Tomorrow is probably going to be pretty rough for my son. You all know he has sensory processing disorder as well as ADHD, a mood disorder and adjustment disorder. Anyways tomorrow he will be going to a maxiofacial surgeon. My son has problems with his teeth like I had as a teen, yes he is following footsteps of required extensive dental work.

This is my son (photo above) pointing at some of his oddly placed teeth. This is an old photo from about a year ago.

So his teeth are WAYYY up near his sinuses, he might actually never get those down, we are still undecided…if they CAN be brought down. I had the SAME issue but with ONE tooth, and it was not THAT high… they brought it down with surgery in my late 20’s . Anyways his might be too high up, per the orthodontist (and yes he is using the SAME Orthodontist I used a few years ago). He is also missing some of his front adult teeth, so that can be tricky. And at age 11 (almost 12) he has only lost about 4 teeth….which is about where I was at and I ended up having 4 baby teeth pulled when I was ALMOST 30 years old… my teeth only look nice now because I had an amazing set of dentists, who are now working on my son.

He is really upset about his gap in his teeth, which I also had. Anyways tomorrow marks the first set of teeth we are getting pulled. We were supposed to get them pulled in March but our state locked down the day before! Anyways its going to be rough, he has had dental surgery for a “spot” on his gums in the past, and that was fine, but he is TERRIFIED of needles and pain is just 10x worse for him because of his SPD. So I will be there alone with him and I may have to hold him down for the shots he will be getting in his mouth. He really doesn’t do well with shots.

Anyways, about that… about a year ago his old dr suggested I get him tested for Autism. A lot of his behavior may be explained better. Anyways I contacted the facility that said they didn’t take our insurance last year that does testing in our area and surprise surprise…they STILL don’t take our insurance for testing…..BUT they would for treatment? I don’t even understand. But it would be $1,500 to have him tested out of pocket….. which is not doable right now. Anyways I am going to see if there are any other resources in my area because my insurance is not changing any time soon and I really would like him to get back into Occupational Therapy again soon. We are having some difficulties and I would like support.

Has anyone had autism testing done on your child recently? At what age? Was it a service YOU paid for or your insurance? Did you do it through your school? We homeschool so thats not a great option for us at this time. BUT we have been holding back and I am tired of holding back. I want to get some answers and I want support to help him out in ways he needs.

Life is not terrible but if I could understand why he did certain things and how to handle them better.

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