Today at noon, my son had his first COVID shot from Pfizer. We were notified via text & email by the NM DOH that we could schedule my 12 year old for his shot and they got him in the next day. My husband & I both have our shots already but it is so great to have my son finally get some protection from COVID. His sister is too young to receive a shot and we have a newborn on the way this summer.

My son has pretty bad shot anxiety, he hyperventilates and will try to hide. When we got to the facility he was fine, but as we got closer in line… he started to hold his arms close to his body and I had to hold on to him to keep him with me. When we got up to the front of the line, the person directing us actually suggested we use the “private room” to receive his shot . My son nodded and agreed. So they took us to a nursing station and the nurse took us to a private room with a cot. She then gave my son the option to either lay down OR sit with her for his shot. She asked him what kind of music he likes and played his favorite song for him on her phone. She talked to him, let him breathe and had him relax some more, and then gave him his shot when HE was ready.

I have to say I am impressed because even at his doctor appointments for his yearly shots they don’t take this much time out to help him. But today was amazing. So thank you Kathleen S, RN at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, for making my son’s first shot experience better. It meant a lot to us. And you could tell he was scared. People in line could tell he was scared. He is like this with EVERY shot. It’s very hard and we even offer rewards but he has a real fear.

I do hope it gets better as he gets older but so far … no luck.

Its been 9 1/2 hours since his shot and he is feeling great. No issues. Fingers crossed he continues to feel fine.

Don’t let me forget to tell you about how our homeschool curriculum got delivered today! We chose to switch to Bookshark this year and wow that’s a lot of books! But they look interesting and I just need to set up the instructor manuals before next semester. I am excited about these books and my son was looking through them and looked interest in some as well. See my previous post about homeschool curriculums, where I explain more about bookshark.

This week has been eventful, we got to see our baby girl on ultrasound this week and so far they are saying shes about 2 1/2 lbs and in the 54%.

We got to see a 3d image of her face. She almost didn’t show her face to us, as you can see her umbilical cord is actually in front of her face and at one point she had her hand COVERING her entire face. Sneaky baby.

So far, pregnancy is decent. I am starting to swell more, I am 28 weeks this week. I am trying to not over do it because I get into a lot of pain and lose energy very quickly now a days. We are hoping to make it to 34 weeks at least. For those of you who aren’t aware, I have had two premature births. So, this one is being monitored. I usually get pre-eclampsia…. not fun.

Anyways in my free time I am also gardening… here is what it looks like right now. (The potted stuff at least).

We have tomatoes, basil, cilantro and oregano growing. We also have flowers (lilies and wild flowers) I am looking forward to everything blooming eventually.

Maybe my garden will look nice by the time I have my baby shower, I have a few family members who are vaccinated that will be coming to the backyard baby shower and a few friends online going. I am thankful for everyone who is welcoming my baby into this world with me.

Annnnd I think that is all that is new with us right now. Its been an eventful week! I am just so happy my son got his first shot though. It makes me feel better as a mother ❤

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