My kids never cease to amaze me. I officially let my son go from grade 6 to grade 7 in homeschool. My daughter is working on pre-school stuff at home. I am not buying her a curriculum yet, but we are following some online guides for free. She does use ABC Mouse to learn basic songs and letters in the meantime but we don’t really follow it fully right now.

If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen that I did organize my son’s new homeschool materials. Yes, new… we are switching our curriculum. I didn’t HATE the other one but I let my son have a say in how he wants to continue his education. We went over the benefits of online classes vs. books or literature based education and since he enjoys reading we chose a literature based learning system, Sonlight.

I am going to start off by mentioning that I am not “Christian”, and sometimes people point that out when they see the curriculum that I chose for my child. Yes, it is a Christian curriculum. I believe that raising a child with a religious background is important. Now personally I have nothing against Christians. I was raised Christian. But I switched LONG AGO – and my son’s father and I agreed he would be raised Christian. So HERE we are!

Anyways, SONLIGHT, is a curriculum of many books…. just take a look…


YUP those are ALL his books for 7th grade

Anyways here are the books put away in his room – sort of organized by WEEK.

I labeled all of those books by which week he has to start reading them based on the curriculum notes. He also received a math kit with DVD and a science kit! I am waiting for his spelling books to come in the mail, since I ordered those a little late. But I am getting used to this new curriculum style. We did online learning last year since we were jumping into this as new homeschoolers and I worked a lot at that point still.

My son is entering his pre-teen age. So I took the liberty to go through his room with him and get rid of all of his “baby toys”. He kept the items he actually still plays with, he passed some toys down to his sister, and we are donating what ever is not broken. His room looks NICE for once. It was very cluttered for a while there. I had him crawl under his bed and get out EVERYTHING. It was so dusty even though I do vacuum under it weekly.

Next will be my daughter’s room. I will be placing things she has grown out of into boxes for our next child (if that ever happens).

But today I am just enjoying being a mom. Watching my kids swim in the pool. I am enjoying having a wonderful family who is supportive of me. I am thankful for my health. And even though my hours keep getting cancelled at work because we do not have enough work for PRNs to be on the schedule during COVID-19, I am thankful my husband’s job is still stable and that we are financially secure right now.

I miss working, but it has given me time to make over 1000 masks and mail them out to friends, family, strangers, online friends and medical professionals. I have had time to spend more time with my son. To help my daughter learn new things and grow. I have been able to relax. Oh and we bought a truck last week. That was pretty cool.

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