The zoo opened here in Albuquerque again. Minus all the indoor activities of course, this is a COVID-19 world as we all know. But my family and I have decided that since we went to the Bio-park garden in the weeks prior that we would feel comfortable about to go to the zoo. New Mexico is a mandatory facemask state, so I am comfortable going out in open spaces more often. Note the “Open Spaces” as I write this, we still are not joining any Co-op homeschool groups or going to anything too busy. The zoo was walking the line as it was. But I may schedule more visits during the morning hours while other children are at their scheduled classes, where as we homeschool and can make our own schedule. Yes the kids in our area are online schooling currently but – they still have a schedule to follow.

Don’t mind the few photos of my daughter with out a mask. We were eating lunch away from everyone else. We brought wipes to wipe down anything as well. But that was the zoo. We had to follow a one way path and we got to see most of the animals, minus any indoor attractions like the penguins. We miss the penguins.

Another thing going great is POTTY TRAINING… I know right? I can’t believe it either but I found my daughter’s weak spot….SWEDISH FISH…my daughter fucking loves them. So I started to offer them as a treat for going potty and today she make a break through and she has started consistently going in the potty. So I am working on getting her trained full time, I hope we are going in the right direction with her. She is 2 1/2 and my husband really hates it when anything I change makes her cry…she’s a daddy’s girl. But she needs to learn and she is getting it finally.

We had movie night (like we do now) on Saturday night. It has been great setting up something we do weekly. Since COVID our family life has just been changing to fit how our world now works. Yes, we homeschooled before hand but my daughter’s therapists and my son’s dr appointments have all been changed now. I was going to get my son into horse care/ riding and that was cancelled because of COVID. I am still waiting for the horse place to eventually open again- as it holds classes for homeschoolers, and I would like my son to meet more kids.

My daughter may do HIPPOTHERAPY eventually but I have not heard from the facility yet that she has been referred to. Tomorrow she has her YEARLY GI visit via video chat. Nothing new is going on with her allergies, we just want to keep this doctor in the loop and continue our care with him. If we don’t see him, and we end up needing him, we could be SOL while waiting for a new appointment. So a small visit online should keep us as his patient.

We have not scheduled our yearly appointment with the allergist yet, we were supposed to schedule a food trial but I don’t even know if they are doing that during COVID. I don’t even feel like calling the clinic since they are a pain to deal with. The allergist we see if very special, shes pretty much the only one in the area that understands FPIES. And she only works one day a week…… yeah…. at least at the clinic we see her at. So she is harder to get into….

I can’t remember if I have mentioned our fish tank or not. We have had it for a month now and oh my god look at that plant growth! We have had the fish for a bit over a week. They are great fish and I am so happy we started this project with my son. He loves it and it gives him something to look after. Though I need to go in and cut some of those plants back…I didn’t realize they grown 5 inches a week….. I am seriously not even kidding I could start my own plant selling business!

Oh and homeschooling? It’s still going great.

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