Happy New Year! Yea yea, I know I am really late with this post… but I have been just taking care of myself lately. I really have not felt the need or want to blog the past few months, so I took a break from it all.

So over the past few months I have seen a surgeon for a medical issue that the ER doctor noticed back in September 2019. I was at the ER back then because I had kidney stones and they saw a mass in my lower pelvis… to be more specific, my butt… yeah so they did a CT scan and said “You need this removed”. They offered to admit me that night and see if they could get a surgeon to remove it but I was in pain from my kidney stones AND I was on my period… I was NOT in the mood for surgery, especially since the doctor said it was not urgent. So I told them I would schedule surgery later in the year.

When I got home the doctors office said they were booked until January. Okay fine I WAITED, and as my twitter followers would know, the scheduler scheduled me with the WRONG doctor… so that was fun. I had to complain and get rescheduled for February. Of course we are now in March. I saw the doctor and they say the mass is likely a cyst, but its not good to have a large cyst in your bottom… My cyst (based off the exam and CT scan and now MRI) looks like its in the muscles that are important to bowel function… so my doctor would like it removed. I mean I would like it removed as well….

So I see the dr for my pre-op on March 16. We will see what they say now that I have had an MRI done (yesterday). See if they feel they can get this mass out safely. I am nervous, but also I just want to be done with any health issues. I have been trying to work out and eat healthy. I lost some weight but not a lot. And I am kind of down about that…

That and on March 9th, I will be turning 35 years old.

And that because of this health issue I am waiting to have surgery …. I cannot get pregnant yet… and my husband and I were planning on getting pregnant but this is holding us back. So its a little frustrating.

But if all goes well, we can get pregnant in a few months.

In the mean time I am just doing the normal stuff we do in life… my daughter is in Gymnastics for toddlers, which is cute and fun to go to. My son is still in Guitar lessons. He is doing well in school. I just want to get healthy. My back is still an issue but that’s likely a life long issue I will have to deal with. I did slip and fall on ice last month and its causing me pain this month. But as far as I know, I’m not injured.

And that’s about all that is going on.

I have a new camera (I made a post about) and my husband just got me a nice new lens from canon. So I WILL be posting photos soon, as I want to get back into my hobby. I am also looking into getting my son into this horse class, where home schooled kids learn to take care of and ride horses. I am currently looking for someone to watch my younger kid though.

I am going to try to write again, since I know a lot will be going on soon. I need an outlet. So consider this blog open again.

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