I haven’t really been covering the election because that is not what my blog is about. And honestly I have been working on my self this year so it’s been hard to write. But I am just over joyed that we are turning blue. I know there will be recounts and all my republican friends online are freaking out, but I am just very happy to see this as a possible change. I am a democrat 100% so don’t try to change my mind about it.

But this year I have had close family switch parties to vote blue.

They are sick of Trump and so am I.

I can’t stand here quietly while my friends’ rights are being threatened –

My LGBTQ+ friends –

My Black friends –

My female friends – (our rights are at risk too)

There are so many more but those stand out this year …

I don’t talk about it much but I am indeed Bisexual – so when people ask me “what if your child came out as gay” all I have to say to them is “So what?” When I came out to my mom she told me “I LOVE YOU NOT MATTER WHAT — -UNLESS YOU WERE AN AXE MURDERER, THEN I WOULDN’T”

And that’s support ❤

And to this day I have not become an axe murderer! But I believe love is love …. I mean so here is also a revelation I had recently…. I might actually be Pansexual…. I am still a bit…confused on the terms but I don’t believe my love is defined by gender… But what ever – if someone hates me because I LOVE different from them- then let them hate me. I want to be more openly supportive of my people in the future. I think I let the fear silence me when I used to be so open as a teen.

It’s like the time someone ousted my religious beliefs at work –

I was working front desk and I wear a pentacle – I am a pagan- and have been since I was 13.

I don’t make a big deal out of it – but someone noticed my necklace (a customer) and they asked what kind of pagan I was, IN FRONT OF MY VERY VERY CATHOLIC coworkers….

My coworkers were shocked and said “I THOUGHT YOU WERE JEWISH”

And the customer apologized to me but I assured them that it was okay and that my coworkers really should have known.

But after that I was treated differently by a few coworkers… fun times… but what ever. See how things are ? Well they have gotten worse in the last 4 years… I keep seeing people using Trump as an excuse to be an asshole.

NO – if you don’t agree with my religion or sexuality – IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO DESTROY MY LIFE – mind your own damn business. My husband knows my sexuality – he knows my religion. He knows and it doesn’t matter to him ❤

I’ve been showing him how people treat me differently than him… he’s a white straight male….

On our honeymoon I was treated differently in the states we went to – I almost forgot people don’t like hispanics…. I live in New Mexico and I am part of a majority so I don’t get the hate all the time, but it reminded me of when I lived in New Jersey and was harrassed all the time for being hispanic.

So yes- I am damn happy we are going blue. I have met more democrats willing to live and let live over all….

Not all republicans are bad – but the trump ones are ANOTHER STORY. They are giving republican’s a bad name….

Sorry for the rant – and if this somehow makes it to my family – I hope you can accept me still. But don’t bug me about my beliefs… I have loved THIS WAY for a very long time – I have been the same religion for more than half my life -and if you didn’t know this – it’s because you never asked. I am pretty open about my beliefs, if you ask. But I generally won’t throw them in your face, because I respect that some people may not be ready for this information or may not care about it. So live and let live. ❤

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