So, my last post was right before COVID-19 changed how my entire family works. My husband now works from home, which limits my access to certain areas of the house since he is constantly in meetings online. My job stopped giving me hours, because I am a medical coder, and I only have work when people see their doctors. With COVID-19 the clinics and hospitals have cancelled all ELECTIVE surgeries and appointments are done online for some people. This lack of work means, no work for me. I have NOT been fired, I just don’t have hours, which is fine. We are financially stable.

I just got a notice from my retirement plan that I have lost 19.9% of my earnings. Which sucks but I am also young, so I hope it will bounce back eventually. Losing thousands of $$ is not fun but everyone is losing right now so its not just me. The extra money I would have made working would have gone towards helping making masks…oh yeah… I am making face masks, and have been for … almost a full month in 2 days.

Today was my 10 year anniversary working for the hospital system in my town. I have had 4 different job titles at this company and worked my way through college to become a medical coder. I am thankful to have been able to get hospital experience WHILE going to school, it helped me pass up others with zero experience. But since I am not working currently, I am making masks every day. I try to get at least 30-50 done a day. I have to take care of my kiddos though ❤ so sometimes I have to stop and play in the sand with my toddler.

Oh yeah we got Lily a play set, we told her for Xmas we would get her one , so with our stimulus check we got one at Home Depot. We put it together this weekend and she LOVES it.

Later this week, a sandbox will be showing up as well. I spent some of my money from our taxes on a small plastic one for her. I picked up the sand today, all 200 lbs of sand.

Anyways, so here are the masks I have been making!

As for my kiddos I did a photoshoot this month for my daughters monthly shoot…the theme? Quarantine!

We celebrated Easter as well… but through a glass door… my in laws came to visit the kids and waved to them from far away </3

Lets see if HALF the photos I posted today load! Lets play, will WORDPRESS fuck this up?!?!

Anyways, my back hurts me, I am getting in touch with my dr about it… its a long term issue I have had. Fingers crossed that they may be able to help me a little. Its hard with everything going on.

Friends of mine have lost their jobs, so I consider us very lucky. As a family we are just doing well. I am the only one who goes out once a week to get food, sometimes 1x every 2 weeks. So far we have not gotten sick with COVID-19, we are hoping to continue to stay healthy… my VCD has been acting up and i WAS coughing but I started to wear my mask at home and it helped. Yes allergies triggers my VCD, it SUCKS.

Everyone stay well ❤ I will try to update more often. I have been trying but I honestly have only logged into twitter and fb and I havent been anywhere else lately, it has been hard emotionally at times. I have not seen my mom in over a month… we talk via video chat but its not the same. My grandma is in a nursing home, shes 90 years old and honestly she is the person I am more scared for… COVID is hitting the elderly hard and she is someone I dont want to lose to this… not this way. So I pray she stays healthy.

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