I have had a few friends already give birth during the pandemic. It is not ideal, being pregnant during a health crisis. My husband is not allowed to go to any office visits and I have to pretty much go it alone. This is my 3rd child so I am used to the steps to take, but it was nice to have my husband there to support me during my last pregnancy 3 years ago.

How does the pandemic change things? Well for one, my husband does not allow me to go food shopping. The numbers in New Mexico started raising around the time I got pregnant, and we were put into another lock down the week I found out. My own grandmother passed away from COVID 5 days before I found out. If I want something, my husband gets it for me, of course its like sending an door dasher for specific items you want, things aren’t always perfect. I order a lot of stuff online now a days.

I think a lot of my friends may have had it harder during the beginning of lockdown last year. COVID was so …. new. They didn’t know how it affected people and hospitals were not accepting patients for certain things, and many doctors offices were closed. Thankfully all of mine are still accepting patients for in person visits. I just have to go alone. I can video tape my ultrasound apparently, and I can still record the heartbeat on my monthly check ups for my husband.

I was asking my physician about how things have changed with COVID at my hospital, so I could get an idea of what to expect. One disappointment was the hospital stopped doing the pain relief I wanted to try, which was a gas. I have always had an epidural and I have back pains from my last one 3 years ago. I wanted to try to do this labor with out an epidural, and I heard my hospital did the gas for delivering moms, but due to COVID it is no longer an option. Pain relief shots don’t help me because I process the meds too fast. So I may get a doula. But I need to find out if I can have a doula AND my husband in the room. I know my hospital said ONE person can be with me, but does that include a doula ?

We are looking into getting the COVID shot from Pfizer for me soon, my one OBGYN is for it and I am just passing it by my high risk doctor. Yes I have two doctors. Not only am I over the age of 35 (which puts me in the Advanced maternal age category), but I have had 2 preemie babies, due to preeclampsia, and I have gone into preterm labor with my 1st born, I also had other complications that were smaller, but over all it gets me in to the high risk doctors for more monitoring.

What else is different about this pregnancy than my other two? A lot. With my first I had no morning sickness. With my second I had very very mild morning sickness in the evenings. And with this one I have lost 10 lbs because I couldn’t eat or stand the smell of basic food. I have had horrible head aches this time around and over all I just feel worse. It could be my “advanced age”. I know all pregnancies can be different, and its okay. I just hope I don’t get preeclampsia this time, but the odds are against me.

My children both want this baby to be a girl. I don’t know the exact date I will find out the gender, but I believe I will be getting a blood test soon that may reveal it. If not I will be getting the ultrasound around March that should show me. Why does the gender matter? Honestly, the only thing I care about is the clothes. I have BOXES of clothes from my 3 year old, if its a girl I will use those. If it’s a boy, I will be giving those clothes away and buying new or used clothes. I am not horribly picky. I may donate my daughter’s clothes though anyways once I am done for sure with them, I know there are lots of people who need clothes. We can afford all new clothes. When I was a mom the first time, I only bought used clothes and it saved me so much money.

Once I find out what I am having I may ask on suggestions on who to donate to… I will look locally first but we will see what comes up.

Why not sell the clothes? Honestly… I don’t like dealing with people…money or anything like fb market place. I would rather just give them away.

I will be blogging more often now – I wanted to start blogging when I found out I was pregnant but I know the risks of pregnancy and wanted to wait to see a viable baby. So far I have seen it twice. I started feeling flutters about a week ago, and over all I am feeling positive about this pregnancy. I will be in my second trimester next week.

Tell me about your pandemic or non-pandemic pregnancy. I like to hear other people’s experiences.

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