I am 31 weeks pregnant this week. So far this pregnancy I have had to deal with spotting until 16 weeks, moderate asthma, horrible nausea (until 16 ish weeks), horrible acid reflux starting from the first trimester and only getting worse, retaining water weight (swollen hands / feet) and…. other fun stuff like head aches and such. Thankfully my drs were able to advise me on which vitamins to take to avoid the headaches and their solution works! The reflux is still a pain… my asthma and allergies are still annoying but I was just approved to take my Singulair for my breathing issues along with my two inhalers. My OBGYN seemed hesitant but my perinatal physician approved it right away.

Today at my 31 week visit my OB measured my fundal height at 34cm. She didn’t seem concerned and at my 28 week ultrasound the baby was around 2 1/2 lbs. So I think she is growing well. I am not sure what kind of perinatal appointment I will have next week, I know I am getting to the part of my pregnancy where my dr will stop all of my ultrasounds and start doing those other things… (I can’t think of the name but they sit you in a chair with things to monitor the baby) and you stay there for like 20 – 30 min. I only made it to ONE of those appointments last pregnancy before I was induced for Preeclampsia. So fingers crossed I will make it to more of those.

I have been trying to be more active by going swimming with my daughter. My husband first tried to talk me out of buying a maternity bathing suit saying I would only wear it once or twice but I have been using it two weeks now, every day pretty much. I don’t regret my purchase. I bought it on SHEIN. I measured myself and got the right size. I am pretty sure before shipping costs it was only $17 for my swimsuit.


Thats the link to the swimsuit I got – I did review it on their site so you can look for that there. I like it.

This is a screen shot of the one I got. (Obviously their model) she looks amazing. I do like how it fits me though, I bought a large since I am not as petite as their model.

This weekend is my baby shower – its online and offline. Mostly just a small group of local family will be by to celebrate and then all my friends online. I wanted to just do an online one but family talked me into doing an in person one , but I told them it had to be at the same time bc I was not throwing two entirely separate parties.

I am registered at Target and Amazon, for those of you who asked. Here are the links:



So far I have gotten two gifts in the mail/dropped off by friends, so I have them sitting in my office waiting to be opened. I got a text from a friend that she is going to drop off a gift, but god knows when that is LOL. I know everyone is very busy. I know I am too. I am just thankful for everything received because it helps us with the baby. My daughter is excited to be a big sister. My son is excited as well.

Oh the plants!

I forgot to update you all on our beautiful tomatoes and such! So far they are all growing very tall and one of our plants has little tomatoes on it already! I have about 12 plants so I have to water them daily. I told my son if he waters them while i am in the hospital giving birth he can earn $$,for keeping them alive! But we haven’t lost any plants yet, its been wonderful weather. I put some pumpkin seeds out and they have sprouted already as well. I will start to post more photos on twitter of all the plants soon.

*SIGH* okay i need to rest – before I go do housework. But I wanted to update you all on stuff. I will try to keep you all in the loop when anything new happens.

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