Well our vacation is officially over. My family and I went to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton! We stayed in Island Park, Idaho for 10 days, and traveled up to the West Yellowstone entrance less than 30 minutes away. We had fun in the snow (yes winter hit early), and we had fun sight seeing!

This was my first trip up north to those states as well. I had never been to Idaho, Montana or Wyoming. We drove from our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a 900 mile drive – which took roughly two days while traveling with an 11 year old, a 21 month old, and a dog.

Scroll through the photos above to see some highlights from our trip! I took over 1000 photos but obviously I cannot post them all here. I will eventually post more to my flickr page – when I finish converting all of my photos from RAW format to JPEG. Flickr won’t let me upload RAW photos, sadly.

And I take LOTS…

Oh well…but let me tell you about our trip. First of all – no offense UTAH – but you suck. I started to feel sick in Utah after having the wind blast us there. I was sick for the first 5 days I was on vacation. Eventually I started to feel better but the rest of my family caught what ever was going on eventually.

We went up to Idaho, which was a lot nicer than Utah but by the time we got up to Island Park, ID there were very few STORES. We had some tiny grocery stores which did not sell any gluten free options for my toddler. She did end up getting sick from something and we ended up going to a lovely little pharmacy in West Yellowstone, called Silver Tip Pharmacy. They ordered some probiotics for my daughter’s stomach issues. My daughter has food allergies and food sensitivities so we ran into a few issues while we were traveling.

We usually are very strict about the brands we try with her and we had to try a few new brands and we found out she cannot have paprika while we were traveling. So that was a thing, but we did not have any acute FPIES reactions, thankfully.

Now that we are home, with all of her safe foods, she is MUCH better.

Other than the lack of food my daughter could eat – we did have a lovely time. I just had to feed her the same foods over and over again – lots of eggs, cheese and chicken. *rolls eyes* she was so tired of it by the end of the trip and I don’t blame her.

Thankfully no one else in my family has food allergies, so I was able to buy what ever else they wanted. Though many of the grocery stores we hit up had very few vegetable options. I think we just went to all the wrong stores. I am used to walmart and target, where I have more than one row of veggie and fruit options, where these small towns had a very small section each.

Enough complaining… that was honestly one of my only issues while traveling.

Yellowstone was lovely – it was not too busy. But it did snow a few times. Thankfully we were prepared and had other plans for those days. We went to the Grand Teton, and went to a local dam in Island Park. It was lovely. Once I get some of my photos transferred over I would like to make a post about a few of my favorite places.

Obviously we saw Old Faithful (twice), but there are other geysers like “Lone Star Geyser” which are just as beautiful, and LESS packed. You do have to walk 2.5 miles on an old road to get there, and 2.5 miles back, but its easy to access and not very hard at all.

We saw the Grand Prismatic Springs twice, as well as the Artist paint pots, the biscuit basin, mammoth hot springs, the Roosevelt Arch, and we went through 3 of the 5 entrances to Yellowstone (West, North, South) we missed both East and North East entrances due to weather and time.

I actually really enjoyed the Teton’s scenic drive the most! I loved all the stops – the changes of the trees from green to golden yellow. And I loved seeing the animals along the way!

Again – I will make a detailed blog of my top 10 spots soon. I just wanted to let you all know I am back! So sorry for not posting! I wanted to post – but then I just got so busy! I was outside in the snow a bit with the kids and my dog. And yes…we took our dog on this trip!

She had so much fun

That is me above – I took a selfie once my DSLR’s battery died on my trip. I had other batteries – but they were in the car. I quickly started carrying my extra batteries in my pocket after that!

Keep an eye out – I will work on getting some more Yellowstone stuff up soon! ❤

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