It’s October already and here is what is new –

We are still social distancing – we did go to one wedding with masks on and sadly pretty much no one else wore a mask. So we didn’t socialize as much. My husband even turned down eating the cake. Oh well… we are going to be cancelling or declining many other events in the near future. When we do go to events we are avid mask wearers.

It was a cute wedding though and I am glad they didn’t “cancel” it completely. And I am happy we went…I just wish people wouldn’t treat masks as if it were such a hassle. And I wish people wouldn’t give ME looks for wearing one.

I will remind everyone again… I WORE MASKS BEFORE COVID… I have a condition that causes me to cough a lot and feel like I can’t breath and wearing a mask helps me during certain times. So I am used to looks …. I am used to being judged….

Well – so what else is new? I am getting into stock photography and videos. I have decided with my declining hours to look into something I love. And I have been into photography for a long time now. I want to reignite my love for it and get new ideas for projects. I would like to eventually do more freelance work . I signed up for a stock photography site last month and sold my first photo this month. So that was nice.

I know its not a job that will bring in a lot of money. It is mainly to practice and get better.

So last month my father also had a hard time – he had a subdural hematoma and had to have a craniotomy to release the pressure and fluid. He is doing better now but is still having issues here and there.

I started a diet and work out this last week. I finally feel like I have enough energy to do this. I got off cymbalta. Even though it helped with my back pains …it caused very serious withdrawal symptoms.

My son is still enjoying being homeschooled and is doing very well. People keep asking me if I am going to homeschool my younger daughter, and honestly we don’t know yet. She is going to do homeschool/preschool for sure with COVID going on, but my husband feels she would do well in public school. I think when the time comes we will think about it.

We are trying to figure out when we will install my uncles headstone. So many things happen in October…

I will try to write more often. There isn’t much going on though. Maybe I will post photos and stuff here ? Hmm yes… I will try. I am also going to decide if I STILL want to be a coder because I am due to renew my certification and honestly with the hours I am not getting… I don’t know….

Time to talk to my husband about that… that way we can decide together. I mean I actually QUIT a few years ago and my boss asked me to work PRN, which is what I am doing now..but as a PRN employee the company I work for no longer pays my yearly fees or for my CEUs… and that was a big perk.

Okay off to bed I go, I legit need to make myself a bed time.

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