I have been using Lightroom for a few days now to edit my photos, since my new camera uses RAW CR3 files, and my older version of Photoshop Elements did not support that specific file, and I really don’t LOVE Lightroom yet. I find it annoying that this program slows down my computer so much, just to edit some light/colors. I am paying monthly for it, so maybe I will get a new computer soon. This one is actually new – but it’s not fast enough for editing apparently.

I was thinking of getting my son a computer so I may just get myself a slightly faster computer for myself and give him this one – this one is legit less than a year old, so I think he won’t care. Heck I know he won’t care, he’s 11 and he isn’t spoiled, he legit takes what I give him.

Ever since we decided to put our youngest on only ‘gluten free” labeled foods, I have noticed a change in her stomach issues. These issues have been going on for over a month, and they seem to be getting a little better at least. So it looks like we might have a lead on what is causing issues (contamination, or what ever). I am going to make sure all the food she has around the holidays is gluten free only, no cutting corners.

I am sending out her invitations to her second birthday this week – I will be making them today. I was going to use one of the photos I took today for the invites.

I love this new camera but I am still pissed off about the issues we are having with Amazon.

So here is the deal, in case you didn’t know already or if you don’t follow me on Twitter.

My husband bought me a Canon 90D from Amazon, and when it came in the mail he opened it to make sure it was not broken before he gave it to me. When he opened the box (that was clearly labeled Canon 90D). This is what we got…(See photo)

The box has a EOD Rebel T7i inside of it INSTEAD of the Canon 90D….

So the box had the WRONG camera in it!

My husband told me immediately, since this was a gift for our 3 year anniversary (of being married), we have been together 9 years now. Anyways, I told him to contact Amazon ASAP and things seemed to be going smoothly at first, they told us we could return it for a full refund!

Then we shipped the package back and they emailed us and told us we had to return the Canon 90D, because what we sent them was a Rebel…. NO SHIT. So now they are refusing to refund us….

The Canon 90D currently costs $1,200 for just the body alone (which is what we ordered). The Rebel T7i currently costs $600, so that is HALF the cost. Yes we are pissed. So we are currently trying to prove to Amazon that we did not fraud them and that apparently who ever bought the camera before us and obviously returned a different camera, fraud-ed them…and us apparently.

Anyways – because it was not my fault – the whole camera issue. My husband did take me to Best Buy and he bought me the correct camera already. (I didn’t force him to, he just wanted to) and we opened that damn box up in the store to check and make sure it was the correct one! And it was, thankfully. So I am currently using a Canon 90D, not the one we initially ordered because some idiot frauded Amazon and then Amazon sold that one to us and fucked us over for the cost.

We may be getting rid of Amazon Prime…. and we have a lot set up with Amazon. I have movies, music, and monthly orders through them. But even today, my husband said he ordered all his stuff for his wood working projects on another website because now he feels he can’t trust Amazon.

We are still fighting them – and I am going to make sure they know I am pissed about this decision. My husband and I have been members since 2003 apparently (my husband looked at his account) and I have been on the site around the same amount of time, so you would think that Amazon would know we wouldn’t be the ones frauding them… right? I don’t think I have ever returned an item….

Anyways that is what we are dealing with and its frustrating because it’s the holiday season and we are out $1,200 right now. What a lovely anniversary gift amazon….

Other than that, not much else is going on. My daughter is having a few tests run to see if we can rule out a few issues with her stomach. I am learning how to feed a child who might have Celiac. My son is going to his grandmother’s this week – I needed a break and she wanted to see him. So he will get this week off from home school instead of next week.

Both of our dogs are doing well – the new dog is super shy and only follows me around (he avoids my husband still) I am not sure if he has issues with men… I know the person who took him to the humane society was a male…but that’s all we know. Ranger, the new dog, doesn’t like to be outside alone. So he is inside with me a lot. Where, Gwen, our other dog, doesn’t care and will hop along happily outside.

As you can see here – she enjoys sitting on our winter pool cover *ROLLS EYES*

Oh yes- today my daughter turned 23 months old…. PHOTO TIME!

This week, my goal is to clear out items from my house that I no longer use. I want to get rid of clutter. I know, being a mom, there will be clutter. But I have stuff in closets that I never use. So I need to clear stuff out before Christmas hits.

I am also thinking of selling my old cameras… I have two used Canons. I have a Canon 30D and a Canon T3i, both are in good shape. I need to look up what the going cost is for them currently. I am just thinking of selling the body – no lenses. But I don’t need so many cameras. They will just collect dust and maybe I can find a college student who is looking for a used camera in good shape – for a decent price.

If I end up posting them on ebay – I will let you all know here too.

I need to find boxes for them, since I am fairly sure I no longer have the original boxes because my husband keeps making me clean out my junk from the closets in my office since I tend to keep EVERYTHING.

Happy Fall

On an end note – If I find the motivation… I may do some videos on gluten free foods or photo blog how to make certain things, since I know other moms are going through the same struggles I am going through feeding a child with FPIES to Oats, Wheat, Rice, Broccoli and Pineapple.

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