Today I woke up and rushed out of bed to wake my son up for homeschool. We run on a schedule because my son’s adjustment disorder and ADHD really rely on a schedule. Our day can go to hell in a basket really quickly if I don’t follow a schedule. I remembered that today I had work as well, and since work kept emailing me about some of the systems being down, I was not looking forward to clocking in. As I walked out to the kitchen, I noticed my husband sitting in his chair, not working…

I had already woken up my son at 7 am…. poor kid didn’t get to sleep in on a Sunday it seems. And I didn’t have to go to work. So I ran back into his room and let him know that he did not have school today and that he could go back to bed. I was relieved, mostly because I actually didn’t want to work today. I thought the weekend felt too short. I just have no concept of days anymore. I have worked from home for 4 years now. I have homeschooled for a year and a half now. And now with my husband HOME all the time, and not being able to go out on weekends, I just honestly lose track of my days.

I wouldn’t mind going back to work full time, if it wasn’t for my kids. I just can’t do that AND homeschool AND be a baby sitter. Like my son needs my attention. My daughter is doing better with PT since I stopped working full time. She was very behind before I stopped. My job is fairly easy, which is why I can still do it a few days a week as needed.

The weekends pass us by too quickly. I am just so done with being confined. I want to take my family out on a road trip but I know that isn’t possible right now. It sucks, because I am an introvert and I honestly don’t like to go out much but when I do, it means I really need it. Instead we have been filling our time with hikes or walks at the park. We have used our pool more this year than any year combined. Which is great because we did spend a lot of money 2 years ago to fix it up.

We both don’t have any local friends (I have like 2). So we aren’t missing out on any “get togethers” really. I miss having lunch with my friend but I mean other than that, we had our own lives. I do miss seeing my mom and being able to go to her home or out to see my grandma. My grandma is in a nursing home so that’s off limits.

We are waiting for my uncle’s head stone to get here so we can install it sometime in September. We are hoping for cooler weather so that we don’t over heat the day we go out to install it. I am not looking forward to that date. I am so tired of cooking, so my husband finally allowed me to get take out food for the first time since March 8th. Yep we have waited that long…half because of COVID, half because that’s when we all got food poisoning the day BEFORE my birthday… YEP…

Welp, today is going much better now that it’s Sunday and not Monday. But that just reminded me that tomorrow is Monday….ugh.

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