If you are like me at all – when I started looking into homeschooling my son a year and a half ago I had no idea where to start, or even if homeschooling would work out for my child. Thankfully I found groups of people just like me online, via facebook. Here is a listing of the facebook groups that I have personally joined or find helpful that are homeschool related.

Just a reminder, some of these are secular and some are religious and some are just neutral grounds for general information. Do not join these groups if you intend to harass anyone, they do have admins that can kick you immediately. Going forward, I have had no issues with any of these groups myself personally. The links below are in no formal order.

  1. Sonlight Homeschool Moms (this is a christian based home-school group for users of the Sonlight Curriculum)
  2. New Mexico Secular Homeschoolers (regional)
  3. Albuquerque Homeschool Resource List (local to me)
  4. Secular, Eclectic, Academia (SEA) Homeschoolers
  5. Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum USED books Sell/ Swap/ Share
  6. Homeschooling the ADHD Child Support Group
  7. ABQ Inclusive Homeschool resource group
  8. Acell-us homeschooling and support group for parents and students (this is brand specific – Acellus)
  9. Special Needs Homeschoolers
  10. ADHD Homeschool Gamer Moms (Part of Homeschooling the ADHD Child)
  11. New Mexico Homeschool Group
  12. Sonlight Connections (christian based curriculum)
  13. Homeschooling with Apps
  14. Secular Homeschool Families
  15. Homeschooling Special Needs (Autism, ADHD, Sensory, Downs Syndrome, etc)
  16. Homeschool Family Freebies & Giveaways
  17. Homeschooling with Youtube
  18. Homeschool IEP. 504-4 Special needs, Autism, ADHD
  19. Homeschool – Acellus, Moby Max, Khan Academy…
  20. Homeschooling with Amazon Prime
  21. ABQ Homeschool BST
  22. Wild + Free Albuquerque Area- Homeschool Hike Group (I have not actually gone on a hike yet due to covid)
  23. Sonlight curriculum CHAT group, Learn / Share
  24. Homeschool with Netflix, Amazon Streaming, etc
  25. Special Needs Homeschool
  26. ABCMouse New Member Orientation (this is for the ABC Mouse Online Curriculum)

Again, some of those may be regional to me, specifically the New Mexico and Albuquerque ones, but if they don’t have a state or city name in them, they are not regional. I have a bunch of ADHD groups since my son struggles with his ADHD and they are very helpful in that aspect and I suggest you look up groups that tailor to your style of parenting and learning. You will find a group of people you get along with, trust me on that.

What other kind of lists do you want from one homeschooling parent to another? What kind of stuff do you want to know?

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