In less than a month, my son will be 12. He will be experiencing his LAST year before becoming a teenager. I remember when I was 12, it’s crazy to think that was 23 years ago. I am still friends with some of those people who I met back in middle school. I remember the struggles I was going through as a preteen, trying to fit in, like always.

It’s sometimes sad to think that he won’t experience everything an average kid does because of our homeschool situation, but then I think about the positive things he can experience as well. He loves to read and swim, and he can do those any day at any time. We can join an activity once things open back up again, eventually. He can take a break from things, if he needs it. Unlike at public school, where you have to go by their schedule.

Today I requested information from his past two occupational therapists. I received ALL the records from one, while I am still waiting to hear back from the other one. The one I am waiting on is from the public school, and of course they are “out” for a while. So I may not hear from her for a while. But the Autism testing place was requesting these “type” of records for review, before scheduling him, so I am trying to get records that will reflect his over all mental, behavioral and general wellness so they can properly evaluate him.

#1 Dysgraphia – I need to ask his pcp to send us to someone to help us with this. I have tried to help him but I am utterly just not prepared. Nothing I do helps.

#2 Possible Austim Spectrum – this is something that we have suspected for a while – but his old PCP and his psychiatrist disagree with one another on the DX.

#3 Behavioral Therapy – I really want to get him into a behavioral therapist again. We stopped when our old therapist moved away and we did not like the new one. He just won’t talk to her. But then the clinic we saw won’t move us to another therapist because they wanted us to stick with the “new lady”. Nope… so we are struggling finding a new office that will accept our insurance…and we also have a few clinics that we DON’T like already…just in general. I had one place really yell at us bc my son’s ADHD caused issues in school and this Dr. wanted to dope him up A LOT. No… he is medicated but …he will not be DOPED up.

#4 Find a new Psychiatrist – so his psych dr is getting old. And is becoming less and less helpful to our situation as things change. That’s it. We would like someone who is more…aware of new treatments and will work with us.

Today I texted my ex (my son’s dad) and kind of let him know more about what is going on with our son. We don’t always see eye to eye and its hard to co-parent when you live 1,000 miles away. He usually visits his father during the summers but COVID-19 had us on alert and we have suspended his visit until further notice. His father can take him later in the year if things lift a little. I just cannot fathom putting my son on an airplane alone during these months.

I love my son. No matter the things we go through. I may get stressed. But what parent doesn’t get stressed? We all get stressed.

My son’s relationship with his step dad and HIS family is getting better. I think people didn’t realize the struggles we went through. People are more supportive as of lately. Minus the people who cut us out of their lives in the past. Okay okay the toddler is going to get up, so I have to go. But I’ll be back later.

Thank you all for the support you have given me. Especially my twitter followers. You guys rock. You all are my friends and family.

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