Happy Early Thanksgiving to all of my USA followers/friends. This week should be filled with travel, fun, family and love. But I know many of you are choosing to be safe this year. I want to thank everyone that is cancelling their yearly trips to keep their families safe. I want to thank you for not going on that plane – even though you may miss grandma and grandpa this year. I want to thank you for doing friends’ giving via zoom. I want to thank you for giving to others in these hard times.

This year we are keeping it very small. Just my own household and my MIL & FIL. They are retired, don’t work and we also work from home ourselves and homeschool. We will not be going out to see anyone else, and no one else is invited into our home. My own mother and step father are staying at their home a few hours away. I won’t be seeing any friends. And since my grandmother died from COVID on November 15th… I will not be spending any time with her as well.

My family is handling her passing well I think. She was 90 years old. My mother is stressed. And that is to be understood. I am coping in my own way, I bought a bottle of her perfume and I spray it on my sweater. I loved the way she smelled.

Next month, the kids and I have a few routine Dr appointments to go to, so we will be leaving our home a few times, but not many. And I have already made it clear to my family that we will not be doing any XMas gatherings. I knew people would try to invite us to stuff – so I nipped it in the bud and made a post on FB stating that we will miss everyone for XMas this year.

I cannot wait until January 20th. This new change with our government has been 4 years in the waiting. I was firmly against Trump when he first ran and I still am now. His “values” or lack there of – have hurt our country. He has divided us as a nation. We need to heal and our people need a real President. One who will help everyone out during COVID times and not just ignore the masses of people dying. People are out work … out of homes and in hospitals.

I am thankful for this change. I am hoping next year we can have our family gatherings again. I am very hopeful that the COVID vaccines work like they are supposed to. And I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving this year. I know it will be different. But we can do this.

Don’t go to the stores to Black Friday shop – Don’t go out in huge gatherings. Be safe.

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