Today marks the first day I have worked since sometime in April. If you don’t already know, I work PRN coding medical charts. But since COVID-19 caused clinics/hospitals to limit elective surgeries and stop some outpatient care, the facility I work for decided to save $$ by cutting its’ PRN hours back to nothing. That’s fine and dandy when you don’t NEED the money…

Thankfully my financial situation along with my husband’s employment is pretty stable. I don’t mind the income though… so when my boss finally emailed out to the PRNs that they had some hours approved and to email her our availability, I immediately offered up my normal hours (I honestly don’t work much every week). I am not going to add too many hours to my schedule since I homeschool my 12 year old (as you know), and I have a 2 1/2 year old toddler to take care of as well.

But I am thankful for a paycheck. I am hoping they will continue to allow PRN employees to work and that I don’t forget how to do my job.

Whats PRN? That means- AS NEEDED.

I pretty much just give my manager the hours I WANT to work – and she either approves them or tells me she doesn’t need me to work. Pre-COVID, I was hardly ever cancelled. But when COVID came around, I began receiving weekly “hours cancelled for the week of” emails… sad but at least I was not fired.

No I did not get unemployment. I don’t know if I would qualify with how few hours I actually work and my family did not “need” the extra income. Why take something that other people need? We aren’t greedy people.

But now I get to juggle a few more things… I am still making face masks, only a few days of the week though since homeschooling and my toddler take a up a lot of time. And I will work – along with all my other duties, such as cleaning and cooking for my family.

I feel for the parents who HAVE to work full time and are being tossed into homeschooling…that is hard… I tried …it was VERY hard for me. But I was able to adjust my income and how we did things. I was lucky. I am going to be posting more homeschool related items here on my blog though for anyone who is looking for resources. I know some of you all didn’t “choose” to homeschool, rather you were tossed in with everyone else. I hope you can find what you need – or maybe I can point you in the right direction.

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