One year ago, we went into lock down. I found that I could do something to help some people, by making masks. I made my kids masks because, why not? But also this is their first time out with me IN LOCK DOWN, because my son needed to go to urgent care. It’s been a crazy year… since the start I have lost a grandmother to COVID, I have created close bonds with family online, made some amazing friends on Twitter, and I have gotten pregnant with my last baby. The last one was planned. We can’t stop living forever.

I actually need to pull out my sewing machine to make a few new fabric masks. I have KN95 and N95 masks now that they are more available, but we use the double mask method. We use our fabric over the medical masks and I now can make these masks with ear loops! Getting materials when this first started SUCKED, getting stuff mailed took MONTHS, all the local stores were OUT of stuff and for a short while, the sewing stores weren’t considered important so they were closed!

This photo was taken a few days before New Mexico went INTO lock down.

The first time I knew this pandemic was finally getting serious here in my state was when I went to get toilet paper. And this was what I saw…

To make things clear, I knew it was going to get bad, but it hit fast and hard at our local stores. You never know how unprepared these stores are for a disaster or a pandemic until it hits. I had been watching the news in China and across seas for a few months at the time and saw how bad it was there but we were still not prepared for this. Yes I got the LAST pack of toilet paper too on this trip. I was scared someone would take it from me, but I think with a toddler in cart people were a little nicer. I remember getting out as soon as I could, found there was little to no soap left and got some before I left, there was no bleach ALREADY. We had to make what we had last…and I ordered stuff online that took over a month to get to me.

A year ago, my husband and I decided to do something for the kids that we kept putting off for years. We finally tore out the rose garden to make a backyard play area. This was the start…after I ripped out about 20 rose bushes. It was hard work but It was worth it.

My husband started working from home a year ago as well. He is still working from home right now, and we don’t know how much longer he will continue to. But we are enjoying this time, since my daughter grew up with her dad at home the last year, she visits him when he isn’t in meetings. He gets to see how much I go through in the day. He’s home to eat lunch with us. And I am happy and so thankful we both kept our jobs during these times. YES, I did lose hours but I still have my career so I am so thankful.

So much has changed in a year…going to the vet with your dog is now like waiting for a delivery…. they come out to your car…get your dog and go inside with out you. Which… might be okay for me from now on. Because my dog seems less nervous about going in with a stranger… she stopped fighting me on going into the vet, once I hand them the leash, she just goes in now… the first two times, she fought me.

To EVERYONE who supported me, by making donations or fabric for masks. THANK YOU. This is what I ran into A LOT at the stores. EMPTY. Together we made OVER 1000 masks. After 1000, I stopped counting. I literally couldn’t anymore.

I am thankful now…that a year later I have gotten both of my Moderna shots. My mother is getting hers THIS WEEK. My oldest sister is scheduled for hers as well this week. My BIL should be getting his. I know my husband’s aunt and uncle have gotten parts of their shots. I am seeing some hope and am feeling better lately. I know it isn’t over but it’s a start. We lost my grandma Inez to COVID back in November… a few days before I found out I was pregnant with my last baby. It was heart breaking because we still haven’t been able to have a funeral. No one could really see her, we were actually IN a lock down in my state at the time of her death.

Getting to see more friends and family get their shot is helping me. I don’t really care if family can see my baby when it’s born but knowing more people are vaccinated makes me feel safer. I will have a new baby and if my husband goes to the store and more people are vaccinated, hopefully we will see the #s drop. So far the numbers in my state are dropping again… I am so thankful. But we are still on alert.

Now to leave you all with this.

I am so thankful for you all. I had such an amazing support system during the pandemic. I had a platform to chat, to complain, to listen… yes I got depressed, yes at times I felt hopeless. I don’t forget that. But to my friends on Twitter and FB. To the tribe that helped me this last year, thank you. You have done so much for me and my family. You have helped me be a better person through this last year and continue to support me.

I hope you all stay healthy. I hope you get the vaccine if you want it. I hope you are not struggling and if you are, I am here. I try to follow, and respond, sometimes Twitter hides tweets from me, but reach out to me if you need support. I’m here.

We are going through this life together. Don’t suffer alone. Especially if talking to someone can help you.

ps. If you’re new here and noticed I didn’t mention being affected by homeschooling my child…or digital schooling my child… it’s actually because a year before the pandemic hit, we started homeschooling. So we weren’t affected in that manner. I am so thankful we were displaced BEFORE the pandemic, instead of during. We chose to homeschool because my son has ADHD and other issues that the school couldn’t deal with. We personally like homeschooling. But I do admit, a ton of resources did appear during the pandemic, so we did benefit during this time as well. We found more free stuff, and better programs, so we are thankful for those resources.

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