Greetings! If you follow me on Twitter this will be old, but lets blog about it! Today I went to the Perinatologist (maternal fetal medicine doctor). I went LAST week but they measured my cervix and it was measuring short, so they scheduled me for a check up this week. And the ultrasound tech said they would get some shots of the baby this week as well before I went home.

And I got to see baby girl’s face more clearly today than I have been able to so far! Exciting right? Yeah oh and my cervix measurements came back great! They said I don’t need to worry right now. A cervix measuring short could mean preterm labor, but thankfully mine second scan was better than the last.

I don’t really get nervous going to these appointments since being high risk is not new to me. These doctors are just here for more frequent check ups on the baby and me.

What do they do in these appointments? Well they weigh me, check my vitals, I do a spirometry test (this is new, and I think bc of COVID), I then get to do an internal ultrasound and external ultrasound. If the doctor wants more tests, blood, cardiac echo, they order those. For higher risk women you may get more scans than me, or more blood work. I just get an echo about once or twice a month currently. Why am I high risk? I have had preeclampsia TWICE… and have given birth early due to preeclampsia in both of my previous pregnancies. I also had preterm labor with my first baby and I am over the age of 35…so that also makes you high risk.

My doctors are amazing and explain everything to me. They got me on my inhaler and a new one last week and I have been doing better with my breathing. Apparently my pregnancy has made my asthma worse…so bad that I actually HAVE to take my inhaler… I was waking up out of breath and feeling very very sick before. But now that I have been on both of my inhalers for more than a week now, I feel so much better. Go figure.

me – double masking at the hospital

I have been feeling more out of breath and tired now that I am half way through this pregnancy. I want to start going for walks in the evening with my family, but I need to be careful since I am swelling in my hands and feet now. But I also need to watch what I am eating because now that I am not sick all the time with morning sickness I tend to eat all the fun things I like… and then I gain all the extra weight… yes yes I am pregnant but only a certain amount is healthy and I know my body and how much is too much 🙂 So I NEED to eat healthier.

Oh and Happy Late Easter! My family did celebrate….sort of. We aren’t really religious… or Christian.. so we do the Easter fun with the kids but and we did see my in laws in the front yard of my house. We opted to NOT go to a family get together since not everyone is vaccinated yet, and I am high risk. I am vaccinated but my husband isn’t. We wanted to play it safe for now. We can see family once more people are protected.

Other than this update, not much else is new. My husband is having tooth pain from a possible cracked tooth, which sucks so we are dealing with that at the dentist office. So glad we got a stimulus check to pay for all our dental work. I have been buying the baby stuff of my list on Amazon/Target because I wanted to make sure I got certain things I needed. I still haven’t planned a baby sprinkle or anything yet, no I will not be doing an in person one. It will be online only. We aren’t risking anything at this point.

I just need a few things anyways, we are pretty set on clothes for this baby since I saved all my daughter’s clothes 3 years ago. I am so lucky because it will save us so much money. We switched my daughter over to a big girl bed! So now the crib is freed up! We had ZERO issues moving Lily over to the new bed, she is in LOVE with it and is so excited to be a big sister soon.

Homeschooling is going well, we are almost done with the year. I am buying the new curriculum this coming week or so. Another thing our stimulus money can go towards.

I am so thankful for my friends on twitter / online. You all have been so amazing and supportive of me this last year. I feel you all are why I was able to function during the pandemic. ❤

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