This topic is very controversial for so many reasons. And here are my views on the vaccine so far.

I am 15 weeks pregnant this week. And my husband and I looked into the vaccines and I discussed my options with my TWO doctors. I see a regular OBGYN for a visit every month and I also see a high risk Dr due to my age (over 35) and my previous pregnancy issues of preterm labor and pre-eclampsia. I see both my doctors every month, one at the clinic and the other is at a hospital.

I tend to get sick very easily and we were worried about me getting exposed to COVID while going to all of my visits, and as some of you know, if you are high risk you see the doctor a lot more often. I have also had pneumonia in my past, and tend to go into labor early. So we decided getting the vaccine would be my best route to avoid any serious illness.

This is a personal decision and if you are pregnant or have an opinion, please consider that you have rights over YOUR body, so make the choice for yourself. Don’t tell others what to do with their bodies.


That being said, I decided to get my vaccine yesterday. I have been offered it by my work AND by the NM DOH a few times already but my husband and I decided to wait until the 2nd trimester before making any decisions about a vaccine.

I ended up getting the Moderna vaccine , since that is what my DOH in NM was offering this round. But Donna, you aren’t 75 or older… how did YOU get the vaccine. Well, pregnancy is actually on the list of HIGH RISK items that qualify people for shots. That’s right.

I could also get the shot through my work, which is a hospital system. So I honestly could have gotten the shot in December but I wanted to wait. It was a personal choice and I waited until I felt comfortable. I was nervous to get the shot but over all I believe we made the right choice.

How did my body react to the Moderna COVID vaccine? Here were my symptoms: Reminder I am 35 and pregnant. And not everyone reacts the same.

At the shot clinic I got the shot and sat down for 15 minutes per their suggestion. While sitting I felt pretty good. Once I got home I started to feel some joint pain about 1-2 hours later. But only in my LEFT arm and HIP. I did get the shot on my LEFT side, so it made sense. The joint pain got so bad I was limping so I laid down. I started to get a head ache 3-4 hours into the shot. So I took a tylenol. About 6-8 hours into my shot I started feeling like I was coming down with something, I felt fatigued earlier in the day and took a nap, I felt chilled, and ended up going to bed early. At that time I noticed how much my shot site hurt, I could not lay on my left arm anymore.

Today I woke up and felt GREAT. The shot site is still sore but I feel fine. I don’t feel chilled, or any pains otherwise.

I am a bit nervous about the second shot since I heard more people react to THAT shot, so my plan is to not work the week of my 2nd shot just in case. I reported to my doctors that I did get my shot and they were excited for me. I have told pretty much all of my friends and some family about the shot but I am keeping it off my FB bc I don’t want to deal with the backlash of some anti-vax family right now. Many people suggested I didn’t care about my baby, but that’s just stuff they say. I care about this baby. We just found out this week that it’s a girl. I will see her on ultrasound again on the 22nd of this month. I know there are risks into getting a vaccine that has not been tested in pregnant humans, but I also know there are risks with getting COVID while pregnant as well.

And if you do your research, you can make that decision for yourself if you should get the vaccine or not. If I was not pregnant, I would have gotten it sooner. But I had to consider the little person inside of me first this time around. I am thankful for the vaccine and I am hoping that it helps us get back to a point where we can start to get our lives back.

I will keep you all updated on my progress during this pregnancy and when I get my next shot. I know some of you may be moms as well, and you may be waiting to see how things go for other pregnant women before getting a shot yourself and that’s OKAY. I get it. I was scared too. But after research we decided to go with it.

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