My daughter will no longer qualify for the occupational therapy services she is currently receiving in about 6 months or less. I am not certain if this is because she is turning 3 and she would have to qualify for services through our school district, but they seem to be hinting at that. Anyways, the services she receives are MOSTLY free. OT is free, the SLP is free, she has a dietitian for free, and she gets music therapy for free. If I have to visit an outside office, we pay for those visits, but so far their services have been amazing, and I know the costs of OT can add up. My son was in OT for a few years, he still needs it but currently no places have openings and COVID… is a thing.

Anyways my daughter will be “transitioning” out of their care sometime in the next few months. We had a meeting online today and I met my daughter’s SLP, they are going to evaluate how she has been talking, she likes to stick out her tongue when saying any words with C, S, T, CH, in it and I personally had issues with a lisp as a child, I know how difficult it can be at school getting teased, so I want to see if there is anything I can do to help for now.

We have decided to try some OTHER therapies for her tippy toe issue. My husband feels it is overkill to get the orthotics at this point, and our insurance doesn’t cover much. So we will try something else and see if that helps FIRST. The orthotics will be an option IF things do not work out. And at least we know how much they cost next time. Sadly, I was really hoping to just get them and nip this in the bud, but I have to take my husband’s thoughts into consideration as well. Her OT understands and said we can try different shoes or other things to help at this time as well. She is increasing her visits for now to help out.

By the way, due to COVID, all of our visits are on TEAMS. Online…no in person visits. BUT …..

They want her to get Hippotherapy… which is … HORSE THERAPY! I actually hope our insurance helps cover this, bc I think it would be pretty therapeutic. I have not talked to my husband about this one BUT, I don’t see how seeing a horse and that type of therapy would be controversial. So I will only bring it up once I find out how much insurance covers, I am sort of holding back because we did argue about the foot things…. he says I over do it but honestly I just want to help her walk better. I would LOVE for my kids to be “NORMAL” and not have any issues. God I pray for that….

But here I am…BOTH of my kids have Sensory Processing Disorder…one has severe ADHD, the other has sensative ears and has delayed motor skills, but an advanced language set. I know my daughter talks VERY well for a 2 year old… I hear other people’s kids talk and I honestly cannot understand them, at all. But mine is saying sentences, with the correct pronouns an nouns…etc…My son didn’t even speak this well until he was a bit older.

Anyways, I would love for my kids to be able to go to normal schools and just be able to have a normal job.

I am going to admit something here — Don’t be mad if this is you


I am so tired of hearing people complain about “having to homeschool” especially when they are SAHMs. I am not talking about the parents who work full time and CANNOT homeschool. I am talking about the ones who I know personally….like I KNOW these people, and they are complaining …. they keep saying junk like “My kid is not going to be socialized and they are going to be a weird homeschooler”. I find that OFFENSIVE. As a homeschooler…. I did not CHOOSE to homeschool, my son has differences that were not being treated fairly in public school… so I had to homeschool. STOP SAYING HOMESCHOOLERS ARE WEIRD.

Now me personally, yes I am weird…but I went to public school. I just have crippling social anxiety. BUT I was trying to get my kids socialized. I had my son in music classes, I had enrolled him in horse care, but COVID happened, he WAS in karate but he didn’t like it…. ugh. Homeschoolers have more time to join those activities your kids like, and they do CO-OPs. Honestly though I hate CO-OPs. I can’t find any with people that I feel connected with so far in my city.

But just stop saying homeschoolers are the worst. It just bugs me. Okay rant over, I just had to let that out. I get really annoyed by it.

Anyways, we are on week 4 of using Sonlight. I am going to be VERY honest here – I love the literature we received with this curriculum but …BUT…. I want a different science book. The science is LACKING. And I looked into this and MANY people say the same thing. So, I may find some extra stuff this year to add in, and next year I will just replace the science portion for my own. I need to find a science program that covers science the way it should be covered…. My son though, is enjoying it, which is good for this year since it’s been rough.

My son is really enjoying reading about Roman and Greek history this week, last week he learned about Egypt. He seems to be retaining the information from this curriculum much better and he is an independent reader. I usually make a list of the subjects he can do on his own for the most part, and then I leave the harder stuff for when my toddler is asleep and we go over THOSE subjects together while she is asleep. I am going to add some books to his reading list in a few weeks, he is a fast reader and tends to be a head in certain areas, so I am going to prepare some books I remember reading at his age, just so we aren’t left with a gap in the middle or end of the school year.

Well, I am going to rest. I am using my son’s computer since mine is still broken. Long story. Follow my tweets complaining about how things are… ugh. I am going to try to write more about the homeschooling aspect of life. Honestly things are going well this year. We are focusing on something fun… naming our homeschool because apparently “that’s a thing” and we are picking out a son really wants it to be a dragon. So I am going to see if I can create a logo. I don’t have $$ to PAY for a logo, so please don’t offer to help unless you want to do it for free. I have had about 15 offers on twitter from people trying to sell me logos and I have not answered any of them because I don’t have the $$ to do that.

Don’t take offense people. I just don’t want to waste your time </3

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