Yes, us homeschoolers have a schedule as well. My child must attend a certain amount of days of school just like the public school system does. When we finish a curriculum, I generally will add extra classes that help him out in areas that are weaker than others, or I let him choose an extra subject. We currently are on our last 3 classes, a supplement math class, geography and Spanish.

He just finished American History the other day after struggling with his final exam. So I had him review his coursework before attempting the exam one last time. Once school is over later in June (Because that’s when I think he will finish), then I will find some fun things for him to keep busy with because I don’t want to hear him tell me he is bored ALL DAY LONG.

We will start school back up when ever we feel like it… We take more time off in the middle of the year…like how we took a vacation last year in october and we took a longer thanksgiving and christmas break from school, so we run the year a bit longer than schools, but my son doesn’t seem to mind. He enjoys the times we can send him away to see grandma in the middle of the year.

But I am tired of school right now. I mean 6th grade stuff sucks. It has been AGES since I had to do 6th grade school work. And they do things so differently now a days. I find myself teaching my son how to do things the way I was taught instead of how instructions tell us now a days. But as long as he gets the right answers, I guess it doesn’t matter.

I am trying to get him to write more. He had been in occupational therapy for a few years and one of the areas we tried to work on was his writing. He just doesn’t like to write AT ALL. So I have come up with ideas to help him out, like asking him to write a story or a list of items he wants, etc. . So that he is more interested in it. He loves to read, but writing is a struggle.

I will be moving him on to 7th grade next year, yes he got good enough grades to move up. So thankful this year of homeschool worked out. We changed in March of 2019, we had issues with public school. My son has ADHD, sensory processing disorder and a mood disorder as well as an adjustment disorder. So school, unless everything worked on a perfect schedule… did not work for us. Kids…teachers… everything just didn’t work. He was in trouble a lot because of the sensory stuff and kids teased him. We struggled with homeschool at first, people didn’t think we could do it…but if you ask my son if he wants to go back to public school , he says no.

I get to spend my days with my kids now. And yes I get frustrated sometimes, who doesn’t ? And I wish my son could go to school, but that’s not for him. I never thought I would be homeschooling. And no its not like the current situation that everyone else is in right now… we chose to homeschool before all of this. This isn’t the public school helping us in any way.

Someone a year ago wrote something to me that was very hateful about how I shouldn’t homeschool… They pretty much told me I couldn’t do it, and that since I was not a teacher “like them” that I would fail. Yeah… a “teacher” told me that. And it was not even my child’s teacher…it was a “friend”. HA.

No thank you.

I love it when people pretend they know what is best for your child when they don’t have to live in your shoes. When they haven’t been to over 5 years of Occupational therapy with your kid…when they haven’t been to 8 years of behavioral therapy with your kid…when they DON’T EVEN HAVE A KID…..

Do not tell someone how to parent their child….

You are not living in their shoes… you don’t know what they go through.

What works for one kid may not work for another….

I don’t push homeschooling on people for that reason…I may suggest it if they feel frustrated with the school system but honestly a lot of people can’t do it because they work full time…or something else.

And not everyone should homeschool. It’s not for everyone.

But oh my god I am so glad this school year is almost over!

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