My twitter followers and facebook friends should already know this but I finally have time to make a small post about our new family member, Ranger – the Irish Terrier!

Yes, you read that right… we now own TWO Irish Terriers! Gwendolyn and Ranger get along great. Most of you know Gwen by now, she’s 2 1/2 and is a pure bred Irish Terrier, she’s been an only dog since we got her, until now.

I heard of Ranger via facebook, the Irish Terrier Rescue Network was trying to find someone to foster him, while he was still at my local shelter. I decided that I wanted to see him for myself. I really don’t want to foster…I would prefer to own. So I met him, and saw potential. He was shy, shaking scared, but he was not aggressive. He tolerated me touching him, and I decided to see how a meet up with Gwen would go.

I brought Gwendolyn with me to the shelter that same day and he came out wagging his tail when he saw me and Gwen. That was it… He started opening up from then on with me.

Background: Ranger was dropped off with 2 other dogs, so they knew he was good with other dogs. They think hes 6 years old but we just confirmed at my vet that he’s AT LEAST 7. (We don’t care about his age, we just want to help him live a healthy happy life.)

So do you want to see Ranger?

Side shot- this is him 24 hours after being rescued from the shelter

I want to also share this…..

This was the sad dog I met – he has changed so much in 24 hours

This was his before… when I FIRST met him…

So you can see the changes… I am so happy I found him. We have only had him 2 days but Gwendolyn is getting along well with him. My kids love him. And we are working on getting to know him better. He is a bit shy and jumpy but is not aggressive at all. He has let me shower him, and check his teeth out. We already had a vet appointment and established that he has slight Lenticular Sclerosis in his eyes, which is normal for his age, and they said it’s nothing to worry about right now since it’s not bad with him.

He also desperately needs his teeth cleaned, so in about a month or less… I will pay for that to be done. His breath could kill a bull. Freaking – omg. But we will work on that. I got him a tooth brush as well – which I will introduce soon.

My two irish terriers

Above is a photo of Gwen (in the front) and Ranger (in the back) on their morning walk. I bought him his own harness, as I didn’t get one yesterday for him. Today he has a fancy new grey one.

So far our only problem is getting him to pee…. I got him to eat finally and drink water. And he doesn’t LOVE his crate yet – BUT he won’t cry in it. So at night time, getting him inside the crate is a bit rough but he doesn’t complain once he is in. We have been trying to show him that Gwen goes in on command and we praise her – and I praise him every time he goes in his. I finally got him to take treats from me – so I think that will help improve this process!

The kids have been slowly been introducing themselves to him – he doesn’t seem to mind them now. They made him nervous the first day but I think everything did. I am just thankful we found him.

Ranger and I today

Tell me about your adoption story! Gwen was raised as a puppy by us, so adopting an older dog is very different but I am so happy to have another dog to join our family. That and the fact that Gwen is over the moon once she saw I brought him home, makes me really happy.

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