This is my daughter (see above photo). And we are learning what H-Pylori is first hand this week. All last month my daughter had stomach problems, and they continued through this month, so I took her into the doctor’s office, where they took me seriously thankfully, and ordered a stool sample test. Last night, I got a text from the mychart app that my doctor’s office uses with these results.

So of course I googled what Helicobacter was, and of course we will need to start with a round of TWO different antibiotics AND something to reduce the acid in her stomach. I don’t know yet what else we will need, if anything. But the doctor did order the medication, which the pharmacy is out of, but they will get tomorrow. So tomorrow, I will talk to the pharmacist about how I will be giving these to my daughter, etc.

Of course, she still has a few more lab results we are waiting on from that same stool sample, but I am thankful that her recent stomach problems can be treated. We thought we were losing safe foods, because things that used to never make her sick were causing issues. In the mean time I need to be really careful about her diet though. She still has food allergies, and I don’t know how this medication will mess with her stomach.

Taken from WEB MD

Hopefully my daughter will be feeling a bit better by her birthday in a month. I can only hope. I feel bad that she has had to go through this for a month already, but really…. how could we know that this was H Pylori ? And not a food contamination related to her food allergies? It’s hard because they are very similar symptoms.

Anyways, I will update how she is doing with the new medication soon.

In other news… my son is doing better at playing the guitar. His music teacher was telling me that we are doing something right, because he is improving.

(Above) is a photo of my son at one of his lessons. I know he really wants to play the guitar, but setting up “practice” time is HARD. He just doesn’t want to practice. But he wants to play well. *sigh* he is learning that it takes practice to be good at something.

You can’t have everything right away.

Hey its me

And news with me, I lost 2 more lbs! YAY!! I am on a diet that is taking forever because I have little self control.

Hey at least I am honest. But I want to lose at least another 10 lbs before we try to get pregnant again, for health reasons. I am high risk.

So fingers crossed that I can get healthy, so we can add another little person to our family!!! 🙂

4 Comments on “H- Pylori – what the heck is it?

  1. Poor baby. I have been dealing with a bout of h pylori (I write about it in my blog a bit) and I couldn’t imagine feeling so sick as a toddler. Nobody deserves that. I’m so glad she’s feeling better!


    • Thank you ♥️ she’s doing a lot better now with treatment. I have no clue how she got it. How do you deal with it?


      • I’m not sure how I got it either! They say it can come from not washing your hands and some sort of uncleanliness. Many people seem to have it but get no symptoms for whatever reason. For me, I was on an aggressive bout of antibiotics… and they prescribed me meds to control the acid in my stomach, I don’t think they’ll do that for a toddler. I also have been eating more fruits and veggies. Honestly, my appetite just came back, after 2 months of just not feeling like eating much. When she’s older hopefully she won’t still have to deal with this, but if she does they may look at other underlying conditions she may have, like they are doing with me.

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