Time to open some windows, plant some flowers and go outside! Yes you can still garden and have fun during a pandemic. I am teaching my toddler that she can grow her own little garden this year. She was really interested in watering plants last year but this year I thought it would be fun for her to grow her own tomatoes and herbs.

So far we got some cheap (recycled) containers from our food from Costco and we planted some seeds! Here is how they look after about3-4 weeks of growth.

Yeah I know it looks messy, because I let a toddler water them. Give me a break. BUT they are growing! (Note: If they do not grow to be big enough to transplant properly we will buy some pre-grown ones) I just wanted my daughter to see that she CAN grow food. I also think it’s important for her to know where her food comes from.

These two are keeping me busy lately. I am slowly introducing my daughter into school work. She is 3 and normally at this age I would have introduced her into daycare/pre-k but with COVID I am taking on the roll of teacher more. Most of Prek is play right now anyways but I am working on introducing more fine motor skills with things we have around the house. I am also looking at a preschool curriculum to follow. That way I know shes on track, because even though I homeschool my oldest (for non COVID reasons), my younger child seems more like she would be successful in public school, so we are thinking of giving it a try. We can always pull back and homeschool if needed. But I would like to give her a chance since she is very social.

I don’t have a pre-school curriculum picked out yet for my daughter, I am still looking at which one would fit my daughter best. There are so many, and I am looking for one based on play. I want one I can buy that is prepared for me so I don’t have to run around trying to get materials for stuff.

Don’t worry I still have a few months to prep. I just like to get this stuff bought though in advance so I am not rushing. My son’s curriculum is pretty much already picked out for next year and we set the money aside for it since it will cost us around $1,000 for the entire thing, books, science kit, etc. It comes with EVERYTHING. And later this year I will be selling his old curriculum once we are done with it.

I have already started to box up most of his books, we are officially done with science and reading. He is almost done with language arts, writing and math. We are working at his pace.

I am trying to find another Spanish learning program OR some other language. My son just isn’t picking it up. And Spanish may not be for everyone. I personally enjoyed learning German, but the spelling may really confuse him. Anyways I tried Rosetta stone and duo-lingo. I need more of a classroom setting type of learning, so I may have to pay for another program. Those other programs are great for adults and teens but my 12 year old just doesn’t retain the information.

Anyways, I have a few months to pick out a system, so we are good. It’s spring! I am going to not worry too much about it, since learning a second language isn’t too important, I just wanted to give him the chance to learn something different. Sadly he just isn’t picking it up. Maybe I should look into videos for my daughter while she is young…. hmmm. Things to think about….

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