As I exit week 16 and enter week 17, my baby has just been DOUBLE confirmed as a girl. Our DNA testing came back as being a girl, and today’s ultrasound was pretty clear that the DNA testing was correct.

So today was the date I got to meet my high risk doctor. If you don’t know me, I am 35, which makes me “advanced maternal age”, and I have had pre-eclampsia TWICE, and preterm births in both of my labors so far. So the doctors watch me a little more closely. So that means more scans and blood tests. This is my 4th ultrasound, I will get another in one month for a full anatomy scan.

Here is a shot from my ultrasound today. Baby’s head is on the left, and she has her arms and hands near her face. Growth wise they said she looks to be 7 oz so far and her brain, heart and kidneys look great. My doctors have been very supportive of our choice to get the COVID-19 vaccine and were excited I have already gotten my 1st shot earlier this month.

We picked out a name for our baby girl a few weeks ago and have been calling her the name and my daughter LOVES it. So far my mother and a few close friends know, but we won’t be announcing the name fully until baby girl is born in July/August.

We have a ton of baby clothes, so we are focusing on getting other items for baby girl. I do have a registry on Amazon and Target under my name. So for friends and family, if you would like to help us prepare and welcome our baby girl to the family, here are the links.



We won’t be having a formal baby shower due to COVID-19, I am still not sure I will have an online one yet either. So this may be my baby shower, but its okay 🙂 As long as my baby is healthy we are good.

My doctor is watching my Blood Pressure though due to my past and we are just trying to take it easy. I really hope I don’t get preeclampsia in this pregnancy. It’s very stressful but I will keep you all up to date!

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