Has it really been that long since I graduated? Yes.. yes it has…

My brother Chris, Myself & My brother Mackenna

I grew up in various states but I did graduate in New Jersey. I have since moved from NJ but I miss it greatly. I love the people and the ocean. I do hope to live near the ocean again someday. I have had the opportunity to live on both coasts, so I have gotten to experience the differences. Being landlocked right now isn’t too much fun.

I still cannot believe that I am now in my 30s. I don’t FEEL 35 years old but here I am. I am older than my mother was when she had me. I never planned on living in New Mexico, but life likes to throw things at you. And sometimes you have to roll with the punches. I was living in Indiana, with my son’s father when he told me he didn’t ever love me. So I told him I was moving in with family (my mother) who happened to move to New Mexico the year before. And I followed through…

I met my husband a little over 10 years ago after moving here to New Mexico. And honestly he is the only reason I stay here. I don’t mind the weather…but I miss green…. I miss forests… I miss the ocean. I just can’t be land locked forever. My husband knows this too. And eventually we will move closer to a coastal town, just not any time soon, especially with COVID running rampant.

Ugh but still….where did those 17 years go? I swear that 12 years ago wasn’t even that long ago…

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