Tis’ the season…

I’m not sure if I am an introvert or not. I think I just don’t like people sometimes, or maybe it’s my social anxiety. Anyways I love/hate the holidays. I love seeing people, but I get emotionally exhausted after so much interaction.

I personally do enjoy family time, hanging out with friends, but I also need a break from events. I love hosting Thanksgiving, and I almost didn’t get to host this year, but things turned around. I will be hosting, like I have been for the last 9 years.

This year our celebrations will be smaller than they have in the past. We lost a family member, and then other’s will just not be present. Things will be fine, but I think I just miss my friends. I spend a lot of time online because most of my friends are not local. I have friends who grew up with me in various other states, and we all talk via Twitter, Discord, or Facebook.

I have had friends in the past not understand that when I talk about my “online” friends, they don’t understand the connection. Some of you all know me better than my own family. And some of you I know just as well… we are there for one another. And some of you, I have met.

My daughter and my father

My father came to visit us briefly yesterday. My father isn’t really present in my life. He shows up when he can, and that means…not often. I don’t share a very close relationship with him. My mother raised me.

But it was nice to see him for a little bit. We do struggle with our views though. I am very open to things, and I don’t just people on their religious views, sexuality or race. He is very opposite. He brings up how he is against Homosexuality, etc… and it’s always the same argument. I personally feel people have the right to choose. People can be themselves. I don’t care what your skin color is, I don’t care if you are a different religion. You can be straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc… I will call you by what ever pronouns you prefer. I honestly just people on if they are good people or not… I also don’t judge on age. I have plenty of friends here that are younger and older than me. I feel we all learn from one another. I have learned so much from you all.

So when family can’t get past certain things and they spew hate. It just confuses me. Why can’t we all get along?

I do it for my children. I suck it up. I allow my father to come by and I talk with him. I know he isn’t going to stay around long and we can stand a day or two together. He won’t ever agree with my views and I know I can’t change him. He hasn’t lived my life and I haven’t lived his.

Their meeting

My daughter is turning 2 in less than a month. And I am so excited to celebrate with the people who make time in their busy schedules to stop by and spend time with my daughter. I feel like the time with family is very important. She needs to see who she can rely on in life. I know she has amazing family that loves her so much. I hope she can always see that, no matter who decides to not be present.

I try to teach my son, who is quite a bit older, to rely on himself first and that he has family that will back him up. To not second guess himself.

He was not in town this week by the way, he is visiting my mother about 3 hours away for an early Thanksgiving. And in the mean time, I am kind of just getting stuff sorted out with my dogs, and my work. I needed a break and this is his “fall” break from home school.

Look what I found!

For my daughter’s birthday, I will be making the above cake for her. With her food allergies, I found this cake mix! I made it the other day to test it out and she CAN have it!

We are also going through food restrictions for my son. He has had stomach issues since birth that have been showing up more and more as he got older. Right now we are limiting SOY and MILK. And my mother noticed a difference ! She mentioned that she feels the restricted diet is working! So I have to let his doctor know, because I thought I saw a difference but I didn’t know if I was imagining things.


Dog update: We have been working with Ranger (Our new dog). And things are going pretty well! I have noticed he gets very shy around men, and he won’t enter a room with one. He tends to glue himself to me, literally, he will stick to my side. I am not sure what his old owner did to him. He and my other dog get along, but Ranger is also older, so he doesn’t really PLAY. He does get a bit frustrated when Gwen jumps on him, BUT he doesn’t get aggressive with my kids, which is great. He is just going to need more time to slowly adjust to our family. But … I am happy to say… He is adjusting. And I think he is happy here – he is smiling more… (see above photo)

That is a BIG difference from before… and we can always work on getting him to be okay with men…or at least the men in our family at least.

On Monday he will be getting his teeth cleaned, so I am anxious. I am nervous he will not trust me after this, BUT I want him to be healthy.


Since I am posting photos of my dog, Ranger. I may as well show off my amazing cat (Finnegan).

And my other dog, Gwendolyn…

Well – I do hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. We will enjoy the time we have with family that is around. I can’t wait to see certain people. I love the lights and colors of Christmas.

I am going to attempt a cooking video sometime soon about gluten free/rice free foods. I would like to obtain recipes to help others out that have the same or similar issues as my family.

Let me know the kind of recipes you would like to see! I am going to work on expanding on Gluten Free items. I would like to attempt some pasta recipes.

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