sucks so badly. This is my last baby.

I had a doctor ask me why this is my last baby once…. I told them to look into my medical record….

The doctor I saw yesterday was going over my notes – about my pregnancy 13 years ago and she was shocked how horrible it went. I was re-admitted to the hospital for so many issues (heart failure, pneumonia, kidney failure) this was AFTER they let me go home… so we went over how I handle labor because there is a chance this woman may deliver my baby as well (you don’t always get your own dr, sometimes they aren’t on call). I have personally always gotten MY doctor but ….I really do not mind who delivers my baby as long as they know what they are doing and we are both safe.

I am going to keep you all up dated on my pregnancy/labor and we can hope I have a normal labor.

I just can’t wait to meet my baby. This will complete our family. ❤

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