I am not lying when I’m telling you that I love my new glasses. I decided this year that I just wanted new frames. My prescription was the same, so technically I didn’t HAVE to but I didn’t really like the frames I got 2 years ago.

When I was looking online at different online sellers, my husband suggested Zenni, based off of a coworker. So I took a look into it and found the prices to be very affordable. I was a bit worried that the quality would be terrible, but I took a leap of faith and bought myself a pair of glasses AND a pair of prescription sunglasses.

The total cost was about $117. I did get a discount code the weekend I ordered, I believe I got 30% off of the lens stuff, like tint and scratch resistance. Anyways it only took them 2 weeks to deliver them to my door. I anxiously opened the package and tried on my glasses and they fit PERFECTLY. I love the colors. They are good quality!

AND NO THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT….THEY DID NOT SPONSOR ME – but I mean if they wanted to – hit me up Zenni!

So which lenses did I choose?

I took a poll and these were some of the top voted….

The top pair were my sunglasses and yes they are tinted. And the bottom pair are my regular day to day glasses. I went with a bright color after my husband insisted that I could pull them off. I was worried I would look too childish and was almost going to go with black or a darker color like I always do.

I am very happy that I went with a brighter pair, they just brighten up my day. Anyways my favorite part of picking out glasses is trying them on. Since this was an online purchase I had to do their virtual try on mode, which was actually pretty neat! I am glad they gave me that option because it really helped me narrow down my choices!

So here I am with my new glasses on: (no make up so sorry about my face) LOL

And here are my sunglasses!

I really like the fit. I may even buy a few more pairs in the next few months just so I have a few options of glasses to wear. Glasses used to be so expensive that I could only own ONE pair, but with these prices, I don’t feel too bad about buying a few pairs.

Anyways, if you are tired of paying HUNDREDS of dollars for your glasses, check out ZenniOptical.com . Again they are NOT sponsoring me or paying me. I paid for my products. I just really enjoy them and want to share this site. I know I am not the ONLY one who hates paying $300-400 for glasses.

Now in the next few months I am going to get my KIDS’ eyes checked out – if any of them need glasses…. I think you all know where I am shopping. So far their eyes are not bad though.

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