Baby Hamlet is growing, has a good heart beat and is healthy so far. I haven’t really started to think of names yet. We actually have a family name if its a boy for the first name, but we still need a middle name no matter what. And if it’s a girl, we have no solid name picked out yet. So how do you choose a baby name?

So 13 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, once I found out the gender, his dad and I tossed around names. He suggested the middle name Raymond, because it was a family name and all the men had it. So I said, okay if you get to choose the middle name AND the baby gets your last name, I get to choose the first name, and he agreed as long as it wasn’t anything stupid. Welp, I am a millennial, and I grew up with the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. So my son’s first name is Calvin. And YES my ex knows that his son is named after a comic.

With my daughter, 3 years ago, we went through so many name possibilities. We looked up names, we looked into family names. And there were TWO names I liked in the end, but we did pick out a name BEFORE birth. I ultimately chose the first name, Lillian. While my husband suggested his grandma’s middle name, Margarete for the middle name. The two names went together well enough and oddly enough, I ended up having to give birth 6 weeks early….on his grandma’s birthday. So she shares her great grandma’s name and DOB.

This time around we will be finding out the gender via blood tests AND ultrasound, but since I am over 35 I was offered a more in depth screening and they asked if I wanted to know the gender. I responded with a “heck yes!” and they drew my blood yesterday for the test in office. I will be getting the blood results back in 7-10 days. So I can think of names then. I hate to waste my time on names for a baby when I don’t know the gender. We of course will have the doctor double check the gender at the anatomy exam in March, but it will be nice to sort of know. And yes, they can make mistakes.

If the baby is a boy, we have a very simple name ( I am not announcing it here yet), and I will get to choose the middle name since the first name is actually a family name for my husband’s family. But if it’s a girl, we have the entire name to work with. I am trying to incorporate my grandmother’s name somehow but it honestly depends on the first name we choose.


How did my visit go yesterday? Why was I nervous?

Well I am high risk. I am over the age of 35, I have had preterm labor in my past pregnancy, I have had pre-eclampsia twice so far, and I have been having spotting recently, which made me worry about the baby’s well being.

What does a high risk dr do?

So in my case I got to speak to a genetic dr, who ran labs and is looking into any possibilities of my baby having any chromosomal abnormalities. She is the one who will call me with my results in 7-10 days and the gender. She offered exams that will look into the baby more in depth, I only took the non-invasive tests. My husband and I will keep the baby no matter the problem. We just want to be informed.

Why have I had 3 ultrasounds so far and I am only 14 weeks along?

Welp, my dr did an initial ultrasound at 8 weeks bc I had spotting and she wanted to see a healthy little heart beat. She did a second one at 12 weeks because she couldn’t find the heart beat on the doppler, but she saw one on the ultrasound. And now that I am at the high risk dr, they do their own exam and ultrasound. Now because of everything i have been through, it looks like I MIGHT get an ultrasound every 3 weeks at the high risk physician. I had one yesterday and they said in 3 weeks I will get another, and then at week 20 I will get another. This seems to go along the lines of how things went with my 2nd child. I ended up getting 7-8 ultrasounds with Lillian. I know moms who are higher risk who get them weekly. So every 3-4 weeks isn’t bad. And yes they get boring.

They do a lot of measuring random parts of your body, they check out my cervix and other fun parts. And half the time you have a very wiggly baby that won’t stay still long enough for a good photo.

Am I thankful?

Yes I am thankful to have this team of doctors to look over me. Last time they caught my preeclampsia early. In my first it was caught very late and I almost died. In my second I had time to do testing, get shots for the baby’s lungs and even pass a kidney stone while admitted in the hospital over the weekend, it was a long weekend.

They decided to get Lillian out of me before I ended up having such severe issues like last time.

What happened so bad during my first pregnancy?

So my pre-eclampsia was caught maybe around 35-36 weeks, honestly I can’t remember the exact week it was 13 years ago. And my nurse took my blood pressure and immediately told me to lay down. She ran out of the room and grabbed the dr. I over heard them in the hallway saying I was going to have to go to the hospital and that I would be having that baby ASAP.

That was all fine and dandy, I had been on bedrest because I kept going INTO labor. So I was ready to be done.

What I didn’t expect was to go into kidney failure DURING labor. Once I had the baby my kidneys started working better and they stupidly let me be released 2 days later with out checking my legs.


This is important.

I went home, my baby was in NICU so he was released a day or two later. I got him home and THAT night my chest started hurting. I handed my baby over to my bf at the time and said “I need to lay down”, I had experience with kids and he didn’t so he was confused…. I called my mom later and explained how mu ch my chest hurt. She told me to call the ER. I did. They said it was because I needed to breast feed.

I reminded them that I knew the difference between my CHEST and my BREAST.

I called my mom again and she said she would meet me in the ER. I dropped my BF and my baby boy at my mom’s house and my brother helped care for my son because my Ex sure as heck didn’t know what to do. We were young. He was stupid. I will leave it at that.

When I got the ER, my blood pressure was high, and after they took my vitals the person in triage put me on a bed and hooked me up to a defibrillator. He said my heart was failing… and I had too much fluid in my body, AND I had pneumonia. Fun times…

So I was readmitted to the hospital, to the SICU and I stayed a few days recovering from my kidney failure, my heart problem and my pneumonia, all caused bc they did not check my legs…which were SWOLLEN. They would have seen that I had too much fluid, they could have caught it. But I remember the nurse didn’t even show me how to clean my wounds from giving birth, so many steps were missed. Yes I could have sued the hospital now a days, but honestly at the time I was young, they did get be back to healthy and I am okay now. But omg, if this happened NOW to me, right now, I would be a totally different person.

Always tell the doctors if something feels wrong. And don’t stop. I was young and didn’t speak up. I thought it was “normal” to have swelling after birth. Women complain about swollen legs all the time during pregnancy and don’t realize there is a healthy cut off… and if you can push your finger into your leg and it leaves an INDENT…. you need to go see a DR.

In my second pregnancy it went nothing like that, I healed pretty well, my doctors checked me out really well. I did have a horrible UTI that took over a week to get over but that was better than almost dying.

Okay now that we got off topic, if you have any name suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments or @ me on twitter with them. I pretty much live on twitter.

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