Yes, we went back to the zoo again. You are going to find that with COVID going on, a lot of our “NORMAL” locations to go to are off limits due to either high activity OR not being opened. We choose outdoor activities for the kids to enjoy to help lower the risk of getting sick. I know we still have a chance to get sick but we need to get the kids OUT of the house. Here are some photos from today!

We, of course, wear masks during the entire trip, minus while we eat. We social distanced. That’s my MIL in the photos. She is the best at making the kids have a good time. I invited her out to the zoo to join us since I know we will be going A LOT in the near future. I want to make sure to include some of my family.

If you are in Albuquerque and you have nothing to do, and you want a semi-safe activity with your kids during COVID, I would suggest the zoo or BioPark. They are monitoring people and high touch areas to make sure you are social distancing, they are enforcing masks and they have a one way path to follow through out the zoo. They have hand sanitizer stations placed around the zoo, which is very nice. And the bathrooms are very clean. Go before noon if you don’t want to burn up from the Albuquerque heat though. The animals are more active earlier in the morning. The indoor attractions are closed for the time being, such as penguins and amphibians, but that is the same for many other locations.

If you are feeling up to regular outdoor activities – you can look into our national monuments. This is the Boca Negra Canyon – part of the Petroglyph National Monument. There is a parking fee. There are tons of walks like this locally, and if you go early enough in the day, it shouldn’t be too hot. Just a heads up, look up how easy/moderate/or hard, the paths are, this one is NOT wheelchair accessible. There is a lot of climbing and I had to carry my 2 year old for half of it.

I am going to visit other locations to see if they are open and I will let you all know here when I can. I want others to know what is available to go to. If it’s hard to get to, if it costs anything… because I had been avoiding stuff for a while because I thought some locations may still be closed. Yes COVID is still happening, but you can still be safe, spend time outside with your family, mask up when you do so though.

We did wear masks while hiking up, we just took them off at the top when no one else was around because we were eating and drinking. So don’t come at me for the no-mask photos. ❤ I am PRO-MASK.

Oh yea…you might have noticed…I am posting again from my WORKING computer!!! My husband bought me a new part to replace the broken SSD. And now I can actually use MY computer! I am still waiting on the warranty replacement piece from Ibuypower though…. that they “sent out” on the 14th… and it’s currently the 25th…. *(rolls eyes)*

So I should be updating more often again. I am going to try to do more around town – homeschooling is going well, and my daughter has been potty training for over a week now. She’s doing great with minimal accidents! Potty training seemed so hard until she finally caught on to what we wanted her to do…whew.

What are you doing in your town? Are you keeping safe? Remember to social distance. Be safe. Be healthy. If you travel, please wear a mask and follow state rules. I know it is hard but we can stop COVID out.

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