I can’t choose when I am depressed, but I can decide how I handle the times when I am not depressed.

This week has been fairly nice – less depressed. I think my brain is just preoccupied with our upcoming trip to Yellowstone. I am very excited and nervous about this trip. For one, I have never traveled with a dog before. So I get anxious about the hotels rejecting us, even though we paid the fees and confirmed they accept pets her size and weight.

The likely hood of a hotel turning us away is very slim. I just have anxiety.

I can’t wait though – to be away from everything.

I love to travel – especially by car. I love to drive. We decided to take my car on the trip so far. I am planning everything we are packing – from the first aid kit, to the toddler’s food. I have to make sure to stay in check as well with my own nutrition since I am still on my diet.

In the meantime, I have been checking out the current weather of the house we will be staying at and apparently we might get some snow! I am a bit excited and nervous because I have never been to this state before… tomorrow I need to set up anything that needs to be charged – Cameras…tablets…etc.

I am still deciding which camera to bring. I have 3 main cameras right now…. honestly its the 2 DSLRs I am having trouble deciding between. I may just bring both …they both take photos well – but because they are different models, they work differently enough.

I hope to post photos from our trip on here and maybe get some artsy shots if I have time. I haven’t used my cameras seriously since …before I had my daughter.

I took photos at my nephew’s wedding maybe 2 months before I had my daughter.

Updates! My daughter was discharged from Occupational Therapy! She will no longer receive weekly or monthly visits! We are still receiving Music Therapy though, which is fine. And the coordinator will be coming over tomorrow to talk about stuff.

So that is exciting – I actually estimated that Lily would walk in July 2019 – and she started walking in August. I was so close. But that was the main thing we were working on – walking. And now she is doing great with it!

I haven’t really had time this week to hang out with the new neighbor – I still don’t know her work hours, so I may text her when we get back in town after our trip and see what kinda hours she works to maybe hang out occasionally. She seems nice enough and told me to just “come on over” when ever I wanted to hang out. But, social anxiety kills me – so I need to know her hours so I am not a bother.

In the mean time – I need to call the hospital up – I received news from my Dr about a referral they put in for me to fix the “embarrassing” issue I have. I say embarrassing because it involves butts.

I need to call the ‘surgery’ department to schedule a procedure… but I had to make sure with my MIL and my mother that someone would be available to watch my kids, because they probably can’t come with me to have my embarrassing procedure.. I honestly am not embarrassed about it but I understand you all may not want to hear about EVERYTHING my body fucks up… (don’t worry I am not dying… I just need to have something removed from my body that they found on a CT scan… but it’s not urgent…so I will get it done after my trip.)

Oh well – I can’t wait to update you all on our travels. My best friend will be watching my house for me, thankfully. So I don’t have to worry about my cat. I have good friend(s). Even though some may not be local – *winks* – You are always there for me.

I will update soon enough! If anyone has any travel tips for car rides with dogs, let me know! I am hoping the dog enjoys the ride!

2 Comments on “Taking a break from depression – sort of

  1. Take care of yourself. It’s good you feel less depressed and that you’re looking forward to your holiday. x


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