Computers… you’re probably at one right now or at least on a small device shaped like a phone. I’m right aren’t I ? I am such a genious!

I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. It likes to stop working, while I love it when it actually works. No, my computer isn’t old. It’s actually less than a year old. Still under warranty in-fact!

So I have mentioned it in posts before, but my computer started having issues in July and then stopped working completely. I contacted the company it was under warranty with and based off of everything I have previously tried to fix the computer with, they thought I needed a new SSD. It’s a small drive that just runs the computer, I have a much later HDD that holds all of my important information (that’s the thing that saved me.) So they said on the 14th that they would FedEx me a new SDD. Okay …so time passes and I get a notification on my phone that I was due for a FedEx delivery…except…I wasn’t because the computer company had not given my package TO FedEx yet… Ugh.

So the date came and went, while I still did not have a working computer. I was using my son’s computer to print stuff and everything I needed. Finally by the weekend my husband decided to just go out and buy me a new SSD. So I just installed it and YES it worked! So that at least confirmed that my issue was the SSD. I reinstalled windows and just tonight I got message from FedEx saying they JUST got my package and it will be here NEXT week. I am going to use the SSD that the company is sending me as a back up (I already have 2 hard drives, so I am going to add a third). I take a lot of photos…. that is my excuse.

Anyways, I am a little disappointed in the company because they kept just blaming FedEx, while FedEx kept saying the company simply did not give them the package yet. And I actually trust FedEx on this one because a customer support person had admitted to me that a lot of packages were going out late. Ugh again. Just be honest with me and tell me it will be two weeks before I get my stuff, don’t get my hopes up. This computer cost us over $1,000. It was my x-mas gift last year from my husband. It’s LESS than a year old!

Well, what ever. Everything looks fixed now. So tonight I am spending time fixing it up, downloading files. And I need to print a bunch of homeschool stuff for my son that I haven’t been able to print because every time I needed to print something I had to run the laptop back to my printer, which for some reason will not print over WiFi… I don’t have time for that stuff.

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