I made the decision to start up preschool education with my daughter. Since my husband and I live in a city where the public schools are not up to my standard and we won’t be placing our youngest into daycare anytime soon (I am not against it, I just have no reason for it when I am home all the time.) I feel like I need to start introducing things to her slowly. We are starting with the basic alphabet and numbers, via coloring and songs.

I know small children, like my daughter, do not need a lot of time on these subjects yet, but she has been walking around the house saying part of the alphabet and some of her numbers already so I am going to work with her on them since she has shown an interest.

I have a strong belief that children will let you know when they are ready for something… if a child is behind on something, simply work with them on it and if they are not ready, come back to it later. Not all children work at the same pace… and that’s okay.

So for starters – I signed up with Education.com for printable work sheets and some other resources for my toddler. We don’t need much yet, so I am not signing her up for any major curriculum until she is in kindergarten. We have a long time before that.

I am going to make a page of fun items for toddlers that I find – and I may even make some of my own since my daughter has very specific interests… such as peppa pig – and if I can make some coloring pages with alphabet for her with peppa, I know she would have more interest than with some other random character.

Hey – did you know I am getting a new computer? And that with it’s increased speed I plan on doing more computer based projects? I am actually very excited to do this!

Do you have any toddler related projects you feel would be good for homeschooling? I am trying to create a list of fun interactive projects for my 2 year old… It’s all about play and fun while she learns now.

If you know any nursery rhyme websites with songs – let me know too. I find that searching youtube sometimes distracts my child…she sees cartoons and ignores the music… so I am trying to stay away from that.

I am trying to become a better parent – so that when we eventually have our last child (yes you read that right, we are planning to try for one more child), that I won’t be too set back. I would love to homeschool them all if we still live in this town. My homeschooling journey started off reluctantly as my son was having trouble in school…but now I am seeing the benefits differently, I am seeing how less stressed my son is, I am more engaged in his education… it’s nice to see where and what he is doing… its nice to see how he is learning!

I am very lucky to be able to be home with both of my kids…

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